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#Espresso Monday Nr.2 – Scaling Business, Graduate Advice, Transparency in Business

#EspressoMonday QA Episode Nr.2

Espresso, Web Design, and You

Another Monday – new day, new challenges, and new projects. When we’re talking about something new or a fresh start, there are sure to be a lot of questions. We, at 1atWebDesigner, are here to answer some of the questions you have. For our second episode, we will be tackling about scaling your business, graduate advice, and transparency in business. So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump in.

Question #1

Does fluency and time spent on coding help scale your web design business or are there any other factors? If so, what are they?

Spending most of your time coding and learning new coding languages does not help your business. On the contrary, it hurts your business more than it helps it. Instead, you have to think more like a businessman than a coder. Why? A web designer only thinks of the small picture – codes and design, while a businessman thinks of the big picture which includes efficient time management and viable solutions for your clients. Moreover, a web designer only thinks of getting the job done while a businessman has a vision of where he is going as well as has clear-cut goals to give more value to his clients.

Here are more valuable advice from web design professionals who have been successful in the niche they have chosen.

  • Define your value – What sets you apart from your competitors? What makes you relevant in the industry? You have to be very deliberate in identifying the reason why people should choose you in favor of another.
    Create a bio-profile – Imagine what type of customer you want to attract. What kind of customers do you want to provide a solution for? When you have a clear idea what type of customers you want to attract, you will be able to adjust your business and stimulate growth.
  • Identify your key indicators – When entering into a business venture, you should always remember that changes are not just necessary, but they are also measurable. If you cannot measure a change, you won’t be able to identify its efficacy. Identify which key indicators affect your business, then invest your time and money on them.
  • Look to your competition – In any industry, there will always be businesses similar to yours. These competitors are likely to be excelling at something you are struggling with. Look to them and observe what new and unique strategies they are using. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and ask why they had to make those choices and decisions.
  • Focus on your strengths – It is good to look at what your weaknesses and devise ways how to improve them. However, there are also times where focusing on your strengths is much better – revamp your strategies to suit your strengths an build on them to scale your business.

Question #2

What’s the best advice a new graduate entering the Web Design industry can get?

If you are a new graduate and has decided to enter the web design industry, it is much better to decide a specific niche you can focus on. This advice goes also to those who already have a career in the industry but are trying to make a breakthrough.

As mentioned in the previous question, you should not just think of yourself as a web designer, but also as a businessman and one way of thinking like one is to decide which niche he or she wants to focus on. This gives you time to grow your skills making you more well-equipped in providing viable solutions to your clients. Focusing on a specific niche also establishes you to become an expert voice in that area. Finally, it helps you create effective marketing strategies because you already know what works and what doesn’t in that niche.

Question #3

Is it advisable to be honest to my clients that I am not building their website from scratch but, instead, using WordPress?

Being transparent in dealing with your clients is your most attractive tool to attract them. In this era of information where no secrets remain hidden for long, transparency is very important. For one, transparency makes you more authentic which, in turn, makes your existing and potential clients trust you. Transparency also makes your brand more attractive.

In addition, there are a lot of benefits your clients can get from using WordPress. Aside from ease of use on your part, WordPress is very searchable in different search engine sites because the code behind it is very simple and clean. Moreover, each post, image, and page can be optimized using specific keywords, meta tags, and description.


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