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20 Creative Examples of Textures and Patterns in Web Design

What is the simplest and maybe one of the most effective ways to create a slight 3D illusion on a website? Sure thing it is texture! Textures are universal elements used in web design and they allow designers to experiment with their projects greatly.

Texture can bring an illusion of real wood, rock, a piece of cloud or a bit of water being put into the website. Not only textures, (subtle, geometrical, photographic) are widely implemented in design, but patterns, too. Even though often these terms are confused and used as synonyms, they are different. Patterns are smaller and they repeat, while textures don’t repeat and they are bigger in size.

Using Textures and Patterns in Web Design

What Are Textures/Patterns Used For?

  1. They catch attention and inspire people to look deeper at a design. If you make your website background textured, it will provide better user experience on the whole. Call to action elements designed with textures or patterns are more persuasive than casual ones.
  2. Website structure – textures may help to guide users through a website by giving some accents here and there. It is easier to manipulate users and influence their behavior if you control the way they view a website.
  3. Create individual style. Textures make a website unforgettable and so they force the site branding campaign. Which website do you think is more memorable: the one with textures or not?

It was a long time ago when textures were thought as grungy elements making websites look untidy. Today, with so many fascinating textures and patterns being available, this stereotype has been broken. There is no need to talk too much, we would better show you great examples of how big the variety of stylish textures and patterns is! These are some new website designs, we hope you will find them inspiring and enjoyable.

Examples of Appealing Textures and Patterns from the Web

Italian Street Food Site with Textured Background
Go Food

It’s The Thought Website with Textures and Patterns in Design
It's The Thought

Swearnet The Movie Textured Website
Swearnet The Movie

Muncie Children’s Museum with Beautiful Patterns
Muncie Museum

Jazz Fest Website with Treble Clef Background Pattern
KV Jazz Fest

Spector Bass Guitars Website with Textured Background

Knorr Web Design with Multiple Textures

Star Wars Website with Stars Textured Design
Star Wars

Airbnb Website Design with Original Footer Pattern

Elite Dangerous Website with Pattern Background Design
Elite Dangerous

The Chess Hotel Website with Great Use of Patterns
The Chess Hotel

Cooking Website Template with Charming Pattern
Cooking Website Template

Gary Nock Website with Grungy Textured Design
Gary Nock

Benign Objects Site with Cute Pattern in Pastel Colors
Benign Objects

Flourish Brand Stylists Website with Textured Header and Footer
Flourish Studios

Cmnew Media Website with Elegant Background Texture
Cmnew Media

Bel 50 Website with a Bunch of Diverse Textures
Bel 50

Mirrool Creek Lamb Website with Subtle Texture
Mirrool Creek Lamb

Cookiesound Travel Blog with Nice Texture
Cookiesound Travel

Tacospillet Website with Colorful Texture


We hope you have visited at least a few sites from this collection. What do you think about textures and patterns in web design now? Would you design your site with some similar elements? We want to know your opinion, and see your ready designs or examples you find awesome!

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