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How to get 50% more website visitors

Most SEO techniques that work with Google also work with Bing. Both Google and Bing like relevant web page content with keywords that are related to the topic of the search query.

Both Google and Bing like mobile-friendly websites and good user interfaces. Both support structured data, and both think that the quality of the links that point to your website is important.

Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines show many factors that Bing finds important. These factors do not guarantee high rankings, but they form the basis for high rankings.

The following things will help you to improve your rankings on Bing:

1. Bing likes rich and engaging multimedia content

Bing likes content with multimedia files. If your web page contains audio, video or good images, it’s more likely that it will get high rankings on Bing.

2. The content of a web page is more important than the links

It is possible to get high rankings on Google with average content if the links that point to the page are great. For Bing, the content of a page is more important. Create great content first, then focus on getting good links.

This is also a tactic that will help your Google rankings in the long run.

3. Bing likes keywords

Bing likes keywords in headings, titles, meta descriptions, etc. It seems that keywords in domains also help.

Add related keywords to your pages. Optimize different pages of your website for different keywords that are related to the topic of your website. Again, this is something that can have a positive influence on your Google rankings.

4. Social signals can help

Pages that are shared frequently on social networks tend to get better rankings on Bing. Bing is against fake social media accounts and shares so you shouldn’t try to inflate your social shares artificially.

In the past, Google said that they do not use social signals as a ranking factors. However, they won’t hurt your rankings.

5. The quantity of backlinks are important

In contrast to Google, websites that have a high number of backlinks can get better rankings even if the quality of the links is just average. Of course, you still shouldn’t create spam links.

Links from high quality websites still have a higher influence than average links, but the difference is smaller than on Google.

6. A high click through rate (CTR) helps

If a website is listed on position 2 and gets more clicks than position 1, it’s likely that the positions will switch.

Write strong web page titles that entice searchers to click on your listing. The more clicks your listing gets, the better. Although this is not a ranking factor on Google, it will also help you to get more visitors through Google simply because more people will click your listing.

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