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Google: why your website did not recover from the Penguin update

Google’s John Mueller answered this webmaster in the
online discussion:

“I think sharing the disavow file (as well as its
history) would make it a lot easier for folks here to notice some of
the things that may be worth mentioning.

For example, sometimes it shows that changes were
made recently, perhaps after the most recent refresh. These kinds of
changes can take time to be reprocessed (recrawling the URLs alone can
take several months, and then it would require an update of the
algorithm’s data), and you wouldn’t expect to see changes based on
those submissions to be visible until the next refresh takes place.

Especially because these things take so much time
to be recrawled reprocessed, I think it really helps to have as
many critical eyes on those submissions as possible. Maybe you have
everything covered already, or maybe there are still some issues that
you didn’t realize, which others could help you resolve as early as

The people active here in the forums are not out to
get you for things done in the past, they want to give pointers based
on things they’ve seen over the years, so while I can’t guarantee that
they’ll be able to flag ‘that one thing that’s holding your site back’
(usually it’s not just one thing anyway), they usually have a really
good eye for things that are commonly forgotten (purposely or not).”

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