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Elements of Art in Web Design with Beautiful Examples

There are many styles in web design, and many approaches that you can use to create a unique online project. Though, a truly great idea is to turn to art, its elements and principles.

In this post, we will describe what these are and give inspiring examples of already existing web designs created with an artistic touch.

Art in Web Design

Elements of art in web design:

  • line;
  • shape/form;
  • color;
  • value;
  • texture;
  • space;
  • perspective


Line is an element connecting two points. Lines are short and long, they are thick and thin, horizontal or vertical. Some artists prefer straight lines, while curvy/wavy/spiral ones can add a better look to casual things. Lines can have no end, or they can end with a circle, any other form or at any angle.

Lines are used as separators for page sections or they fulfill purely aesthetic functions. Lines are not just of any style, but of any color you wish. It can be a monochrome line or varicolored line with a rainbow design.

The Universal Typeface with Hand drawn Animated Lines
The Universal Typeface

Anatomie der Form Design with Colorful Spiral LinesAnatomie der Form

Website Design with Animated Lines Making Images
Agencia wwwwecan

Daniel Spatzek Website with Lineal Logotype Design
Daniel Spatzek

Run for AJD Website with Curve Lines of Bright Colors
Run for AJD

Shape / Form

Do you want to create a two- or three-dimensional object? It is shape in the first case, and form in the second. Shapes and forms let you create original design with circles, rhombuses, hexagons, stars, hearts, etc.

Portfolio Website Template with Pentagons
Portfolio Website Template

Second World Cup Website with Flag Circles
Second World Cup

Interior Design Interactive History with Circular Elements
History of Interior Design

Decathlon Recrutement Web Design with Round-Shaped Icons
Decathlon Recrutement

Vanilla Banana Creative Website with Varicolored Rectangular Forms
Vanilla  Banana

Donguri Wesite Design with Creative Animated Shapes


This element of art has an unvalued role in website design. Colors create an atmosphere of the site, they win users’ favor and change the whole way they perceive your product. Color has such characteristics as hue, intensity, value. Hue is the name of the color; intensity shows how bright the color is; value means the level of lightness and darkness of the color.

Newborn Website Design with Different Orange Shades
Newborn Website Design

Zerozero Studio Website with Differently Colored Content Pages

Icon Works Website with High Color Intensity
Icon Works

Website Template with Rainbow Colored Menu
Website Template


Value directly associates with light. We can’t see anything without light, and the value artistic element helps us to differentiate objects. It concerns the black and white color scheme. Value is the contrast of one color, like black and white are shades of gray.

The Typing Cat
The Typing Cat

Danka Studio
Danka Studio

Light and Shadows
Light and Shadows


Texture is how something appears to feel: stone, wood, etc. Textures create individuality for websites. They are good for theme websites, like a wood texture for a logging industrial site or a water texture for a water park website. It is also possible to use textures just for decoration on portfolio websites, for example.

Restaurant Kok au Vin Website
Restaurant Kok au Vin

Revelation Concept
Revelation Concept

Szoke Kiss Marton
Szoke Kiss Marton

Wooster Hound
Wooster Hound

Denim Academy
Denim Academy


Space is the distance between objects. We used to call this white space or negative space.

Cultivated Wit Homepage
Cultivated Wit

Rogue Society
Rogue Society

Nan-Ant Website
Nan Ant


Perspective is a technique for making a three-dimensional illusion. Perspective makes a painting appear to have form, and so gives it a real appeal.

Qbizm Studio
Qbizm Studio

Helmer Scientific
Helmer Scientific

Tissot T
Tissot T



Elements of art give you freedom in design; they inspire and set a good example. We would be happy to see your projects designed with elements of art, or know your suggestions on this technique. Comments below are welcomed!

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