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How to get on Google’s first page by following four rules

A page one listing in Google’s search
results for the right keyword can lead to a lot of visitors and a lot
sales. That’s why so many people want to be on Google’s first result

high rankings

Unfortunately, many people still don’t
know what it takes to convince Google that your website is more
relevant than the millions of other websites on the Internet.

There are
four simple rules that will help you to get your website on Google’s
first result page. These four rules even work with Google’s new machine
learning algorithm:

Rule #1: Do not cheat

Google wants to return the most
relevant web pages for a search query. They want to provide the best
answer to a search query.

If you try to get a high ranking for a
keyword for which your web page isn’t really relevant then you won’t
get good results. You might even be accused of spamming if you use
tricks to get these rankings. If your
website consists just of ads and affiliate links then it will
also be
extremely difficult to get good rankings.

Do not use tricks or “secret techniques” to get better rankings. Do not
buy links and do not use any other “shortcuts” that promise quick
results. Google will find out
and your website will be in trouble. Tricks do not work anymore.

Rule #2: Show Google
that your web pages are relevant

Rule #3: Other websites
must confirm that your web pages are relevant

In addition to optimized web page
content, Google heavily relies on the links from other websites to your
site. Basically, the other websites have to confirm that your website
is relevant for a special keyword.

The more websites link to your
website, the more visible it will be to Google. The more other websites
use a special keyword as the linked text in the links to your website,
the more important is your website for that keyword.

A web page that has been optimized for
the keyword “used cars” can also get high rankings for the keyword
“pre-owned cars” if enough websites link with that text to the page.

It is also important that the other
web pages are related your site. If a website that is about vintage
cars links to your “used car parts” website then this will have a
bigger effect on your search engine rankings than a link from a candy
shop website.

A link from a web page that only links
to car related web pages is also more valuable than a link from a web
page that links to all kind of pages. Getting the right links is
crucial if you want to get on Google’s first result page. The tools in
SEOprofiler help you to get these links.

Rule #4: Your website
must have a clean history

The age of your domain and its
history will also be considered by Google. Although Google says that
the age does not matter that much, a domain name that has been around
for a long time will get high rankings more easily.

However, if your domain name has been
used by spammers before, you might still suffer from the ranking
penalties that have been applied to the previous content.

If you follow the rules above and
change your web pages accordingly, your website will get top rankings
on Google. It cannot be done over night but it’s definitely something
that can be done within a few weeks if you do the right things.

The tools in SEOprofiler help you to
achieve your goals as efficiently as possible. If you haven’t
done it
yet, create
your SEOprofiler account now

SEOprofiler now

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