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Fantastic Collection of Beautiful Magazine Covers for Inspiration

In this post, I’ve gather 29 amazing and beautiful magazine covers.

They all have something to bring to the table, from great typography to interesting use of contact or space. All of these came from creative designers who publish their work on Behance.

Some of the examples are quite simple and straightforward yet others are busy and complicated. However, all of them are beautiful and inspiring. Let’s get started!

1. Zine

I found the design of this cover very nice. It’s minimal but interesting due to the cut our cover flaps. The juxtaposition between the white and gray halves is a good design choice. Overall the design is monochromatic in grayscale except there is a hint of orange typography on the left-hand side. The orange is a nice touch.

2. Bau

Bau’s cover is quite quirky. There is an interesting balance going on between the red circles in the top right and the black grid-like mesh in the bottom left. I especially like the small typography. Most magazine covers are overpowered with text but that’s not at all the case here.

3. Balkans

The first things I noticed about the magazine covers design is it’s nonwhite background. It looks like a soft peach/orange colour. The second thing I noticed is the giant photo as well as the order in which everything on the cover is organized with.

4. On the desk

Unlike the last example, this cover has a lot going on. Here, things are overlapping – things are a little messy. The color scheme of this design is amazing too. The gray typography looks great against the light beige background.

5. Brik

The design of this magazine cover is quite simple actually. Birk’s layout relies heavily on the big image. Another big part of the design is the headline. It’s positioned within the image but not over the subject of it, which in this case is the

6. Letterpress Epoca Cover

Of course, it’s easy to see that typography is the big focus here on this magazine cover. The letters are large and kind of in your face. The various types do work well together. The typography is definitely good at the grabbing attention.

7. Sicky

In this magazine cover design, the logo and name of the magazine are prominent. Sicky is bold, it’s overlapping the main content image of the cover and it has a bright blue colour which makes it stick out. The rest of the text, even though there is very little of it, is too bright blue.

8. Novum

I assume the designer’s main concern was to draw attention to the cover with the bright orange. The typography is large, there are many contradictory elements like the black splatter that makes the green text much harder to read.

This cover design was meant to make a visual statement.

9. The Space Race

I think this cover is very subtle. The grayscale design is a nice. The overall design of this magazine cover is focused. The intent of this magazine is obvious from the cover. Between the photo and the name, it’s not hard to guess what’s it all about.

10. Novum

I had to include another cover design for novum. This one is a little different from the previous ones. It has used multiple coloured rectangles which come together to make the cover. It’s minimal, it’s interesting and it’s kind of fun.

11. The Ready Magazine

This magazine cover is something else. First, it uses the typical style of magazine cover design with a designated photo area. Yet, it doesn’t use photos just a burst of blurred colours and a lot of typography.

12. Capital Magazine

I love the style of design Capital uses. The gold and the large font looks great. I love that the typography overpowered the black and white photo behind it.

13. Full Stop.

Full Stop’s cover is minimal. The image doesn’t look like anything, it’s just decorative. The name of the magazine is very large even though it’s only one of three different elements on this cover.

The last elements are the issue details. Every element seems to have it’s own style too. The grayscale brings them together.

14. 99U

99U’s magazine cover looks great. The red is a good accent. It makes the image more interesting. It gives the cover a lot of visual power. The rest of the cover design is clean and clutter free allowing the red image to take center stage.

15. The New Heros

I’m including The New Heros’ magazine cover in this list because it’s just so interesting! The imagery looks spectacular and the typography and colors are well picked too. The name of the magazine and the image are overlapping but only just a little; I like that.

16. Ting

The most interesting thing about this magazine cover design are the colours, or at least I think so. The background is so soft yet the graphic uses much darker colours. Yet, combined the two colour schemes work well together.

17. Birds

The magazine cover design for Birds is light and delicate. The light blue background sets a lovely tone for the overall look and feel. The white typography just adds to it.

18. 2112

Here we have a bold magazine covers. It’s definitely due to the two photographs. Their subjects, colours, and contrast are just bold. The juxtaposition between the red and the navy as well are the black and white are powerful.


Szostka, meaning six in Polish, has a great looking magazine cover. The gold is my favourite part. The name of the magazine as long as the grid of golden circles. It’s a busy cover but that’s what makes it fun.

20. Botanic

This is one of the only magazine covers which relies on a circular design element. Overall, the design is orderly, clean and quite pleasant. The typography is lovely and the photo is nice as well.

21. GIST

The design of GIST is edgy, don’t you think? The gold logo and the gold outline are fantastic. They look great against the high style photograph and the light blue background.

22. The Small Gardens

What’s not to admire in this cover design? To start, the background is amazing, big and full spread. Additionally, the name of the issue is shown in big, bold and white text smack in the middle. All of it looks just so nice.

23. Dwell

Dwell’s cover is actually made up of clear plastic containing only the logo. Below it there is the cover image with a few headings and a bar code. The image is full spread so it looks really good too.

24. Distopia Magazine

This magazine cover design is image-less but it’s still a great looking cover. The design is made up of many letters spread out in an even grid making up the name of the issue. The colours are bright and a whole lot of fun too.

25. Portfolio Cover

I like that this cover is smaller than the content. More so, I like that the cover and the inside content are different colours as well.The colours work very well together too.

26. What not

What not’s cover is simple yet disorganized. There is little going on, just a few random shapes and letters that spell out the title. There are only two colours used too. All that against the lack of alignment make the design appear disorganized.

27. Trend

Trend’s covers follow the same these but each cover has a slightly different layout. The backgrounds seem to dictate the layout with the text being organized around the content.

28. Poppy Magazine

Poppy’s layout is lovely. The magazine cover is split into two. There is the top half with the name of the magazine and any other important information while the bottom is a photograph with a small plant. The photograph has a simple subject as well which makes it fit very well within the overall design of the magazine cover.

29. The Museum Magazine

The last cover design relies heavily on color, typography, and composition. The colors are limited and slightly complementary. That makes the cover design interesting to the eye. The typography is bold, crisp and white. The typography makes a nice visual statement against the colorful background imagery.

That’s a wrap on the cover design. I hope you enjoyed the collection. Some magazine covers are great in their designs showing creative designs albeit it through simplicity or complexity. Which one of these did you enjoy seeing?

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