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How the Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler can help your business

The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler
enables you to check the position of your web site on Google, Google
Mobile, Yahoo and Bing. It is a powerful tool that helps you to improve
your business results. Among other things, the Ranking Monitor answers
these questions:

  • For which keywords are your web
    pages ranked?
  • How many searches do these keywords
  • How are your competitors ranked for
    these keywords?
  • In which countries and regions is
    your website ranked?
  • How is your website ranked on
    mobile devices?
  • How do your rankings change from
    day to day?

You can monitor any keyword, in any
country, in any location. The rankings are checked daily. Read on to
learn more about the features:

Your local SEO
rank tracking solution

Local rank tracking is is important if
you have a brick and mortar business. You have to be found for searches
that are done by potential customers in the area where your business is

The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler
enables you to track your rankings in all areas. You can specify the
exact location from which your rankings should be checked (cities, zip
codes, airports, etc.).

The Ranking Monitor tracks the regular
listings, and it informs you about the position of your business in
Google’s local pack results, even if your business is listed without a
website URL.

If you do business in multiple
locations, you can track all the locations in one campaign.

local rankings and local SEO

it now with your own website

Mobile SEO, AMP,
featured snippets, and much more

Nearly 60 percent of all online
searches are now carried out on mobile devices. Ranking tracking for
mobile devices is a must if you want to reach all customers.

The Ranking Monitor checks desktop
rankings and mobile rankings. Is your website ranked as a featured
snippet? Are your pages ranked with Sitelinks? Are your YouTube videos
ranked? What about your Facebook page? Is it an AMP ranking?

The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler has
the answers. It gives you the data you need to succeed.

The tools in SEOprofiler also help you
to optimize your web pages for high rankings in mobile searches.

mobile SEO and mobile rankings

it now with your own website

Track your
progress and get better results

The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler
gives you detailed insights into the search engine positions of your
web pages.

Get ranking progression charts for all
keywords and find out how to improve your rankings for keywords that
deliver targeted website visitors.

Find the keywords that perform best,
get the top ranked pages, analyze the different result types, and much

track your progress and get detailed statistics

it now with your own website

All countries,
all languages, all regions

Different regions have different
search results. For example, searchers in New York get different
results for the keyword “plumber” than people in San Francisco.

The Ranking Monitor checks your
rankings in 161 countries and languages. You can check your local
rankings from all locations. The ranking monitor supports all 85.000+
cities that are also supported by Google.

all countries and all languages

it now with your own website

Score, tags, keyword groups, and more

The Visibility Score in the Ranking
Monitor shows you how well your web pages are ranked for your keywords.

The Ranking Monitor automatically
creates keyword groups, and you can add as many tags as you want to
your keywords.

For example, if you sell shoes, you
could add the tag ‘running shoes’ to the keywords “Men’s Air Max Tavas”
and “Gel Venture 8”. Then you can filter your keyword lists to view all
running shoes, even if the keywords do not contain the term ‘running

ranking visibility score

it now with your own website

Track mentions
of businesses without websites

Google also shows businesses that do
not have a website in the local results.

The Ranking Monitor monitor enables
you to track the positions of these businesses in the search results,
even if Google does not show a website address.

Just enter the business name and the
Ranking Monitor will take care of it. It’s really easy.

track mentions of businesses that do not have a website

it now with your own website

You get more
keywords and more results

You might have seen other ranking
checkers that promise you 1000 ranking checks. If you check a keyword
on Google, Google Mobile, Bing and Yahoo with these other ranking
checkers, they will count this as 4 keywords.

The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler is
much more customer friendly. If you check one keyword at Google, Google
Mobile, Bing and Yahoo, this counts as one keyword.

That means that you get four times
more keywords with SEOprofiler. The Ranking Monitor checks the top 100
results so you get more results than with other ranking checkers.

you get more keywords

it now with your own website

Save time with
alerts and opportunities

The alerts and opportunities pages in
the Ranking Monitor show you the keywords that need your attention.

For example, the opportunities page
shows keywords for which your website is listed on the second results
page. By increasing the rankings for these keywords, you will get many
more visitors, because the listings on the first results page get many
more clicks.

Moving from the top of the second
results page to the first results page is relatively easy and you will
get many more website visitors.

The Ranking Monitor even shows the
potential traffic increase and the number of additional visitors that
your website will get.

ranking opportunities

it now with your own website

Impress your
clients with immediate results

If you create ranking reports for
clients, the Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler can help you to impress
your clients.

For every website, we provide a list
of keywords for which the website already has high rankings on Google.

That means that you can immediately
offer your clients impressive search engine ranking reports that
contain a lot of keywords for which your client has high rankings.

As soon as you stark working for a
client, you can impress them with great ranking reports with many

immediate results

it now with your own website

The Ranking Monitor is a powerful tool
that will help you to improve your results. In addition to the Ranking
Monitor, SEOprofiler offers many more powerful website optimization
tools. You can create your SEOprofiler account here:

started now

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