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Breaking Out Of The Box: Design Inspiration (November 2016)

Breaking Out Of The Box: Design Inspiration (November 2016)

With autumn starting to show its full glory, there is really no reason to stay inside and drink your hot cacao. No, it’s time to go outside and soak up all those warm colors nature has to offer, especially the vibrant golden-yellow leaves that can now be found almost everywhere you look. It’s the season of hazy mornings, and beautiful warm color palettes. In this month’s collection, I’ve gathered a couple of illustrations and photos that express this seasonal feeling.

Downtown Fixie Link

Another one of the beautiful bicycles in the Cyclist Series by the DKNG Explorers Club. The shadow depth and color choices are simply ace.

Image credit: DKNG2. (Large preview3)

These collections of cutout items in combination with real ones is so beautiful if done right. Mostly something that is done when there’s animation4 involved as well.

Image credit: Radio6. (Large preview7)

Pioneer Mode Link

Poster for a conference that discusses the social, environmental, and organizational issues plaguing the fashion industry. Some beautiful gradients in an inspiring organic shape.

Image credit: Marius Roosendaal9. (Large preview10)

Weagle, Etc. Link

So many great pieces in here! Lovely retro color scheme and typographical inspiration.

Image credit: Bethany Heck12. (Large preview13)

Mr. Porter Link

Smart how the sofa is adjusted towards the person lying down. Makes it a centrepiece in this illustration.

Image credit: Andrea Mongia15. (Large preview16)

Stockholm 67 Link

Bob Lundberg is an illustrator from Sweden that draws inspiration from objects he comes across in everyday life. The result is a harmonious testimony to design objects.

Image credit: Bob Lundberg18. (Large preview19)

Cannes Collection Link

Illustrating the richness of Cannes. Drilled down to just the basics so the eye-catchers get all the attention.

Image credit: Bob Lundberg21. (Large preview22)

Tycho Fonda LA Concert Poster Link

Concert poster that is part of the design/color system that Scott Hansen has going since the release of his latest album ‘Epoch’. Be sure to read the story23 about the meaning and origin of the artwork of Tycho.

Image credit: ISO5025. (Large preview26)

The Walrus /// Cover Link

Just wonderful how white space is presented here, and how your mind fills in the blanks. The shadows are equally well done.

Image credit: Pascal Blanchet28. (Large preview29)

Taste The Colors Link

Conceptually just perfect. Wonderful idea by Ester Grass Vergara, a photographer based in Amsterdam.

Image credit: Ester Grass Veraga31. (Large preview32)

Five Lakes Trail Link

Another example of the pure beauty that Switzerland has to offer. The Five Trail, Zermatt. Onto the bucket list.

Image credit: Kevin Faingnaert34. (Large preview35)

In The Bedroom Link

This one is created for a fashion editorial in Marie Claire Italia. It’s part of a series that explores the lives of four sisters, their relationships with each other, and their individuality. The eyes are the attention grabbers, maybe even a little creepy. Wonderful water-color work. Be sure to check out the rest36.

Image credit: Kelly Beeman38. (Large preview39)

Deep Run Roots Link

Lovely illustrations for a cookbook. The textures are very well done, and so are the highlights and shadows.

Image credit: Tatsuro Kiuchi41. (Large preview42)

Wired – Sam Chivers Link

Great to see how the mountain roads have been translated here with all the different structures. The fluo wheels are a nice touch, and also the way the pink is applied everywhere to add this sunset feeling.

Image credit: Sam Chivers44. (Large preview45)

Gastro-Bar Barri de Gràcia Link

An inspiring and colorful visual ID. Love the typography and the moiré print textures.

Image credit: Design à enporter47. (Large preview48)

Cityscape Style Frame Link

Great atmosphere and the color combinations are top.

Image credit: Matt Carlson50. (Large preview51)

Two Cans Link

A nice composition with simple shapes in combination with some smart color usage.

Image credit: Sophie Nemethy53. (Large preview54)

Autumn Rays Link

Sad that summer is over but one comfort is that light is usually very pretty this time of the year. This photo proves it. Just look at this. Quite spectacular imho. It’s just like a painting.

Image credit: Jørn Allan Pedersen56. (Large preview57)

Chanel N°5 L’Eau Link

The illustrations of Elodie are super beautiful, almost like real photos sometimes. Great textures and subtle use of pastels.

Image credit: Elodie59. (Large preview60)

Sunday – Nutsa Link

So how does a cozy Sunday look like when it is raining outside. Exactly as illustrated here. Some nice shading going on. The light creating this warm feeling is so perfectly done.

Image credit: Nutsa Avaliani62. (Large preview63)

ABC Poster Link

A lovely poster created for Pottery Barn Kids. The colors are just perfect, so soothing. Lovely cute illustration style.

Image credit: Sol Linero65. (Large preview66)

Jimmy Hendrix Link

The little details such as his shirt, jacket and textures are what’s making this one work for me, plus the expression on his face.

Image credit: Anna Grimal68. (Large preview69)

Bank Of America Student Survival Guide Link

Beautiful new work from DKNG. This one is part of 15 illustrated tips for students as they embark on their college career. That luggage!

Image credit: DKNG71. (Large preview72)

All Ristretto Link

Now that’s a good looking menu! A great background combined with some lovely typography, especially the menu items one.

Image credit: Sébastien Nikolaou74. (Large preview75)

Charisma Link

Smooth surfaces and good looking color tones. The boat in the foreground is the icing on the cake.

Image credit: Ole Hendrik Skjelstad77. (Large preview78)

California Modernism Link

Created as a tribute to mid-century modernism in California for Focus Magazine. Superb style and color usage. Beautiful shadow and highlight at play. You feel the light of the sun.

Image credit: Chruschiform80. (Large preview81)

Torsten Link

Admiring the soft colors pencil style in this illustration. Oscar’s illustrations are a reaction to designer and founder of type foundry Letters from Sweden82. Göran Söderström’s typeface called Funkis, which is influenced by the aesthetics from the early years of Scandinavian functionalism.

Image credit: Oscar Grønner84. (Large preview85)

Impulsion Link

Nice identity for an electromagnetic therapy company specializing in show/racing horses.

Image credit: Benjamin Garner87. (Large preview88)

PrescribeWellness – Delivery Link

Loving it! Going from flat to 3D is so well done here. Be sure to view the full animation89. Such a cool illustration style!

Image credit: Seth Eckert91. (Large preview92)

Melbourne International Film Festival 2016 Link

Illustration for the 2016 Melbourne International Film Festival. It’s a beautiful mix of colors to get that Andy Warhol effect.

Image credit: WBYK94. (Large preview95)

Sailing, Møns Klint Link

There are still some lingering thoughts that won’t accept fall. Queue a beautiful summer day with a magical view like you see here. Such a perfect scene with that tiny sail boat in the centre.

Image credit: Robert Paul Jansen97. (Large preview98)

Explorers Club: Durango Link

Wouldn’t mind going on an adventure with this mountain bike called “Durango”.

Image credit: DKNG100. (Large preview101)

OMF Beer Labels Link

Some great patterns that could have been inspired by stained church windows but translated in a modern way. Neat work!

Image credit: Justin Pervorse103. (Large preview104)

Alp Impressions Link

The mountains and their magical attraction lure. Love how you can see the clouds, and how the sunlight shines into the haze and over the tress.

Image credit: Lukas Furlan106. (Large preview107)

Uber Visual Identity Redesign Link

An example how a billboard could look in the Uber visual identity redesign. All the other elements108 of this redesign are worth a look as well.

Image credit: Uber Design110. (Large preview111)

Breakfast – Bailey Link

A collage of how breakfast could be. The pretzel is the eye-catcher here together with the texture usage and color choices.

Image credit: Bailey Sulivan113. (Large preview114)

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Link

This illustration was submitted to Type Hike115, a collaborative design project that includes 60 designers and typographers, all celebrating the National Parks Service centennial in the USA. Love how the yellow touches are applied to create this moonlight effect.

Image credit: Micheal DeKay117. (Large preview118)

Falling In Love With Your Colleague Link

What an inspiring color palette! The texture of the wood is also refreshing. All textures are in fact very well done. Love the disproportion of their bodies too.

Image credit: Jenna Arts120. (Large preview121)

The Lake District Link

Added another one to “the places I want to ride my bicycle” list. My friends are not lying when they say, “It’s not LIKE riding through a painting — it IS riding through a painting — up a very, very steep and twisting painting”.

Image credit: Jered Gruber123. (Large preview124)

Dit Is (G)een Verhaal Link

This illustration almost looks like a painting. It’s refined in its simplicity. Love the light brushstrokes and the melancholic feel to it.

Image credit: Milou Trouwborst126. (Large preview127)

Autumn Books Link

Speaking of brush strokes, this lovely cover for the Autumn Books section of the Wall Street Journal is also very well executed. Perfect autumn feeling.

Image credit: Ping Zhu129. (Large preview130)

Fall Hike Link

The trees have just started to turn on their color show around here so this is a very appropriate illustration. Colorful!

Image credit: Matt Carlson132. (Large preview133)

137 Second Avenue Link

It has been a while since I last had a look at the ‘Windows of New York’ project. Time to rectify this with this beauty from 137 Second Avenue in East Village.

Image credit: Windows of New York135. (Large preview136)

Fuller Street, London Link

Lovely illustration of an old Victorian shop front with proud proprietor outside. Great color palette and typography.

Image credit: Neil Stevens138. (Large preview139)

SWIMMING Trinity Link

New work in the swimming pool series from Maria Svarbova. It’s such an inspiring thing to watch. Brilliant in its simplicity. That red accent is just brilliant.

Image credit: Maria Svarbova141. (Large preview142)

Just Be Yourself Link

More wonderful brushstrokes to admire. Studying all those facial expressions, and poses done with just minimal elements.

Image credit: Kirsten Sims144. (Large preview145)

Airport Of The Future Link

I love illustrations that tackle the future. It’s such a great way to see imagination at work. Here you have a concept of how an airport terminal of the future could look like. Love the color palette and subtle gradient shades.

Image credit: Sam Chivers147. (Large preview148)

Icelandic Horses Link

These horses of Iceland are so recognizable. I absolutely adore the color tones in this photograph.

Image credit: Rob Sese150. (Large preview151)

Freeze! Sky Police! Link

Love the line and pattern work that is going on in this illustration. Just look at his chin, fingers and elbows.

Image credit: Scotty Reifsnyder153. (Large preview154)


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