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50 Vibrant Illustrations To Let Your Mind Wander

50 Vibrant Illustrations To Let Your Mind Wander

On days when things don’t seem to go as you’d like them to and inspiration is at its lowest, it’s good to take a short break and go outside to try and empty your mind. That always seems to be the best remedy for me, especially whenever I jump on my bike and go for a short ride.

Now the time has come to enjoy these moments even more as the spring season finally starts to show up in nature. We’re starting to see green leaves on the trees again, and every morning I wake up to the sounds of the birds chirping. I really enjoy these small joys of spring — who doesn’t? Hopefully this new batch of illustrations will feed your creativity tank with extra vitamins to make sure those inspiration levels are up and running at its best.

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Reflect Magazine Link

Great color combination. Impressive how all elements have been refined to their best simplicity.

Image credit: Fernando Volken Togni6

Quentin Monge Link

The fantasy of French illustrator Quentin Monge. Such a lovely style!

Image credit: handsomefrank8

“Lire” Cover Link

Admiring how the illustrator played with light sources and shadows. The faces immediately catch your attention, don’t they?

Image credit: Tom Haugomat3310

If I Was Small Link

This one made me laugh. What if I was small? Those characters are just sublime! So very well done.

Image credit: Jack Hudson12

Endo-Kiss Link

Riding your bike together is exactly like you see here.

Image credit: Ronlewhorn14

Almanac Beer Co’s Mural Link

Part of a bigger illustration of a mural. You can view a process video of how this was applied on the wall here15.

Image credit: DKNG17

Cinerama Link

Part of a bumper animation that plays before each film at Cinerama. Here you see it animated18. It’s really cool — I’m sure you’ll agree.

Image credit: Invisible Creature20

Lone Tree Of Lake Wanaka Link

Sometimes you don’t need much to get a great picture.

Image credit: Paddy Donnelly22

Tweed Run London 2017 Link

This vintage bicycle event has always a nice poster.

Image credit: Tweed Run24

Beverly Hills Hotel: Gucci Link

Nice style! The eyes with glasses are such stunners.

Image credit: Bijou Karman26

Mystery Project 82.1 Link

A sneak peek of a new print the crew at DKNG is working on. Looks like Austin to me. Love the effect of the letters used as masks. How the few colors are applied is just sublime!

Image credit: DKNG28

Kingfisher Link

One entry of ten finalists that capture the theme of “through young eyes” in this young photographers’ competition that aims to engage youth around the world in wildlife conservation. Check out the other nine submissions29, too.

Image credit: Gàbor Li31

For “Le Monde” Link

Divine color palette! Superb highlights and shadows.

Image credit: Tom Haugomat3310

Café Insoluble Link

My kind of color palette and great textures.

Image credit: Sebastien Plassard35

Lápiz Grafito Link

The colors are so harmonious and pleasing, and the drawing is just magnificent.

Image credit: Alejandro García Restrepo37

Tycho: UK Tour Link

Another addition to the European Tour Tycho is currently working on. This is quite lovely and makes me think back to the cassette era.

Image credit: Tycho39

Hansen’s Bicycle Race Link

Always a fan of something with a bike in it. When it’s created by the talented Madsberg it gets even better. I love the elegance in his work.

Image credit: Madsberg41

Hôtel Americano Link

Part of a series that was created as an irreverent ad campaign inspired by the hotel’s close relationship with the contemporary art world.

Image credit: Javas Lehn43

Bauhaus Music Link

Project on the theme of music, while playing with a Bauhaus-inspired style.

Image credit: Zara Picken45

Fazer Marianne Link

Interesting play with lines. Not an easy one to pull off.

Image credit: Craig Karl47

Feel The Night Link

With the atmosphere in this illustration you just feel the night. Come in and enjoy the ride.

Image credit: Sebastien Plassard49

The Path Link

Brilliant light. Excellently executed. A perfect example of what you can get when you are in the right spot at the right time.

Image credit: Adnan Bubalo51

Afternoon And Downhill Link

Marvellous winter picture! Ain’t that light spectacular?

Image credit: Jørn Allan Pedersen53

Educating Your Dreams Link

Special style. Inspiring patterns.

Image credit: Scotty Reifsnyder55

Milk Honey Link

Lovely custom type and ornaments.

Image credit: Drew Melton57

Reflections Of Kinderdijk II Link

Beautiful perspective, great reflection and amazing warm colors!

Image credit: Herman van den Berge59

Paris: Nathalie Link

Gorgeous photos of Paris from Nathalie Geffroy. Be sure to go see the rest.

Image credit: Nathalie Geffroy61

Bending Over Backwards Link

I’ve been following Oksana Grivina for many years and her style is just as lovely as I remember.

Image credit: Oksana Grivina63

Matchbox Cycling Packaging Link

The legendary car that still is to be seen in Oudenaarde, Belgium. Neil Stevens created this one for Matchbox.

Image credit: Neil Stevens65

Stella McCartney Link

The portraits of Elodie are always a pleasure to look at. So many details to take in and think (wish I could do that).

Image credit: Elodie67

Jane Brigitte Link

A second one from Elodie that I couldn’t resist. Look at those eyes and lips.

Image credit: Elodie69

Up Characters Link

Admiring the faces of these holiday characters for Westjet‘s inflight magazine “UP”. The expressions created with just a few lines.

Image credit: LouLou Tummie71

Tuscany Link

Love the use of color and patterns. Beautiful curvy lines of the landscape too!

Image credit: Matt Carlson73

White Aurora Link

What an amazing display of white Northern Lights or white aurora curtain. Seen somewhere over Finland.

Image credit: This is Finland75

Fabric Magazine: London’s Green Spaces Link

Beautiful cover for Fabric‘s spring issue. Sam’s work usually has a futuristic element to it, but this one is great too, especially the plants and colors. Those lines and details in each leaf are just fantastically well executed. Perfect light and shadow effects too.

Image credit: Sam Chivers77

Yankee Link

The typefaces, textures and colors. They are all spot on in this illustration. Inspired by country vintage.

Image credit: Two Arms Inc.79

Robinhood Gold Link

Beautiful harmony and consistency without leaning over towards kitsch. Not easy when there is gold involved.

Image credit: Ty Wilkins81

Digital Arts Expo Link

Nice identity for The Digital Arts Expo, an annual showcase of student and faculty projects integrating engineering, computer science, and the visual and performing arts.

Image credit: Ketchup and Mustard83

ANWB: Kampioen Link

Great nostalgic vibe in this one. Reminds of the early adverts from the 60’s. Love the bright colors, as well as the shadow and highlights effects.

Image credit: Moker Ontwerp85

Pixar Times Link

Illustration created for The Pixar Times86. Everybody loves a hero. Love how the shadows are done, and the pattern effects.

Image credit: Luke Bott88

What To See And Do In Brussels Link

Illustrations for Eurostar‘s Metropolitan magazine to accompany an article about what to see and do in Brussels. The butcher chasing the cow is such a nice detail.

Image credit: Andrew Lyons90

Moment In New York Link

The faces are very original and recognizable as the style of Dutch illustrator Jackie Besteman.

Image credit: Jackie Besteman92

Exercise On Skis Link

Love the figures and how they are portrayed.

Image credit: Robert Samuel Hanson94

I Draws What I Likes… Link

“When I’m stressed about work, I just think about this. Drawring!” Beautiful custom typography and great colors.

Image credit: Mary Kate McDevitt96

Hotdogs! Link

A nice pattern of hotdogs to get you hungry. It’s available at the pattern library97.

Image credit: Román Jusdado99

Bleacher Report Link

This image goes along an article on how Tim Tebow is making a drastic switch from being a football player to a baseball player. Love this vertical stripe collage blend effect. So well done!

Image credit: Mike McQuade101

Modus Magazine Link

The lanes in the grass are like guides to draw you into the building. It also creates a beautiful symmetrical vibe.

Image credit: Tom Haugomat103

Life Is Beautiful Link

With a view like this I would totally think so. Taken in Belvedere, Tuscany.

Image credit: Gürkan Gündoğdu105

Amex Gold Link

Great usage of minimal colors and shapes.

Image credit: Colin Hesterly107

Bokeh Tribute Link

Lovely tribute to the bokeh effect.

Image credit: Abduzeedo109


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