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#Espresso Monday Nr.3 – WordPress Themes, AwesomeWeb, WordPress Custom Solutions

#EspressoMonday QA Episode Nr.3

A Cupful of WordPress and Espresso

It’s Monday once again and another #EspressoMonday episode for you. Today, we will talk about WordPress and AwesomeWeb, topics which go well with your cup of coffee. In this episode, we continue to share to you more of the benefits of WordPress as well as some question about our marketplace, AwesomeWeb. So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump in.

Question #1

Does using advance and fully customizable WordPress themes, such as divi and theme x, dramatically slow down your website?

The Internet is full of opinions that could provide misinformation to a designer. These opinions might be based on a designer’s experience but they cannot be used to generalize everything. Such is the issue about advanced WordPress designs slowing down your website. Themes are not the culprit why your website is slowing down. Rather, this situation is due to different factors, such as the type of hosting you use, third party plug-ins you installed, how your website is set up, how optimized your website is, and many more.

Using these factors as clues, you can speed up your website by identifying the plug-ins that are slowing you down, compressing your website and the images in it, leveraging your browser caching, minimizing your CSS and javascript files, and many more. It also helps that you keep the minimum requirements of your website to make it load faster.

Question #2

Why do you impose such a strict screening on Awesome Web when you can gain more membership when you just let it go?

Whether we admit it or not, web designers are opinionated people, especially when it comes to their works – and this is where most of the problem lies. A lot of web designers think they are good. Sad to say, however, they are not as good as they need to be to pass the screening we have in order to get into Awesome Web.

In addition, we are not just looking for quantity, but also for quality. We are looking for the best of the best in this industry because the clients that we have are demanding but also ready to pay the big bucks for such high quality designs. So unless you think you are the best of the best in this industry and you can pass the screening we have, you can’t get on Awesome Web.

Question #3

Why do you always recommend using WordPress themes instead of custom solutions for clients since each of them have different needs and wants?

Contrary to what a number of WordPress detractors believe, WordPress can actually cater to even the craziest of demands offering functional solutions to various website problems. Moreover, most WordPress themes are well-supported so looking for solutions if you encountered a problem is not difficult. You even have the advantage of extending website with various helpful tools, such as polls and contact forms, without having to hire a group of web designers. However, if you are trying to build a website similar to Facebook, then you have to code everything from scratch; otherwise, using WordPress themes is enough.


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