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How To Use Bootstrap Mindset For Web Designers

Learn How To Use Bootstrap Mindset For Web Designers from Joel Zaslofsky

How Do You Use a Bootstrap Mindset?

When we think of bootstrap, the first thing that comes to mind as web designers is a computing technique or a popular HTML, CSS, JS framework for developing responsive, mobile-first projects on the web.

Another definition of bootstrap, on the other hand, is the ability to get yourself in and out of a certain situation using whatever resources you have.

If you look at the principles, though, they are almost similar – both make use good use of whatever they have on hand.

What Really Is a Bootstrap Mindset?

According to Joel Zaslofsky, a bootstrap mindset is being connected to a lot of friends and communities, where you bring people together and you help each other. It is for people who want to collaborate with each other instead of competing with each other.

Joel added further that having a bootstrap mindset does not focus on making money, but more on making an impact to others – of people thanking you because you have been generous enough to help them.

You might think that getting thank yous from people will not work for you because you also need to live and pay the bills. Joel was quick to add that it is becoming a resource to people. By becoming a resource, you can also gather resources to yourself as well.

Re-defining What Resource Is

Often times, we have this mindset that we do not really have something to give to other people. The excuses we often give are: I have no money, I have no time, I have no time, I don’t have the motivation, etc. You will be surprised, however, that even in the world of business, people do not really need a lot of money.

What a lot of people need today is motivation, accountability ally, or someone to help them in their struggles. For example, a startup company might have all the technical team in place and a practical know-how, but they have difficulty waking up in the morning and be excited about what they’re doing.

However, if they know that you are going to call them and do what you have promised to do yesterday, that alone has a big impact on them. By doing that, you become a resource to them, someone who provides the motivation they need and someone who becomes an accountability partner to them.

In short, a resource is not about doing something for yourself, but doing something for someone because you made a promise to them.


There’s really nothing fancy about a bootstrap mindset. It is simply becoming a resource to others. It also means becoming a connecting bridge to others so that they can collaborate instead of compete. As a web design professional, there is nothing more satisfying at the end of the day than in knowing that you have helped someone and provided the much-needed boost they want.


Watch the video and hear more how to adapt that bootstrap mindsetand don’t forget to share and spread the love.

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