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40 Photography WordPress Themes For Your Stylish Portfolio

Creating a photography portfolio is the best way to make a name for yourself. In such a way you’ll be able to share with a wide internet audience your best works, and of course show what you are capable of. If someone needs some photography work done, how could you convince them that you’re the man for the job?

Surely, you may tell them what wonderful photo shoots you have done, and where you have been published, but the easiest and more professional approach would be to simply give that person the link to your photography portfolio. And that’s why you need to take care of its appearance. The best photo shoots may look unimpressive on a dull and clumsily-built web page. Your website has to harmonically complement your photographs, so it would be a separate piece of art. In this compilation of 40 photography WordPress themes you can find great-looking and professionally made templates that will easily suit any photography website.

These nicely designed themes for photographers do not limit themselves with stylish looks, they also have a great deal of modern web technology features, that make them robust and user friendly. One such feature is responsive design. With responsive design your website will become a perfect fit for any device, such as mobile phones, or tablets, as the website elements will automatically change their size according to the size of the screen.

In this way your visitors will be provided with a comfortable browsing experience. Another thing to mention is that these themes for photographers are fully editable and customizable. You can adjust any elements you like, whether it will be a background color to match it with the colors of your photographs, or a font style to enrich your page with original typography. Experiment with different color-schemes, improvise with font styles, change the position of various elements, and you’ll be able to create a truly unique template that you’ll be proud of. What’s more, if you’re fond of image sliders, you can add them as well. An elegant flow of your best shots on the front page will make a great positive impression on your visitors.

In this compilation you will find a lot of different templates for any taste and preference. This includes stylish looking, minimalistic flat themes, as well as solid classic pages with grid-based layout. Color-schemes also differ considerably, and no matter whether you are looking for a dark theme, or a bright and vivid one – you’ll find them all here. I hope you’ll find this compilation of 40 photography WordPress themes useful, and be able to discover the one that suits you best.

Stylish WordPress Portfolio Themes

Moments To Remember WordPress Template
Moments To Remember Template
Details | Demo

Photographer Portfolio WordPress Website
Photographer Portfolio Website
Details | Demo

Photographer CV WordPress Site
Photographer CV Site
Details | Demo

Photography Lessons WordPress Site
Photography Lessons Site
Details | Demo

Fashion Photography WordPress Template
Fashion Photography Template
Details | Demo

Bright Color Photography WordPress Website
Bright Color Photography Website
Details | Demo

Stylish Photographer’s Portfolio WordPress Template
Stylish Photographer's Portfolio Template
Details | Demo

Fashion Model Photographer WordPress Site
Fashion Model Photographer Site
Details | Demo

Joy Of Photography WordPress Site
Joy Of Photography Site
Details | Demo

Creative Photos WordPress Site
Creative Photos Site
Details | Demo

Minimalistic Portfolio WordPress Template
Minimalistic Portfolio Template
Details | Demo

Professional Photographer WordPress Website
Professional Photographer Website
Details | Demo

Successful Portfolio WordPress Website
Successful Portfolio Website
Details | Demo

Elegant Photography WordPress Website
Elegant Photography Website
Details | Demo

Photographer’s Portfolio WordPress Site
Photographer's Portfolio Site
Details | Demo

Blue Photographer Portfolio WordPress Template
Blue Photographer Portfolio Template
Details | Demo

Creative Photography WordPress Site
Creative Photography Site
Details | Demo

Fashionable Photography WordPress Template
Fashionable Photography Template
Details | Demo

Vibrant Pictures WordPress Site
Vibrant Pictures Site
Details | Demo

Flat Elegant Portfolio WordPress Template
Flat Elegant Portfolio Template
Details | Demo

Art Of Photography WordPress Website
Art Of Photography Website
Details | Demo

Photo Gallery WordPress Template
Photo Gallery Template
Details | Demo

Photo Lab WordPress Website
Photo Lab Website
Details | Demo

Original Portfolio WordPress Website
Original Portfolio Website
Details | Demo

Stylish Photo Studio WordPress Template
Stylish Photo Studio Template
Details | Demo

Impressive Portfolio WordPress Site
Impressive Portfolio Site
Details | Demo

Astonishing Images WordPress Website
Astonishing Images Website
Details | Demo

Elegant Minimalistic Portfolio WordPress Site
Elegant Minimalistic Portfolio Site
Details | Demo

Unique Typography Portfolio WordPress Template
Unique Typography Portfolio Template
Details | Demo

Wedding Photography WordPress Site
Wedding Photography Site
Details | Demo

Black Simple Portfolio WordPress Template
Black Simple Portfolio Template
Details | Demo

Minimalistic Portfolio WordPress Site
Minimalistic Portfolio Site
Details | Demo

Vivid Pictures WordPress Website
Vivid Pictures Website
Details | Demo

Chrome Portfolio WordPress Site
Chrome Portfolio Site
Details | Demo

Dark Elegant Portfolio WordPress Template
Dark Elegant Portfolio Template
Details | Demo

Impressive Photography WordPress Site
Impressive Photography Site
Details | Demo

Slider Portfolio WordPress Website
Slider Portfolio Website
Details | Demo

Dark Stylish Portfolio WordPress Template
Dark Stylish Portfolio Template
Details | Demo

Minimalistic High Resolution WordPress Site
Minimalistic High Resolution Site
Details | Demo


Hopefully you agree that this selection of WordPress portfolio themes is outstanding, and that there is something for every taste here. Using one of these themes will make your WordPress site pop and stand out from the rest, especially after you have customized it to your personal requirements.

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