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How to Increase Productivity by Building Your Websites with a Multipurpose Theme

Time is every web designer’s most precious resource, there’s no doubt about that. With deadlines always closing in on us, what do you reckon is the best way to stay productive? In this article, I am going to explore the subject of using WordPress to build client websites in a timely and rewarding manner. Specifically, I will present the case in favor of a multipurpose theme, and point out why using classic themes, or creating websites from zero, is altogether bad for your practice.

How to Increase Productivity by Building Your Websites with a Multipurpose Theme

The usual (and inefficient) way of creating WP-based websites for your clients

a) Using PS and CSS + HTML

Some designers tend to get the notions of originality and creativity all mixed up, when they are very different, actually. Delivering a top quality website is not a matter of creating all the code from ground up, and of easily implementing every design trait you came up with in Photoshop. Even if this approach makes you feel like you’re giving it all you’ve got, there is still no guarantee that your website functions well across all platforms and appeases your client. You might just realize that you’ve taken the most complicated and energy-depleting route.

b) Using a classic WordPress theme

The next level of productivity consists of basing client websites on regular WordPress themes. However, it’s not enough. Let’s have a look at the stone cold facts. Every creative professional is approached not by one type of client, but by customers ranging from many areas of interest. We need to cater to each client’s individual needs, and a one-track theme simply doesn’t cover it, because you’d have to purchase a different one for every project. That would be counter-productive and the exact opposite of relying on a universal theme.

The alternative – using a multi-purpose theme

How to Increase Productivity by Building Your Websites with a Multipurpose Theme

a. PROs

WordPress is a great playground when it comes to creating blogs, but the world’s most popular CMS is loaded with functions that open up many more possibilities. You can, for instance, base online portfolios and WooCommerce websites there, and so on, and so forth. An effective multi-purpose theme has got you covered, regardless of what you’re setting out to do. The secret of doing a great job and ending up with enhanced website performance is to find a good multi-purpose theme, which comes with complete functionality, solid coding, responsive support, and – naturally – killer design. This will be our benchmark.

b. CONs

Leaving all prejudice aside, I’ve been racking my brains to find the real drawbacks of moving forward with a multi-purpose theme for WordPress projects, and I came up with absolutely nothing. Seriously, why would anyone turn down the opportunity to create an infinite variety of high-profile websites, at the accessible price of a single theme? Constantly avoiding trying this is equal to productivity loss for any designer. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss out on the joy of working with multi-purpose themes.

Case study: Royal Theme

Since the power of example is one of nature’s most implacable forces, I suggest we put an acknowledged multi-purpose theme under the microscope and see what it’s made of. Shall we? I think you will find that Royal Theme is a fitting candidate. It was recently launched (8th of September) and it’s meant to take coding out of the picture for those of us who aren’t keen on tackling the technical part of website design on every occasion. You can reach out to this theme in order to strike up good-looking shops, portfolios, blogs, personal and mobile sites, photography and video galleries, catalogs, even websites for corporate clients.

It fits in our benchmark

Looking beyond the multi-faceted surface, let us inspect the specific set of features that complement your task of building online shops for clients. To begin with, Royal Theme has a sophisticated theme panel, and is wired for the WooCommerce plugin. If you choose to work with this one theme, then you get to customize the product page layout; take your pick from several shop page layouts, and display 6, 5, 4, 3, or 2 products in a row. What’s more, Royal includes Ajax search, and child theme compatibility. Even further, it allows you to set custom tabs on the product page, not to mention that you’d deal with editable product image sizes, product image zoom, and product image hover (swap, images slider, mask with information).

There’s a lot more where all these exemplary features came from. Everything I learned about Royal Theme made me feel certain that I’ve stumbled across one of the most wholesome solutions on the present-day market. Read on, and you’ll see what I mean.

Our case study is actually nothing more and nothing less than a premium theme, if you look at it closely. My statement is correct, for several reasons. First of all, Royal Theme offers comprehensive documentation that guarantees the smoothest learning curve that you can imagine. Secondly, it’s cross-browser and cross-device responsive, with special attention to Retina displays. Thirdly, it includes free updates for every user, over the entire course of her/his lifetime.

Furthermore, it’s based on Bootstrap, and offers a myriad of widgets and shortcodes. I’ve never encountered a multi-purpose theme that is similarly easy to customize. Finally – and this is the best part – Royal Theme is equipped with $119 worth of add-ons, and it offers them for free. As such, users get their hands on the Revolution Slideshow, Essential Grid, and Screets Live Chat plugins, just to name a few of these exquisite add-ons.

And here are some samples of websites made with Royal Theme:

Agency 1

Agency 2



Green Corporate


Toy Store


How did you like my incursion into the highest levels of web design productivity? I hope you enjoyed my article, and that you find it useful. If this presentation wasn’t a strong enough argument in favor of using multi-purpose themes like Royal, then I hope that, at least, you kept an open mind and regard it as food for thought.

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