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Google tests its own user ratings for movies

Google has decided to experiment with user ratings for movies and TV shows. Is this a new permanent feature?

There seems to be an initial attempt from Google to introduce user ratings in its search results for movies and TV shows.

A selected sample of testers noticed a thumbs up and thumbs down sign on the special box that offers more details about a movie. This is a quick way for Google to build user ratings depending on its own audience.


Image: Techcrunch

According to the first images, the search results display a new percentage of user ratings, right next to IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. The only difference from the other two sites is the system of rating, with Google relying on like and dislike and not an actual rating as a sign of preference.

For the time being this seems to be available only in the desktop version and it isn’t clear whether there is a plan to turn this into a permanent feature.

Even if Google hasn’t revealed its plans yet, it could be an interesting addition to its database which may even lead to further plans on building users’ reviews and gather more features on its own site.


Image: androidpolice

For example, the dedicated section for each movie could rely on users’ ratings to personalise the experience for each user, or even find a great way to connect user ratings with its own Google Play.

For the time being, we are waiting to hear from Google on its thoughts for the particular testing and whether we expect to see it globally anytime soon. Should we vote on that, too?

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