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Five brief but helpful tips for Google AdSense placement

AdSense is an advertising service provided by Google that gives webmasters a free and relatively simple way of earning money through display advertising on their site.

Of course the terrain of display advertising in the last few years has become a rocky place. With more and more people subconsciously becoming used to ignoring display and the rise of other content-led marketing methods.

However, display ads can theoretically bring in revenue if they are targeted properly and are relevant to the user, context and device.

And now that 21% of internet users globally only use their smartphone to access the internet, spurring Google to strengthen its mobile-friendly algorithm, it’s critical for all businesses to optimise their advertising for mobile.

AdSense has recently issued its own report on tips for mobile web success, and in among the general advice and lovely graphics, there are some brief tips for ad placement that you may not be aware of, so let’s take a quick look at them now.

Mobile ad placement best practice

As the report says, you should focus on creating “a flow between your content and the ad placements.” Basically your ads should feel like part of the user experience, and served when your visitors are most receptive.

The following tips are taken directly from the report…

Tip #1

When using enhanced features in text ads, decrease accidental clicks by moving the ad units a minimum of 150 pixels away from content.

Tip #2

Think about peeking your ad units above the fold for a great UX while maximizing revenue potential.

above the fold ad unit

Tip #3

Potential eCPMs increase when you swap 320×50 for 320×100 ad units.

320 x 100 ad unit

Tip #4

Anchor social links to make sharing easy.

social links in ad unit

Tip #5

Use the 300×250 ad unit for a potential increase in fill rates and eCPM.

300 x 250 ad unit

Of course all these tips merely apply to AdSense display ads. There are many more pitfalls to be aware of when using other ad formats, especially if you use full-screen app ads on mobile sites, which you will be punished for.

And much of this is moot if you don’t have the fundamentals of mobile optimisation correct in the first place.

So your site needs to be responsive or adaptive to every screen size, the page speed needs to be fast, content should be easy to read… in fact, you should definitely read our comprehensive guide to mobile optimisation for more details.

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