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Best Modules to Enhance Your PrestaShop Experience

Based on a powerful, flexible and quite handy module system that even a non-tech savvy person can skillfully handle, the PrestaShop is one of the most sophisticated and elegant online softwares for creating sterling e-stores that entirely free allows fulfilling your dream of increasing a margin profit through selling goods online.

There is a sea of benefits of opening a PrestaShop store. The team has taken care of every last detail, offering a carefully crafted frontend and advanced, multi-functional backend, which together supply online vendors with a top-notch e-commerce platform. Not only does the framework include dozens of professional, excellently and scrupulously executed components that enormously enrich user experience but it has also numerous predefined stylish themes that aim to make your website look original and distinctive. Moreover, such burning issues as payment and fraud protection have also been taken into consideration: the system gives you an opportunity to quickly serve customers with a Paypal account or Mastercard, accept bank wire transfers or cash on delivery and protect your money from virtual robbers through some advanced instruments.

In a word, the team envisages everything that can possibly be required for a conventional seller, without losing sight of the potential buyers, including some helpful analytical tools and modules for getting the most out of various business strategies, referral programs and loyalty programs.

In order to demonstrate at least a small fraction of what is waiting for you, today we have featured ten widely used and sought after components that can be found in every PrestaShop-driven website.

Best PrestaShop Modules to Enhance Your Online Shop Experience

1. New Products

New Products Module is a commonly used module that can be found in every e-commerce project. Originally, occupying the left-hand side of the layout, it accompanies almost every section of the website, unobtrusively drawing users’ attention to the new products. As for configuration, a special panel lets you set the number of items to display.

New Products_opt

2. Product Comparison

Product Comparison Module is a precious tool that enables buyers to compare and contrast various products simultaneously in order to help them make the right decision quickly and hassle-free.
The page includes a handy table that covers features, as well as displays prices and product images. Moreover, the module also comprises social media buttons for sharing your selection with friends via popular networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+.

Product Comparison_opt

3. Tab

Tab Module lets you combine 3 chief categories that are the most popular among buyers, i.e. “new arrivals”, “popular” and “best sellers”, saving you lots of free space as well as quickly demonstrating a range of different products that should catch the eye.


4. Customer follow-up

Customer follow-up module is an exceptionally powerful instrument created for sophisticated and experienced shop owners who are not only accustomed to relying on a broad range of goods present on a website or visual impact produced by a series of spectacular photos but also perfectly aware of the benefits brought by adaptation of various viable business strategies.

Customer follow-up_opt

The control center lets you gain advantages from different situations by means of assigning discounts to users with canceled carts, users with validated orders, best customers, and “bad” customers. In addition, the module also shows the latest statistics on the conversion rates that is a reliable source for making further improvements.

5. Image Slider and Specials Block

Much like the Tab module, this pair of modules is a powerful visual anchor that instantly catches potential buyers’ attention and stimulates them to make purchases. Wisely placed together in the upper part of the site (the one that is the most viewed), they profitably showcase a range of professional, thrilling photo shoots in a slider section, where each slide can be populated with call-to-action buttons and descriptions, as well as shed a light on special offers, discounts and sales.

Slider and special block_opt

6. Navigation block

Navigation block is firm glue that ably binds everything together and provides users with a neat, handy and easy-to-use navigation system that embraces the whole information hierarchy; and as all we know, the latter in e-commerce projects can be very tricky and confusing, so you simply can’t do without this well-though-out module.
It not only consists of links to main categories but also of image blocks and HTML content in order to give selected elements, for example, discounts a higher priority.


7. Cart Block

A handy pop-up cart block with a wonderful appearance and an optimal contrast between the content and background that prominently displays the current status of an order is a pleasant thing. It certainly improves user experience and creates a favorable overall impression. Smoothly sliding out from the button, it unobtrusively accompanies users while they are surfing through an e-shop.


8. Store Locator Block

Store Locator Block Module is another great module that as a rule is inherent to large networks, though it is able to bring considerable benefits even to owners of only one e-store.
Displaying the location of an actual store allows building up trust with the online audience, since it shows that your store is not a fake, as well as bolstering your brand.

Store locator_opt

9. Cross selling

Though some people consider this instrument to be a main distraction from a primary “add to cart” button that sometimes can be too pushy, it is still a famous and crowd-pleasing component thanks to its ability to vividly demonstrate goods that go perfectly well with the selected products thereby encouraging users to buy even more.
Such a non-intrusive manner of foisting goods through displaying complementary products can generate extra profit. What is more, the configuration panel includes lots of instruments that help to avoid inappropriate and poor suggestions.

Cross selling module_opt

10. Dashboard

Finally, last but not least, the PrestaShop offers you full control of your e-store through providing owners with various types of statistics. Thus, for example, you are capable of keeping track of orders, sales, searches, online visitors, most viewed products, active shopping carts, and so on.



PrestaShop is a professional website builder that manages to offer an extensive set of well-though-out and easy-to-use instruments for creating flawless, visually-appealing and reliable e-commerce projects.

Furthermore, if you have some spare money, you can derive even more benefits from this system by incorporating premium modules. Extending the functionality through native additional components can be an excellent and profitable investment with a real return.

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