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How to Pick a Great Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name could be a challenging decision among the competitive market we currently are. Just think about your business, and the ways it can struggle or be a success just based on a domain name. There are more than a few reasons why you choose a specific domain name. Even though my domain name should have a close relation with my business, company or institution name, we must consider find a domain name that is attractive to our visitors, SEO-friendly and above all that is not taken by other person or company.

Sometimes our company has a very common name which is taken –taken by other person, institution or company— in the web but we could use some variations on the name in order we can use them. In this article I would like to make you some important recommendations about choosing a great domain name.

• Purpose of your website: Depending on your website’s reason you can make a great domain name decision. When you are going to develop a website and you are requiring a domain name for your business, unavoidably you must use your business name. But, if you are creating something that is pretty new, you can establish a good and attractive name that is catchy to your audience. Also, you must try to use domain names that are easy to remember and this domain name can be remembered like a brand.

•Right type of domain name: When you are going to choose a domain name is very important that you can choose the right domain name type. For instance, you can see some domain names specially designed for the government that only government dependencies and offices are authorized to use. But, institutions often must use .org domain names because this is the kind of domain created for that purpose. Communication companies are called to use .com, companies working with networks and technology *net, TV Shows must use .tv and so on and so forth. There is a special domain name type for each kind of business or institution. On the other hand, in buying domain there are no restrictions and the first people buy it is the owner.  In the USA, .com, .net, and .org are considered the best.

•Country domain name: Depending on the purpose of a specific domain name you should consider whether use a country domain name or not. A country domain name is the one that is based on the country you live. For instance, if I live in United Kingdom –especially in England—I can buy a domain name that is like On the other hands, if I live in Colombia my domain name could be The United States also has it own known as .us and can be used if your website is only targeting only USA visitors and your business is in the United States.

• Use your creativity: Sometimes we need use our creativity in most activities of our lives. That’s why I consider is very important you can thing strategically and tries to do something that impress to your audience.

• Think of the future: When choosing a great domain name you must think in time. It is good you to know that if you are considering having a website for your business, don’t use terms related to a static situation –using the current year in your domain name—or something like that.

When you register a domain name, you may have to make a list and start searching for the best fit as many domain names will be taken. Avoid buying a domain name using slashes, as your customers will not remember those.

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