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40+ Useful Color Tools, Color Palette, Color Scheme, and Background Generators

Creating a color palette for a new design is one of the most important and difficult tasks all designers have to face. And it’s also a process most designers spend way too much time to complete.

First, you have to find inspiration, then come up with the colors and shades, and then you have to make those colors fit in with the current design trends. Let’s face it, it’s a painful process that we can’t ignore.

“Color does not add a pleasant quality to design – it reinforces it.” – Pierre Bonnard

You won’t have that problem once you’re done with this article. We’re about to show you some of the best tools you can use to create pixel-perfect color palettes and create beautiful backgrounds. Have a look.

Color Palette Generators

#1 Adobe Color CC

No brand knows about design more than Adobe, the creator of Photoshop and Illustrator. This color scheme creator comes to you from the same company. The main feature of this tool is that after creating your color palette, you can use the tool to easily save a color scheme on your Adobe Creative Cloud and then upload it to your Adobe CC apps to quickly get started on your designs.

#2 Color Hunt

Color Hunt is an inspiration site for designers that consists of hundreds of beautiful and professionally picked color palettes (mostly flat design color palettes). The site is managed by a community of designers who add new color palettes every day.

#3 BrandColors

Want to know the color palettes your favorite brands are using on their websites? Then check out this website. BrandColors website features color palettes of all the famous websites, such as Airbnb, Asana, Facebook, Google, and much more.

#4 Colordot

Simply move your mouse cursor around the screen. When you see a color you like just click to save it and repeat the process until you have a color palette of your own. That’s how easy it is to use the Colordot to create a color palette.

#5 ColorExplorer

This powerful tool can be used to generate unique color palettes, create color schemes based on images, and even import colors from existing websites.

#6 ColorHexa

A useful tool for all kinds of designers, not just for generating color palettes and grabbing hex color codes but also for learning more about each color, including color conversions, tones, shades, and more.

#7 ColourCode

A website quite similar to ColorDot, where you can create a color palette by moving your mouse. But, this site also lets you generate palettes based on different types, like monochrome, analogic, and more.

#8 COLOURlovers

COLOURlovers is a large community of designers who regularly share their love of colors. The site features a large selection of color palettes, patterns, shapes, and more. This is a website you must have in your toolkit.

#9 Material Design Palette

Material design is a hot trend these days, especially among the designers in the mobile and app design industry. This is a nifty tool you can use to quickly generate a color palette for your material design projects.

#10 Palettr

An interesting color palette generator that lets you create color palettes inspired by a theme or a place. For example, you can enter “Rome” into the search box to generate color palettes inspired by popular locations in Rome.

#11 ColorBlender

ColorBlender is a bit difficult to use than most other color tools, but it allows you to download your color palettes as Photoshop color tables or Illustrator .EPS files to easily upload your palette in your favorite design app.


Using this tool, you can generate a color palette instantly. Then you can adjust the colors, rearrange, and try alternative shades to customize the color palette to make it your own.

#13 Color Wizard

Color Wizard is a tool that lets you find lots of matching colors to go along with your primary colors. Simply enter the color code and the tool will give you a range of matching color options.

#14 Collor

Similar to Color Wizard, this tool also generates shades, tones, and mixes based on a single primary color. If you’re using Chrome, you’ll have to let the Flash Player run on your browser for this tool to properly function.

#15 Flat Color Picker

You can use this tool to create a color palette for your flat design projects. You can easily copy the hex and RGB color codes directly from the website.

Color Scheme Generators

#16 Designspiration

This beautifully designed website features a massive collection of color schemes based on stunning photographs. You can browse the site to find inspiration and see the color schemes created by other professionals. You can also create your own collections by signing up with the website.

#17 Color Palette Generator By Canva

Canva’s useful color palette generator creates color schemes based on the images you upload. It also let you copy the color codes with just a single click. The tool is easy to use and generates colors from almost any type of an image. You do not require a Canva account to use this tool.

#18 ColRD

This is a unique website that features a collection of color schemes, including color palettes created based on images. The site also has a useful feature called Image DNA, which basically allows you to create a color palette of your own based on a photograph or an image.

#19 Color Hunter

Color Hunter is yet another tool that generates color schemes out of photographs. Using the tool, you can easily upload an image and generate a color palette based on that image. And you can sign up with the website to save your palettes to use later.

#20 Paletton

Paletton is an advanced color scheme generating tool made specifically for serious designers. The tool features a number of advanced options for customizing and creating truly unique color schemes.

#21 Pictaculous

Another easy to use tool for creating color schemes using images. One of the main features of this tool is that it lets you download your color palette as an Adobe Swatch file for directly uploading to Photoshop or Illustrator.

#22 Flat Color Palettes

Browse and select a flat design color scheme from this useful website. The site features over 2,000 color palettes, which can be easily downloaded as Adobe .ACO files to be used with your Adobe applications.

#23 Palette Generator

Upload multiple images and create multiple color schemes based on your images at once. It’s a fast and a reliable tool for generating colors quickly.

#24 Big Huge Labs

The color scheme generator created by Big Huge Labs “automagically” creates color palettes from any kind of photo you upload. You can even import photos from Facebook and Instagram.

#25 ColorFavs

Another quick and easy tool for creating color schemes from images. You can also use this tool to generate a color palette from an image URL or randomly create color palettes as well.

#26 Cohesive Colors

Just as the name suggests, this tool lets you create cohesive color schemes and easily customize the colors to create unique palettes.

#27 Color Combos

This tool makes things a lot easier for creating color combinations. You can customize the palette however you like by adding more columns and then you can download the palette as an image.

Background and Pattern Generators

#28 Subtle Patterns

Subtle Patterns (now owned by Toptal), is one of the largest resources you can find online for downloading beautiful and unique patterns for free. The site features more than 400 patterns uploaded by professional designers.

#29 Patterninja

This handy and fast tool let you create gorgeous background patterns by combining the free images available on the website. There are a lot of objects to choose from in the library, such as tech related images, vegetables, food, education, and more for generating unique backgrounds.

#30 Pattern Cooler

Choose from hundreds of beautiful patterns and download them for free to create seamless pattern backgrounds for your designs. You can even edit the patterns and change their colors to match your designs as well.

#31 Patternizer

Patternizer lets you create your own unique CSS striped patterns. You can customize the width, gap, opacity, and the colors of the stripes to create patterns. Then you directly copy the CSS code from the website or save it to access later through a unique URL.

#32 Noise Texture Generator

Customize the noise density, adjust the opacity, choose a color, and download. This is an easy-to-use tool for generating noise-based textures for creating backgrounds.

#33 Tartan Maker

If you’re tired of striped patterns, this cool tool will let you try out something new. This is a tool that you can use to generate Tartans patterns. It might help you make your designs stand out from the crowd.

#34 Striped Backgrounds

This is a unique background generator that creates striped backgrounds using the colors you pick. You can even randomize colors and choose from a selection of resolutions for downloading the image as well.

#35 Dotter

Forget stripes, this tool allows you to generate dotted backgrounds. You can customize the colors of the dots and the background before downloading it as a background image in any size you prefer.

#36 Patternify

A handy tool that generates basic CSS patterns. Using this tool, you can draw your own patterns and customize its colors as well. Use your design-thinking mind and combine it with imagination to create awesome patterns with this tool.

#37 Trianglify Generator

This tool generates some of the most beautiful backgrounds we’ve ever seen. It uses triangles to generate unique patterns that look similar to mosaic designs. You can download the designs as SVG or PNG.

#38 Seamless Background Generator

A brilliant background generator tool that uses Font Awesome icons to create unique patterns. You can customize its colors and mix different icons to create cool patterns.

#39 Stripemania

Another easy to use tool for generating striped backgrounds. The tool features a number of different options for customizing your designs as well.

#40 Colorful CSS Gradient Generator

This tool generates beautiful CSS based gradients, then you can copy-paste the CSS code on your own website design to customize its background easily.

#41 Canva Wallpaper Maker

Looking to use a simple wallpaper image as your website background? Then use Canva’s wallpaper maker to design a unique wallpaper to use on your background image. You’ll need a Canva account to use this tool. You can create one for free.

#42 Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

This tool allows you to easily generate CSS gradients using a graphical user interface and copy the code to be used with your own web designs.

#43 Background Image Generator

Yet another pattern generating tool with lots of customization options. This tool created by SiteOrigin is best for creating backgrounds with more complicated patterns.

#44 Coverr

Using video backgrounds is a popular trend these days. Coverr lets you use free stock videos as your website background. The site contains lots of high-quality and stunning videos, which you can use free of charge.


Hopefully, these tools will help you jumpstart your next design project. Make sure to use these tools to study and learn more about the anatomy of colors. And keep following the color trends to keep your designs up-to-date.

Also, remember to bookmark this page so you can come back later to find a color palette for your next project.

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