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2016 year in review, and what’s planned for 2017

2016 was an extraordinary year for all
SEOprofiler users. It has
been a busy and exciting year for us and, without doubt, for you.

Every year, we publish a write-up of
how the year went (you can read the write-ups for 2012, 2013, 2014,

moving from 2016 to 2017

We love what we do for YOU

2016 was a year full of new features
and improvements in SEOprofiler
that help you to get more out of your online business. The most
important new SEOprofiler feature in 2016 was the industry-setting
Ranking Monitor tool that enables you to check your rankings daily
on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Among the innovative features are
checking your rankings for desktop
and mobile devices at the same time, as well as checking for all the
92,197 locations all over the world that are supported by Google
(55,131 of these locations are in the USA.)

There have been many more improvements
than just the (admittedly
very cool) new Ranking Monitor. Here are some of our milestones and
notable achievements, and a glimpse of what is planned for 2017:

    February – better link analysis:
    The Link Profiler now supports many new top-level domains (.agency,
    .media, .news, .website, etc.), and it enables you to find even more
    link opportunities.

  • NEW
    February – new research tool:
    The new Domain Finder tool helps you to find domains that are related
    to your keywords.

    April – even better reports:
    Scheduled reports now support more variables, enabling you to customize
    the messages to your clients even more.

    May – better site analytics:
    We improved the integration of Google Analytics with SEOprofiler. Offer
    your clients website analytics reports in your company design.

  • NEW
    May – translated reports:
    The web-based clients reports now have an optional Google Translate
    bar. Of course, the web-based client reports have no reference to
    SEOprofiler, and you can use your company logo and your colors in these

  • NEW
    May – JSON-LD markup code:
    The new JSON-LD markup code creator enables you to create rich snippets
    and rich cards for your web pages. This enhances the look of your web
    pages on Google’s result pages.

    June – new Ranking Monitor:
    The completely new Ranking Monitor now supports daily ranking checks on
    Google, Yahoo and Bing, it supports ranking checks on mobile devices,
    it supports ranking checks from all official 92,197 locations that are
    supported by Google (55,131 of these locations are in the USA), and
    much much more.

    July – more Starter Backlinks:
    The improved Starter Backlinks tool now supports more than 680 high
    quality link opportunities.

    July – even more filters in the
    Ranking Monitor:

    Improved filters and export features in the Ranking Monitor enable you
    to work even more efficiently with the new Ranking Monitor.

    July – hide competitors:
    If you do not want to show your clients the rankings of their
    competitors in the ranking reports, you can hide the competitors for
    your clients.

    July – better Link Manager:
    The improved Link Manager tool in SEOprofiler enables you to manage
    your backlinks more easily.

  • NEW
    July – optimize for mobile: The
    Top 10 Optimizer tool in SEOprofiler now enables you to optimize your
    web pages for high rankings in Google’s mobile search results.

    August – improved keywords page:
    The page ‘Ranked keywords’ in the Ranking Monitor now features an
    improved competitor overview.

  • NEW
    August – new Uptime Monitor:
    The new Uptime Monitor tool in SEOprofiler enables you to check the
    uptime of your web pages—without additional costs.

  • NEW
    September – new Top 5 Link Finder tool:
    The Top 5 Link Finder tool enables you to find websites that are
    relevant to a particular topic and that are willing to link to other

    September – even more Starter Links:
    The Starter Backlinks tool now supports more than 800 websites.

  • NEW
    September – new WDF analyzer:
    The new WDF (within document frequency) analyzer helps you to find the
    most relevant keywords on a page.

    September – daily search volume
    updates in the Ranking Monitor:
    The keyword search
    numbers in SEOprofiler are updated daily now.

    October – improved dashboard:
    The dashboard page now shows overview charts so that you get the most
    important statistics at a glance.

    October – daily PDF ranking reports:
    In addition to the daily
    updated web-based client-reports, you now can send daily PDF reports to
    your clients automatically.

In summary,
it has been a great year for all
SEOprofiler users. You get up-to-date and leading-edge SEO tools that
work with the latest Google algorithms.

Wait, there’s much more to

The SEOprofiler team is anxiously
awaiting 2017 with new and great
updates coming soon. The next big splash is a complete new Website
Audit tool that is planned for the first quarter of 2017. The new
Website Audit tool will have all the features you ever wanted in a
website audit tool, and many features you didn’t even know you wanted:

Coming in 2017: new website audit tool

Overall, we had a very successful
year. We grew, we’re growing, and
we do what we can to let your business grow with us. Finally, a huge
thank you to you—our customers—for your continued faith in us.

If you haven’t done it yet, try
SEOprofiler now. SEOprofiler is a
complete SEO solution that helps you to get your website on the first
result page on Google and other search engines:

SEOprofiler now

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