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Deal: 3 Amazing Font Families, Featuring 50 Fonts

We love new fonts, and this deal from will bag you 50, spread across 3 amazing families.

This deal features Bluescreens, a cinematic typeface perfect for film posters and display text; Firs, a modern, Scandinavian-inspired typeface; and Prosto Sans Condensed, an emotionally neutral sans-serif.

Bluescreens features 30 unique fonts. There are regular, italic, standard, rounded, and rough variations. 400 glyphs are included in each font, so that it supports 73 different languages.

bluescreens_myfonts_01bluescreens_myfonts_01 bluescreens_myfonts_02bluescreens_myfonts_02 bluescreens_myfonts_05bluescreens_myfonts_05 bluescreens_myfonts_06bluescreens_myfonts_06 bluescreens_myfonts_08bluescreens_myfonts_08 bluescreens_myfonts_12bluescreens_myfonts_12

Firs is a universal sans-serif font featuring 18 unique fonts. There are roman and italic versions in 9 different weights. Over 400 different glyphs are included and over 70 languages supported.

firs_myfonts_01firs_myfonts_01 firs_myfonts_02firs_myfonts_02 firs_myfonts_04firs_myfonts_04 firs_myfonts_05firs_myfonts_05 firs_myfonts_06firs_myfonts_06 firs_myfonts_07firs_myfonts_07 firs_myfonts_08firs_myfonts_08

Prosto Sans Condensed is a condensed version of the popular Prosto Sans typeface. The family includes roman and italic versions in 5 different weights. Over 400 glyphs are included, more than 70 languages are supported, and it’s optimized for the web.

prosto_sans_condensed_myfonts_01prosto_sans_condensed_myfonts_01 prosto_sans_condensed_myfonts_02prosto_sans_condensed_myfonts_02 prosto_sans_condensed_myfonts_03prosto_sans_condensed_myfonts_03 prosto_sans_condensed_myfonts_05prosto_sans_condensed_myfonts_05 prosto_sans_condensed_myfonts_07prosto_sans_condensed_myfonts_07 prosto_sans_condensed_myfonts_08prosto_sans_condensed_myfonts_08 prosto_sans_condensed_myfonts_10prosto_sans_condensed_myfonts_10 prosto_sans_condensed_myfonts_11prosto_sans_condensed_myfonts_11 prosto_sans_condensed_myfonts_12prosto_sans_condensed_myfonts_12

These 3 awesome typefaces normally retail at $289, but for a limited time you can get all 3 families for just $17, that’s a saving of 94%!

Head over to MightyDeals to grab this deal today.

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