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10 Latest Free Ebooks for Web Designers and Website Owners

Creating a website is a complicated and extended process. And it doesn’t end with a website release. A long road of testing, UX checking, SEO analysis and strategy building… All that means website creators and owners need a strong base of knowledge to stand out and develop. Constant development is the key to success today. Ebooks are one of those elements that help specialists get new information and knowledge.

There are tons of awesome ebooks around the web that research one field or another of website design, development, optimization etc. Such great resources like Smashing Magazine, Moz or Hubspot are ready to offer you the coolest insights on any stage of the web design and development process. However, things change every day and even such deep-knowledge guides need constant updates and additional info. here is the roundup of 10 free eBooks of 2015 that cover the latest trends and topics in web design, development, SEO and content management practices.

Web Design UX

Even experienced web designers need to improve and deepen their knowledge on a daily basis. They need to learn new technologies and the latest UX techniques to stay aware of in-demand tendencies. New ebooks include the best advice on certain web design and UX areas and discover the best practices for web designers to follow.

Interaction Design Best Practices: Mastering the Tangibles

The ebook from UXPin covers the best practices on UX and UI. It’s based on the basic psychological principles of learnability and interactions between a person and a computer. Thus, web designers can learn from the book how to design to match the human perception of the reality and what elements to use to improve human-computer interactions. The ebook also includes real-life examples from the top brands.

Interaction Design Best Practices: Mastering the Tangibles

Adaptive Web Design: Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement

Aaron Gustafson’s ebook on adaptive design is now available for free. Here you can learn about his idea of “progressive enhancement” that should improve the web design process and make designers focus more on content and how it can be presented to users in the best possible manner.

Adaptive Web Design

The UX Reader

The UX Reader ebook by MailChimp professionals reveals the efforts of the team to collect, analyse and show to readers the best practices on UX collaboration, design and development. It displays the entire process – from building the UX team to creating beautiful design projects – in the form of catchy articles. You will learn how to analyse the opportunities for a future project, how to use sketches, what are the advantages of new image formats like SVG etc.

The UX Reader

SEO Ebooks

Search engine optimization is vital for any website. Frankly speaking, no one will notice your outstanding website with a shiny new design based on the latest trends of the industry if your SEO is poor. Most specialists already have the best books on SEO basics and standard practices. One of the best ebooks here is Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO However, the rules of the game change too fast and soon this ebook may seem not enough for you. Here you will find free ebooks that explore the latest SEO trends and offer the best recommendations on how to deal with them.

17 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2015

We have seen multiple changes in SEO over the past decade. With major updates and of Google Panda, Penguin and the introduction of Hummingbird it’s clear that there can be no such thing as “proven” SEO tactics. Many techniques that were considered the best for improving rankings, like Google Authorship, are useless today. This ebook from HubSpot analyses the most common myths and misconceptions about SEO practices and gives practical advice on how to choose an SEO strategy that works.

17 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2015

SEO for 2015

This ebook from takes a close look at the best SEO techniques you should focus on in 2015. Most old tactics should be forgotten and today website owners should focus on a more organic and natural optimization strategy that includes social media collaboration and natural link building. This book will also give you some priceless advice on avoiding search engine penalties.

SEO for 2015

In-Depth Guide to On-Page Website Optimization

On-page optimization is an essential part of any search engine optimization strategy. One of the main tactics that websites should follow is presenting their visitors useful and natural content. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to keywords, links, titles and other data. This Guide from MotoCMS reveals the deepest secrets of on-page SEO and shows how to apply these tactics with real examples.

In-Depth Guide to On-Page Website Optimization

Content Marketing Social Media

Content is one of the most essential elements of a website. It complements design and draws attention of customers much more than header images, sliders and navigation menu’s bells and whistles. Content is what people look for on search engines, so you should definitely make your content stand out.

The Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing Analytics Metrics

It’s a well-known fact that website content should be useful and informative. But it seems that some website owners don’t know exactly what to do if their content doesn’t play to website rankings and user experience. One of the key points in content strategy is analytics and constant research.

The Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing Analytics  Metrics

How to Build an Inbound Content Marketing Strategy from Scratch

Content marketing is a cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy. This 40-page ebook from EUXmedia features practical recommendations on how to build content marketing strategy step by step. You will learn how to wisely assess your content and plan your strategy according to your goals. Find out what elements it should have and how to manage content costs (including its translation to other languages).

How to Build an Inbound Content Marketing Strategy from Scratch

The State of Finance Content Marketing: The Trends That Will Transform Financial Content in 2015

Another ebook that explores trends and popular strategies for 2015 in content area. Keeping audience’s attention is essential for marketers. That’s why you shouldn’t offer people the same advertisement year after year. Times change fast and you should keep an eye on what catches people’s interest at this particular moment. The ebook offers real-life examples of such changes as E-Trades shifting from their “talking baby” commercial to savvy ads featuring Kevin Spacey.

The State of Finance Content Marketing

10 Social Media Time Management Strategies

Social media is essential for any content strategy. Today people use social media much more often than in previous years. Most people visit two or more social networks daily. So it’s a great platform for promoting your business online. This free ebook gives cool recommendations on time management for social media marketing, checklists and a step by step guide for establishing wise social media strategy.

10 Social Media Time Management Strategies


The year 2015 has just begun, so we may expect more good books on web design, UX, SEO and content management to appear. Or have you already come across some such cool examples?

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