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How to optimize the links that point to your website (with a free link analysis tool)

To get high rankings on Google and other search engines, your web pages need good content, and you need good links that point to your website. This article shows you how to optimize the links that point to your website with a free link analysis tool.

1. Check the number of links that point to your website

Google uses many different signals to determine the position of a web page in the search results. The links from other websites that point to your website are still one of the most important signals that influence the rankings of your site.

If another website links to your site, this is a signal that the other website trusts your website. The more other websites link to your site, the more people trust your site. Many links from other websites are a signal that your website is trustworthy.

You can check the links that point to your website with the free link analysis tool Just enter the URL of your website (or any website) to see the links that point to that site.

Free link analysis tool:

2. Check the the quality of the websites that link to your site

Although it is important that as many websites as possible link to your site, it is even more important that these websites are high-quality websites. Links from high quality websites have a much higher influence on the rankings of your web pages than links from low quality sites.

When you check the links that point to your website with, you will also see the LIS (Link Influence Score) of the linking websites. The higher the LIS, the higher is the influence of links from these pages.

Link Influence Score

As a rule of thumb, the easier it is to get a link, the less influence has that link on the rankings of your website.

3. Remove links from other sites that can harm your rankings

In the past, spammers created links with automated tools. These automatically created links can get your website in trouble. Although Google has started to ignore these links, Google might still penalize your website if the majority of links that point to your website are automatically created links. Paid links also can get your website penalized.

The Link Disinfection tool in helps you to identify links from other websites that can harm your website rankings.

disavow links

4. Check the linked pages on your site

A page on your website that has many links from other pages will get better rankings than a page on your website that has no links from other pages.

The ‘Pages’ page on will show you the pages of a website that have the most links:

Link analysis: most linked pages

When you enter the URL of a particular page in the search box, the results will be filtered for that page:

Link analysis: filter the links

5. Check the anchor texts that are used to link to your pages

The anchor texts that are used to link to a website have a big influence on the keywords for which the website gets high rankings on search engines.

It’s not advisable to use the same anchor text over and over. However, anchor texts that contain keywords that are related to the topic of a website will help a lot.

The page ‘Anchor texts’ shows you the anchor texts that are used to link to a website:

anchor texts

If the anchor texts do not contain keywords that are relevant to your website, contact the linking websites and ask them to adjust the links.

6. Check other factors also enables you to check other factors. For example, you get the industries that link to a website, the link contexts, the top-linking domains, linking countries, the age of the links, etc.

A detailed overview of the links that point to your own website helps you to improve your search engine rankings by optimizing these links. By analyzing the links of your competitors, you can benefit from their work.

Check and optimize your links now

Check your links and then optimize the link structure of your web pages. Remove low quality links and make sure that the links that point to your website contain relevant keywords.

You can use the free link analysis tool to analyze your links. You can also use the Link Profiler tool in SEOprofiler to analyze the links of any website. The free version enables you to download up to 1,000 links of any site, the full version in SEOprofiler offers much more:

Analyze links now

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