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All in One Rhythm: 10 Cutting Edge FIFA-Inspired Websites

The first month of this summer, without doubt, was marked by a really huge event – FIFA World Cup 2014 that I suppose everyone was aware of, even if you are not a fan of traditional football. The promotion agencies did their job perfectly well, and even if you don’t have a goggle-box, you were still notified about the course of events thanks to Google that decorated its home page with lovely and funny animated doodles related to the championship.

This great sporting event was an excellent example of how to properly give prominence to the competition or any other event not only relying on conventional forms of advertising but also getting the most out of web and mobile internet.

Today we are going to examine 10 first-rate websites dedicated to World Cup 2014 that took place in Brazil: the country that has an acute sense of rhythm, boasts of positive thinking and inspires by hot dances. Different first-rate creative agencies and individual developers took into consideration all these factors and recreated truly topnotch projects bolstered by official colors and anthems that even now easily convey a warm and energetic atmosphere of the past event.

FIFA-Inspired Websites

1. Sequence World Cup 2014

Who would imagine that displaying statistics as well as familiarizing the online audience with a history of Brazilian football can be truly enjoyable and memorable? This high-end England-based digital agency conclusively proves it by presenting a special cutting-edge project dedicated to FIFA World Cup 2014.

The team has managed to successfully put together various trendy features such as vertical parallax, slide-out menu, ghost buttons, and animated graphics in order to build a truly topnotch website with a lovely artistic touch. It offers the online audience to become fully acquainted with various key moments, players’ statistics, participating countries, sport arenas and much more.

Sequence World Cup 2014

2. The 12th Man

In the era of prevailing micro content it’s not surprising that one of the leading online bookmakers websites pleased its online participants with a really enticing, and at the same time, informative website that was able to achieve the greatest output of social media.

The team uses various cutting-edge visualization techniques and advanced solutions in order to populate a virtual stadium with various key stats and facts about the players (such as most popular player, most popular picture or tweet) through gathering data from real-time interactions.

The 12th Man

3. World Cup Matchballs

Want to know which team grabbed its slice of history and when, tracing it from the 30s to present day? Let’s follow this engaging well-crafted visual story that almost literally illustrates World Cup matchballs, unveiling information about the host country, champions and the player who scored the decisive goal. Every slide is supplied with a spectacular drawing that characterizes the era as well as features an image of an iconic soccer-ball that was used in that period.

World Cup Matchballs

4. Brazil Fourteen

Brazil Fourteen is an online calendar where you can read football results as well as catch up on matches, exploring a timetable of past duels.

The designer was obviously guided by the principles of minimalism, since the whole design is based on a clean layout, dark monochrome background and sharp typography. Though the website is quite primitive, it has some helpful options; for example, you can leverage social media, choose your UTC, or change the main color of the website that by the way varies depending on your selected team.

Brazil Fourteen

5. The Second World Cup

Though the World Cup is over, it is still really interesting to know who and what haunted the minds of the Twitter society. The main page is populated with circles that reflect some stats concerning either a team or a player; the size of the circle shows the popularity of the topic, so it is quite predictable that Germany – the new champions – has the largest size whereas Joao Moutinho – Portugal player – has a smaller circle with more than 57 thousand tweets related to him. Want to know who else got into this list? Then visit the website.

The Second World Cup

6. 2014 FIFA World Cup

This website allows you to prove to the whole world that you are a real fan of football as well as feel the spirit of Brazil.

It also makes use of the latest techniques as well as resorting to an artistic approach that positively charges and enriches the landing page. The lavish watercolor effect applied to a photo background in tandem with magnificent vibrant coloring and hand-written graphics recreates a friendly and jovial atmosphere that entices you into the championship.

2014 FIFA World Cup

7. EA Sports

EA Sports present a flawless promotional online project that is aimed at advertising an upcoming game inspired by FIFA 2014 for a popular console.

The creative team makes the most of some latest techniques in order to present the online audience with a matchless cutting-edge fully interactive website that immediately places the game on center stage. The realization is simply striking and overwhelming.

EA Sports

8. McDonalds

McDonalds was one of the official sponsors of FIFA World Cup 2014. This leading fast-food chain is famous for its love of creating special promotional websites dedicated to various events so this football tournament also wasn’t left without proper attention.

The team has created an exclusive website with a lottery where you could win a trip to one of the matches. The design is marked by characteristic vivid coloring and of course, is populated with some yummy photos of favorite snacks.


9. Fast or Fail

Adidas was also one of the major sponsors, which as well is famous for its incredible promotional videos and special websites that are intended to draw as much attention to their brand-new product as possible. This time, it tries to advertise its new goods with the help of a small but truly amusing 3d game inspired by the maneuverability of football players.

Fast or Fail

10. Sixteen Jerseys

This website challenges you to take part in a small quiz. It tests your knowledge of football teams; you should match the official jersey t-shirt to the team. The whole project is driven by lavish vector illustrations. The chief color palette corresponds to the main coloring of the championship, so the website is filled with a positive and spirited atmosphere.

Sixteen Jerseys


When it comes to building a website dedicated to a special occasion such as the FIFA World Cup, the creative web agencies not only resort to a soccer theme but also prefer to utilize brand colors, logotypes, music, videos and other stuff. They employ everything that can uniquely identify and tightly link their projects to such a huge event, making them an essential part of the event.

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