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Breaking Out Of The Box: Design Inspiration (January 2017)

Breaking Out Of The Box: Design Inspiration (January 2017)

Many people find it difficult to get their minds back into work after a holiday season filled with love, food, and friends. May 2017 bring you a healthy and inspiring adventure. As for that kick-start inspiration, I hope this article will help get you back in the creative mindset.

Let’s begin!

Anglepoise Link

This is just genius! So smart to work with the light and shadow. Just look at that pose, and the usage of beautiful contrasting colors.

Image credit: Spencer Wilson2

Snowy Cabin Link

That smoke! A cozy winter getaway with great textures. The reflection on the water is so perfectly done, too.

Image credit: MUTI4

Authentic Assets Link

Inspiring editorial illustration about millennial housing. Jealous about the gorgeous texture layer.

Image credit: Kotryna Zukauskaite6

Figure Study Link

Great style and colors. Admiring the wood surface and subtle textures.

Image credit: Matt Carlson8

Faces – James Gilleard Link

I’m admiring this piece of personal work from James Gilleard. Analyzing the complexity of how these faces are created is super inspiring to learn from.

Image credit: James Gilleard4110

Honeymoon Petra Villas Link

A view from an upscale hotel carved into the cliffs overlooking the Santorini Caldera. You sure would want to escape winter after seeing this.

Image credit: Anastasia Adamaki12

Google Play | Script Seal Link

Drilled down to just the basics with lovely textures.

Image credit: Script Seal14

Todd Terje – Preben Link

A great example that there are no boundaries to how a face should look if you are an illustrator.

Image credit: Bendik Kaltenborn16

Vanity Fair France Link

Cover illustration for the Collection supplement of Vanity Fair France. The flow in Malika’s work is just so inspiring.

Image credit: Malika Favre18

Illustration by David Holt Link

This is Beautiful! Great colors, very vivid and wonderful repetition of shapes.

Image credit: David Holt20

Saint-Martin-Vesubie Link

Another breathtaking shot from my friends Jered and Ashley Gruber. It’s somewhere in the French Pyrenees’ and shot for Craft Sportswear.

Image credit: Jered Gruber22

Kitchen Link

Nice idea and beautiful usage of shapes to create a roaster. Thumbs up!

Image credit: Gardner Design24

Maker Match Candle Co. Link

Love the way those matches connect and create the flame in the middle. I’m also a big fan of knights. Never had the opportunity to use them. Well, not yet!

Image credit: Adam Anderson26

IBM Latin America Link

A piece from the iconic work Paul Rand has done for IBM.

Image credit: Good Design28

Desert Nights Link

Some super beautiful gradients and wonderful line work. Available as a wallpaper29, too.

Image credit: Maria Shanina31

Pool Without Water Link

I’m loving the continuation of these series by Maria Svarbova. This time the central theme is a pool without water.

Image credit: Maria Svarbova33

Classic:specs Link

I’ve always been a fan of custom lettering, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Just beautiful!

Image credit: Erik Marinovich35

Esteban Fallone Link

Esteban Fallone is an award winning Architect based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The idea behind this visualization was to take a variety of his house projects and translate them into a different language.

Image credit: Gianluca Fallone37

Karamel Link

Pretty sweet what can be accomplished with just a few colors. I like the simplicity and the monochromatic colorway.

Image credit: Mads Berg39

Toyota Magazine – Future Tech Article Link

The complexity of this illustration makes it a perfect fit for an article about future technology.

Image credit: James Gilleard4110

The Guardian Review Books Link

Cover for The Guardian Review books. Love the concept of a huge book pile in front of a giant moon. Nice contrast of the figure in front of the moon.

Image credit: Robert Frank Hunter43

Sheffield Hallam University’s Events Calendar Link

Since January still qualifies as being festive it seems only appropriate to add something that fits that spirit.

Image credit: Naomi Wilkinson45

Laurel Canyon Link

In awe when I see how all the shadowing is done in this illustration of a house in Laurel Canyon.

Image credit: Chris Turnham47

Treehouse Link

A thing of beauty. I dig the green color palette, too.

Image credit: Eight Hour Day49

Skiing Magazine – Salomon Skis Link

Enjoying the mood in this illustration. The sweater on the deer is such a nice detail that drives it all home.

Image credit: Matt Carlson51

We All Love Stories Link

So true! We all love stories, especially when it’s about something we are passionate about. Beautifully illustrated. Love the curvy lines and soft tones.

Image credit: Xoana Herrera53

Georges Link

Part of a bigger illustration piece that you can see here54. Strong texture work and I love how the figures are drawn.

Image credit: Cruschiform56

28 Days of Peace Link

Beautiful new work from the queen of lettering. It’s for an ambitious project, illustrating a countdown for Advent in which each number is unique and related to a daily reflection or action leading up to Christmas Day.

Image credit: Jessica Hische58

Maligne Lake Link

There are worst places to do a nap. Beautiful Canada, the Rockies.

Image credit: lebackpacker60

Nomad Hill Brand Board Link

This is looking really great. Loving the patterns.

Image credit: Andrew Litmann62

The New Yorker – Double Solitude Link

Detailed and an atmospheric mood that sometimes allude to something darker, that’s how I would describe the work of French illustrator Antoine Maillard.

Image credit: Antoine Maillard64

Official Rogue One Magazine Cover Link

The intricate details of the illustration are just amazing! Those are some mad skills. One can only dream.

Image credit: DKNG66

Jamie Oliver Magazine Link

Admiring how certain elements are set to another perspective. Makes for an interesting collage.

Image credit: Ale Giorgini68

Patagonia Dreaming I Link

Such beautiful light effect! Only one image out of a beautiful collection of Patagonia, Chile. The rest can be seen here69.

Image credit: Andy Lee71

Styletest Link

A style that I truly love. Such wonderful colors, too.

Image credit: Jones Co73

Amsterdam Skyline Link

Awesome illustration, so many fine details if you look closer. Interesting combination of colors.

Image credit: Dmitrij75

Th world Link

“Architecture’s great problem is the gap between the visionary and the grubby compromise of reality.” A very interesting combination of objects. Such perfect tones on the shapes to create the depth and shadow and light effect.

Image credit: Ray Oranges77

Russian Post Link

Love how the lady looks casual chic. The floor pattern is also a eye catcher. Everything is just perfect in this one.

Image credit: Maria Menshikova79

A Guide To Being Human Link

Rich colors and well executed linework. That fingerprint mark at the end finishes it off.

Image credit: Mike Smith81

Techo Key Visual Link

I like the flow that is going within this illustration.

Image credit: Rocío Galarza83

Queen Link

This is quite lovely. Digging all the elements and admiring the style of her face.

Image credit: Matt Carlson85

Drown In Her Madly Link

Apparently I’m not the only person who mostly uses a mouse to draw. This one is completely created with mouse in Illustrator and Photoshop. Be sure to view the entire piece here86. Beautiful job.

Image credit: Andrea Moresco88

Gerhard Richter Link

Part of a series of illustrations of houses based on famous artist. Be sure to go look89 at the others.

Image credit: Federico Babina91

Sleeping Beauty Link

Wonderful book cover for Sleeping Beauty, a mid-century fairy tale. Original pattern on the background, and who doesn’t love robots.

Image credit: Pixturebook Makers93

Artipelag Link

Those colors and super pastel gradients are so beautiful! Taken in Artipelag, Värmdö, Sweden.

Image credit: Anders Jildén95

Vintage Colnago Link

Makes me want to illustrate a vintage bicycle, too. A real Italian vintage Colnago.

Image credit: Pavlov Visuals97

Chen Design Associates Link

Lovely letter-pressed poster in a special color palette.

Image credit: Ryan Bosse99

Dario Flaccovio Editore Link

The illustration looks so “simple”, but the longer you look at it, the deeper you get into the design.

Image credit: Marco Goran Romano101

The World’s Best Street Food Link

Illustrated cover for a Lonely Planet guide. The grunginess is inspiring and the colors work well with the hand lettering feel.

Image credit: Muti103

SOS Fire In The Sky Link

No words needed.

Image credit: Arto Marttinen105


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