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How to Stand Out as a Web Designer

Learn How to Stand Out as a Web Designer with Dorie Clark

How do you stand out as a web designer?

There are many opportunities as a web designer. However, there are also hundreds of thousands of web designer in the World Wide Web, all of whom are very talented and creative people.

Just imagine the competition as you give your best to position yourself and get the best clients. It’s like trying to get the attention of the President in a sea of people while he’s making a speech.

Impossible? It’s possible. Today’s guest, Dorie Clark, says you can stand out and set yourself apart from the rest.

In her book, Stand Out, Dorie Clark says that our society view success in two ways:

  1. Someones is treated as if he’s already been famous or successful, and
  2. Someone has become an overnight success.

Both views are extreme. There’s no middle ground, so a lot of people have a hard time figuring out what the formula is to become successful or well-known. That is why many people go about life thinking that they are just regular Joes or Janes who don’t have the special qualities to become famous, successful, or well-known.

How Do You Stand Out?

There is a common misconception that in order to stand out, you need to be famous or well-known. Standing out, however, is not just about becoming famous but about giving people the reason why they have to work with you.

Web design professionals are aware of, and have been frustrated by the fact, that the rule of the game these days is the lowest price wins – it is a race to the bottom, the lowest price option. Therefore, there should be something interesting about you that even if you command a higher price than the competition, people will still hire you because you are the best.

However, you have to remember that there is no standard formula how to become a recognized expert. Instead, there are a set of options to find which one suits you best. One strategy is to pick a certain niche and build on it strategically.

Another effective strategy that has been used by a lot of people is doing research and using it as a driver to build their brand. What most people do is they make a research of what works and what doesn’t, then they blog about what they have found out. In so doing, they have turned themselves into a resource, a go-to person, on that specific field.

Standing Out is Not About Controversy

Controversy sells, but don’t pursue it. A lot of people, brands, and companies have been destroyed because they pursue the controversial in an effort to gain fame and success. As a web design professional, don’t seek controversy just to stand out. Instead, focus on who you are and your brand identity.

Let controversy follow you naturally, instead. It means that it is rooted in who you are and what you believe in. For example, if you become controversial because you have to stand for your beliefs, then go ahead and do it. Controversy is fine as long as you are comfortable with the consequences of doing it.

Don’t do it for the sake of getting attention. Do it because it is you and it is what you stand for. You may or may not get away with it, but do it.

Standing Out with the Breakthrough Idea

The breakthrough idea is the question of what is it that you want to be known for and building a following around it. The goal of the breakthrough idea is not to become world famous. Rather, it is to become micro-famous, being famous in your company or community.

For example, if you are working in an agency or company, you don’t want to be anonymous that when a lay-off happens, the company can afford to let you go.

You don’t want this to happen. Instead, you have to build your brand so that people will seek you or want to keep you around.

As you build your brand, make sure that the people you want to know what you do know it because if not, it doesn’t really matter what you do or do not do.


To be able to stand out and build your brand, you want to make it easy for people to talk about you. You can email your clients back and thank them about the compliments they gave you, asking them if they are willing to refer you to colleagues or to any referral sites.

You can also give them excuses to talk about you by sending them gifts or bringing them together in special events. Think of ideas that will make people talk about you and spread the word about you. Be creative and take risks, just avoid the controversies that might hurt you.

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