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Is There A Science To Picking Colors That Work Well in Web Design?

#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.15

Is There A Science To Picking Colors That Work Well in Web Design?

When you think of color, the first thing that comes to mind is crayons, paints, and makeups. In short, it has something to do with arts and the aesthetics. Surprisingly, though, colors and how you blend them together has a science, or should we say, a psychology behind it.

Getting more and more curious about this #EspressoMonday episode? What are you waiting for? Grab your espresso shot for another few minutes of knowledge and be inspired.

Colors are everywhere. Colors are a part of life. Some colors inspire us, while some seem depressing. Colors play an important role in almost every aspect of life, even in web design. Therefore, it is very important to get the right colors together if you want to make the right first impression.

To use the title of this episode, is there really a science behind picking the right colors? It is not really science but psychology and according to psychology, our brains react differently to different colors. Moreover, statistics say that 90% of snap judgments on purchasing a product have been made based on the color of the product. That’s how powerful color is!

The Right Colors, The Right Tools

Although it would depend on your clients to pick the colors for their website, you, as a web designer, are also expected to share your valuable input to make the website look good. After all, your work will reflect your skills.

While there is no clear-cut set of guidelines for choosing the right colors for a website, there are very helpful tools which can make the job much easier and faster for you. So in today’s episode, we present you different palette generators to help you choose the right colors or color combinations.

1. Colllor

Colllor (

2. Colour Code

colour code

Colour Code (

3. Color HailPixel

color hailpixel

Color HailPixel (

4. Color Blender

color blender

Color Blender (

5. Material Palette

material palette

Material Palette (

6. Paletton


7. Coolors


Coolors (

8. Colour Lovers


Colour Lovers (

9. Contrast-A

contrast a

Contrast-A (

10. Adobe Color CC

adobe cc

Adobe Color CC (

11. Color Munki

color munki

Color Munki (


Colors are one of the vital elements of a successful website as well as a formidable force in influencing the consumers’ buying decisions. But no matter how crucial the color combinations are, picking each of them and combining them should not be difficult with the help of these useful tools.

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