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BrightEdge Unlocks Its Massive Data Cube for On-Demand Research

SEO software company BrightEdge has announced a way for its customers to tap into big data in a powerful way. The “Data Cube” – the muscle behind the company’s S3 platform – is now directly accessible to customers for on-demand research through a custom engine.

“Over the years, we’ve built underneath the hood this ‘big data’ infrastructure,” said Jim Yu, CEO of BrightEdge. “This cube now processes over 100 terabytes of data a week.”

Yu said unlocking access to the Data Cube arose from something he discovered in talks with CMOs across BrightEdge’s customer base. With a shift to 100 percent secure search, more than ever, marketers needed insight into a starting point with their content strategy.

Some companies are budgeting millions of dollars for content creation, Yu said, and the question that they still have is, “What do I do with it?” and “How do I even start?”

“That’s when we realized we’re sitting on this massive data cube that can actually help,” Yu said.

Access to the Data Cube allows marketers to gain insight that can fuel their content marketing strategy from the start. There are multiple ways users can access and leverage the information.

The “free form” search is one way. This feature lets users input keywords or URLs to see which keywords and topics are driving traffic and converting.


The goal-based approach lets users search based on specific objectives like identifying high-volume or long-tail keywords.


“Let’s say you’re a big retailer and you want to know what kind of video content is working really well in your industry right now,” Yu said. “Before you invest a single dollar into the content you’re creating, we’re going to tell you these are the big opportunities, these are the different areas where there’s a lot of demand, these are the different areas where content has performed really well, and give you that as the starting point for how you plan your strategy.”

Yu said the challenge of big data lies in making it actionable and meaningful.

“One of the things with big data is making sure you don’t get lost in the noise.” So BrightEdge took access to the Data Cube a step further by not only providing the opportunities, but also integrating them into the S3 platform. There, they can be processed from a data points into recommendations for action.

“Integration into workflow is something we’ve thought very deeply about,” Yu said. That’s why the Data Cube is not an island, he added. Instead of just stopping at an on-demand research tool, Yu said the company spent resources on making the Data Cube integrate it into the workflow, so users can understand the “business value” of their decisions.

Right now, the technology is on limited release to BrightEdge customers.

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