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Learn From What You See: It All Starts With Inspiration

Learn From What You See: It All Starts With Inspiration

The world around us is full of little things and experiences that shape us, our way of thinking, but also how we tackle our work. Influenced by these encounters, every designer develops their unique style and workflow, and studying their artwork — the compositions, geometry of lines and shapes, light and shadows, the colors and patterns1 — can all inspire us to look beyond our own horizon and try something new.

It doesn’t really take much to let your mind wander. Always remember to take a closer look at things around you; you’ll be sure to find inspiration in the little things2. But for now, let’s dig into another collection of brilliant illustrations and photographs.

Get Ready: It’s Friday Link

What a great friendly vintage atmosphere! Well done.

Image credit: Paul Thurlby5

o r i g i n s Link

Latest project from Maria Svarbova. Again, cleverly playing with symmetry and color.

Image credit: Maria Svarbova7

Inventing The Future Of Space Link

Diging the retro-futuristic-exciting style in this one.

Image credit: Léonard Dupond9

Cafe Racer Link

Perfect lines and shapes, but also such great use of color.

Image credit: Alexey Kuvaldin11

Cycling Plus Magazine Link

Loving the special color choices in this illustration, and all of the movement that’s been going on.

Image credit: Steve Scott13

Stop! Tomato Time. Link

You should always stop to taste a delicious tomato. I like the atmosphere created in this one.

Image credit: The Fox And King15

DuJour Link

Clever concept and execution mixed with subtle use of color and texture.

Image credit: Karolis Strautniekas17

Food Nutrition Magazine Link

Great black silhouette to use as a centerpiece in this illustration so that everything else can be in color.

Image credit: Mark Allen Miller19

Time Travel Link

A brilliant choice of style and textures in this one!

Image credit: Muti21

Exploration Link

Wow. Now these are some exceptional colors. Loving the vibrant contrast!

Image credit: Nick Slater23

Essensys Link

This one has quite a special style and excellent usage of textures.

Image credit: Vera Voishvilo25

Radiohead Berkeley Link

DKNG got to create a poster for their favorite band Radiohead playing at the iconic Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA. Beautiful geometrical design with superb dark shadows and light effects.

Image credit: DKNG27

REI 4th of July Link

It’s a wonderful thing to get to see the imagination of an illustrator who thinks “imagining what it would be like to paddle a kayak on those serene sunset waters”… The colors and gradients used here to reflect the sunset are just so well done.

Image credit: Brian Miller29

Mountain Barn Link

Just look at that view!

Image credit: Ales Krivec31

Google People Link

Nicely designed character poses. I love the subtle background elements and overall cute style.

Image credit: Markus Magnusson33

The Golden Cage Link

Gorgeous style by Carll Cneut from Belgium.

Image credit: Pixturebook Makers35

Heavy Eyes Link

All those lovely eyes!

Image credit: Pavlov Visuals37

Moraine Lake, Banff Link

I love these reflections and the beautifully soft light. Such an incredible and tranquil image.

Image credit: Earth39

Men’s Health – Realty Check Link

On point! Part of the head makes me think about Magnum P.I. played by Tom Selleck.

Image credit: Marco Goran Romano41

Comfortable Giant Link

Nice work, especially the color choices and the toned down background scene.

Image credit: Pavlov Visuals43

Siesta Beach Link

Pretty spectacular sunset at Siesta Key Beach.

Image credit: Cameron Moll45

Hemingway Link

Great illustration by Sébastien Plassard. The beard and the hair are simply beautiful.

Image credit: The New Yorker47

Oklahoma Storm Link

Incredible shot captured in Keyes, Oklahoma by storm chaser @VanessaNeufeld48.

Image credit: National Geographic50

Guardian – What I’ll Be Reading Link

Really nice illustration and some inspiring color choices.

Image credit: Owen Gatley52

The Hound And The Hare Link

The patterns throughout this piece are mesmerizing. Loving that gold accent color as well.

Image credit: Muti54

Johns Hopkins Magazine Link

Loving those candy colors. Also look at that skateboard! I love this ‘gummy’ bendable look.

Image credit: Burnt Toast Creative56

Opentable Link

Such beautiful contrasts! The subtle textures like on the lobster gives this one an edge.

Image credit: Owen Gatley58

Curious Case Society Inductee Manual V.7 Link

That eagle and those hand combos combined with the typography are making this a great shot.

Image credit: Daniel Haire60

Le Tour de France Link

The yearly circus every July.

Image credit: Spencer Wilson62

Esquire’s Big Black Book Link

Nice example of using just two colors.

Image credit: Janne Iivonen64

Wired World 2017 Link

Great composition of a scene in which shapes are being used as either desks or surfaces to stand on.

Image credit: Janne Iivonen66

Insects And Other Arthropods Link

Wonderful school posters!

Image credit: Loulou and Tummie68

Diversity Link

Super dope! I love the pattern on the sweater. The faces and different beard styles are also ace.

Image credit: Nick Slater70

Les Echos Link

Great diverse bunch of characters.

Image credit: Tommy Parker72

Greetings From San Francisco Link

Very nice to see all hallmark sights nicely integrated into the letters.

Image credit: DKNG74

Tour de France Impressions Link

Enjoying the style, especially the lines that just guide you to see the rest.

Image credit: justyna stasik76

A Different View Link

The iron work on the fences and patterns on the tiles in this Morrocan riad is so beautiful. The colors are also perfect.

Image credit: Muti78

TRUE Webhosting Link

A beautiful style with some isometric influences.

Image credit: Patswerk80

Picture Me Rollin’ Link

Interesting approach to the tire shapes. Those are some lovely soft tones as well.

Image credit: Scott Tusk82

Growth Link

Beautiful! Love the movement.

Image credit: Meg Robichaud84

Fish Link

Great graphical elements on the fish.

Image credit: Kemal Sanli86

Open The Door… Link

Classic and elegant. Love the metaphor to open the door for better weather or a new season.

Image credit: Steve Scott88

Adventure Link

Illustrations that explore imagination are always among my favorites. Thumbs up for the muted color palette as well.

Image credit: Wenyi Geng90

Horse House Link

It’s great to see how all those ‘etch’ lines are capable of accentuating the details in this illustration.

Image credit: Dima Kalmykov92

Stairhaus Inc. Link

Colors and composition are on point.

Image credit: Doublenaut94

Field Trip 2017 Link

Wonderful badge art for Field Trip Music Festival‘s 2017 branding.

Image credit: Doublenaut96

Cyrus Shey Link

Not an ordinary everyday color palette. Love the sense of speed in it.

Image credit: Mads Berg98

Tropical Galaxy Link

Top notch work as always with an inspiring color selection.

Image credit: DKNG100

Fleet Foxes Link

The right mix of floral elements to achieve a perfect balance.

Image credit: Bailey Sullivan102

Kirkjufell, Iceland Link

Those soft subdued tones and light really compliment the wild and remote feeling of this scene. Composed perfectly as well with just one inclusion of the person.

Image credit: Earth104

Footnotes Link

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