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Increase Knowledge of React.js With These Helpful Resources

React.js is an open source project of Facebook. According to analytics service Libscore, numerous websites and applications are built on the top of it; such big names as Netflix, Imgur and Feedly have already appreciated its potential.

This powerful JavaScript library is a great instrument for scaffolding modern and reliable websites and applications. Nevertheless, like any third-party solution, it requires some skills to be put in practice, to say nothing about achieving the greatest outcome.

For those of you who seek relevant material to make your first steps in this area, we have compiled a list of helpful tools, resources, and articles, which let you learn some basics, grasp the idea quickly and painlessly, and even build something worthy. This small starter kit will certainly give you a boost.

Learn React.js Easily and Quickly


jsfiddle is a playground where you can master your skills and conduct various experiments. It is broken into four areas including a live preview mode. Create code snippets and share them with your friends.



TouchStone.js is a framework that is driven by React.js. It is powerful and feature-rich. It equips you with all the necessary instruments for crafting hybrid mobile interfaces with beautiful design, clear structure, and robust base.


Elemental UI

Elemental UI is a modular set of core components that are applicable for ReactJS-powered projects both web and mobile ones. It speeds up the prototyping and improves the workflow. It can be used in pair with KeystoneJS.

Elemental UI

Material UI

Material UI is another set of instruments for developing concepts that should meet the Material Design specifications. You can use the default theme to customize components or restyle them by the ‘style’ prop.

Material UI

React Toolbox

It is here where Material Design meets React.js. Much like the previous example, the library comprises integral elements that owe their beauty to brand new Google Design language. It comes with CSS modules, Webpack, and ES6.

React Toolbox

React TopUI

React TopUI is a small collection of common items that are inherent to the majority of standard interfaces. There are different versions of buttons (from icon button to button bar), list, navigation, various inputs, notifications, switches, and ranges.



This is an official website that includes everything you may need to get started with this powerful JavaScript library. It provides users with extensive documentation, online support, and packages with valuable stuff.


React Rocks

React Rocks is a small online gallery that specializes in stuff dedicated to React. It consists of tutorials and various resources that may come in handy for developers. Everything is arranged as a grid, so that you can quickly browse the repository and find the required solution.

React Rocks

Learning React.js: Getting Started and Concepts

This is a comprehensive guide that leads you through the key moments of the technique starting with page setup and ending with specs. It shows how to use the library effectively and build a primitive concept.

Learning React

The React.js Way: Getting Started Tutorial

This is another tutorial in our list that is created with novices in mind. It has two parts. The first one walks you through the basics of the solution, covering all the vital points such as virtual DOM; and the second one shows the way of building an application, involving Immutable.js as an extra help.

The ReactJS Way

Build a React.js Application With User Authentication

Robin Orheden describes a routine of building a simple application from scratch where users will be able to sign up, log in and do other stuff. You are going to use Stormpath React SDK that adds all these features and enhances the project with authentication.

Build a React.js Application

React.js Program

React.js Program is a series of online training courses that are suitable for newbies. It clarifies all the fundamentals including JavaScript, React, React Router, Webpack, and NPM. There are twelve lessons in total.

React.js Program

Navigating the React.JS Ecosystem

Tomas Holas familiarizes readers with the React.js ecosystem, making you feel absolutely comfortable within it. The post is centered around its structure, architecture and constituents. Each section is supplied with a small accompanying code snippet that illustrates the matter clearer.

Navigating the React.JS Ecosystem

Build with React

Build with React is a website that is populated with regularly updated tutorials and periodical articles dedicated to React.js. It is an excellent source of relevant stuff that is organized in a proper manner.

Build with React

A Comprehensive Guide to Building Apps with React.js

The article demonstrates the basic steps to creating a primitive mobile application with the assistance of React.js. It is intended to improve your skills and explain such valuable instruments as Webpack, Babel, Gulp, and Browserify that are quite often used in collaboration with the library.

A Comprehensive Guide to Building Apps with React

React Fundamentals

This is a range of online video tutorials that concisely disclose all the vital details. There are 18 lessons. Each one lasts only several minutes, so that the course does not take much your precious time. It prepares the ground for a more advanced educational material.

React Fundamentals

React.js – A guide for Rails developers

The article was composed for those of you who are obsessed with Rails yet want to broaden its possibilities with React.js. Together these two techniques have managed to produce an outstanding result, and Fernando Villalobos is eager to show you where should you start and what should you do.

React.js AGuide for Rails Developers

Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide To ReactJS

As befits all the novice guides, this one also concentrates on the essential stuff about the framework. Since the author specializes in React and Angular, the post features both these solutions that wonderfully collaborate together.

Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to React.js

The ReactJS Bible

The ReactJS Bible is an excellent tool to get acquainted with Facebook’s top open source project and learn something new. It formulates all the central principles via a three-hour video. You will find out how to build a widget, add a reusable component, prototype a client-side app and do other interesting things.

The React.JS Bible

5 Practical Examples For Learning The React Framework

If you have nailed all the beginners’ tutorials and are ready to move forward, then you should take a look at this informative piece of writing. It offers five practice examples that skillfully unlock the potential of the framework.

Practical Examples for Learning React


From the official repository and comprehensive guides to some high-end instruments, our list hits all the essentials that are necessary to broaden your knowledge and upgrade skills in React.js.

Do you know any other useful tutorials, solutions, and tools that assist in creating outstanding websites and applications on the basis of React.js?

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