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Different ways to make money with a WordPress Blog

In these tough times it seems really hard earning money especially with the unemployment rate rising and the economic situation isn’t really improving.

But thanks to the internet, various opportunities are just within reach. You just need to know where you should put your efforts in and you might just earn money and what’s best about it, you can do it in the comforts of your home or even a sideline job.

One of the opportunities you can tap in the internet is Blogging. Yes, you can make money blogging. The next question probably is how, because it doesn’t mean that if you have a blog, automatically you’ll be earning some bucks. If you are reading this and you think you’re interested, you might want to read more because I’ll be discussing information on how to make money blogging.

One of probably the most popular platforms for blogs is WordPress in fact there are long-time bloggers who moves their platform to WordPress. The reason behind this move is because in you can make money with WordPress blogs. Here are some ways how to make money with WordPress.

First is services, there are people, specifically webmasters, who needs a specific type of plugin. Plugins’ demand is on the rise because the webmasters and developers now concentrate more on how to promote their websites. An example of this is SEO or Search Engine Optimization plugins. You’ll get paid if you make plugins in WordPress because it helps publishers to get their content out in the web through search engines like Google.

If you are in the know-how of programming, you can make money with WordPress through selling softwares as Content Management System which helps media companies to have expansive presence in the web and you can sell this via subscription. Meaning the companies will pay you periodically (e.g. monthly, annual, etc.)

Of course you can always make money with WordPress blogs. This is the primary purpose of WordPress, to publish blogs. In fact there are blogs who make money by advertising.

Another way that boosts a blog’s earnings is through traffic. There are advertising platforms who will convert your traffic to earnings the most popular among these platforms is Google Adsense where you can earn with every click that an advertisement (hosted on your WordPress blog) gets.

You can also make money with WordPress through affiliate marketing. This is almost similar to earning through traffic the only difference is that you get to choose which product to host in your WordPress blog and it will also generate you more earnings because commissions are given for a click or when there is a sale generated from that click.

Finally, there are some who makes money with WordPress through template design. These are unique and original themes that are very high in demand with other bloggers who buys templates for their blogs to make them more attractive.

These are simple ways that you might want to try to make money online through blogs or another option to your WordPress blog (if you already have one) and boost your earnings.


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