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More than 850 websites that could link to your website

The Starter Backlinks tool in
SEOprofiler is a good starting point
for your link building campaigns. Without good links from other
websites, it is nearly impossible to get good rankings on Google.

The Starter Backlinks tool is a
curated list of high quality
websites that are willing to link to other sites. All links in the tool
have a high Link Influence Score (LIS). That means that links from
these websites have a positive influence on the linked pages.

Which websites
are included in the Starter Backlinks tool?

The Starter Backlinks tool offers many
different websites that cover
different topics. Currently, you get more than 850 websites in 23
different categories. You can see the different categories in the image:

new starter links

The Starter Backlinks tool also offers
filters that enable you to
find the websites that will work best with your website quickly and

Will my website
be submitted automatically?

No, your website will not be submitted
automatically. You have to
visit each site and you have to check if your website fits into the

We omitted automation on
purpose. Only by checking each site
manually, you can make sure that you really get high quality links that
will help you site. Bulk-submitting can get your website into trouble.
The Starter Backlinks tool helps you focus on good links that matter.

Will all
websites accept my submission?

Actually, many websites in the Starter
Backlinks tool will not
accept your submission. That’s a good thing. Quality is much more
important than quantity.

Click the ‘Create content for these
websites’ button at the top of
the Starter Backlinks tool to learn how to create content that will be
accepted by the websites. The more good websites link to your site, the

Is this really a
free tool?

Yes, the Starter Backlinks tool is a
tool that is even available in
the free demo version of SEOprofiler. SEOprofiler offers many more
tools that help you with link building, web pages optimization, keyword
research and other SEO tasks.

If you haven’t done it yet, create
your free SEOprofiler account now:

SEOprofiler now

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