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New in SEOprofiler: the very best SEO website audit tool that you can get

100% new

on your feedback, and on our long experience as search engine
optimization tool developers, we have created a brand new Website Audit
tool that will help you to improve your web pages quickly and easily.

new version has been rewritten from scratch. It offers many new
features and improvements that enable you to work even more efficiently
than before.

professional SEO audit provides deep insights into the current state of
your site. It is crucial if you want to run a successful Internet
marketing campaign.

you need to know about your web pages

new Website Audit tool analyzes all the elements that influence the
position of your web pages on Google and other search engines. The
results are clearly arranged:

to understand: actionable items and clear instructions

good to be informed when there’s something wrong with your pages. It’s
even better if you also get instructions on how to fix the errors. The
Website Audit tool shows you how to remove the errors from your pages:

the most complete SEO website audit tool

addition to the actionable items that help you to fix the errors on
your pages, we also parse the data to show you the most important

example, you get statistics about internal and external links,
indexability problems, an analysis of the robots.txt file of the
website, statistics about the speed of the pages, the topics on the
pages, security settings, and much more.

new Website Audit tool in SEOprofiler gives you all the data that you

reports for your clients in your company design

like all tools in SEOprofiler, the new Website Audit tool enables you
to create impressive reports for your clients. You can create PDF
reports in your company design, and you can offer your clients
web-based reports in your company design.

reports have no reference to SEOprofiler (depending on your SEOprofiler
plan) and your clients will think that you created the reports for them.

new in the new Website Audit tool?

new Website Audit tool has been rewritten from the ground up. There are
several new pages in the report:

new features

  • New:
    The overview page now shows the progress of every web page issue over
  • New:
    The new page “Content topics” shows the most popular topics on the
    pages of a site.
  • New:
    The new page “Duplicate content” shows the duplicate content of your
    website at a glance.
  • New:
    The new page “Indexability” shows the indexability of the pages of the
    analyzed website.
  • New:
    The new page “Links to external pages” shows the most linked external
    domains on the website with statistics.
  • New:
    The new page “Links to internal pages” shows a statistical overview of
    the internal links on the analyzed website.
  • New:
    The new page “Security” reports security problems of your website.
  • New:
    The new pages “Structured data” and “Technologies” give an overview of
    the usage of structured data markup code and other technologies (for
    example AMP) on the analyzed website.

better in the new Website audit tool?

new Website Audit tool in SEOprofiler is the most comprehensive audit
tool that you can get. We also improved the features that were
available in the previous version:

better features

  • Better:
    Now supports HTTP/2 and all kinds of HTTPS sites (including the more
    exotic configurations).
  • Better:
    Now checks for the maximum title width (in pixels) that Google is able
    to display on the search result page.
  • Better:
    Now follows frameset links (FRAME src, IFRAME src) on websites that use
    outdated framing methods.
  • Better:
    You can now export duplicate page titles, duplicate meta descriptions
    and all “noindex” errors. In addition, you can now preview the export
  • Better:
    The robots.txt file will now be checked for syntax errors and spelling
    mistakes in commands.
  • Better:
    The Website Audit tool now supports all kinds of structured data that
    is used by Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Twitter and Facebook, i.e.
    JSON-LD, RDFa, Microdata, Microformats, Twitter Cards and Open Graph.
  • Better:
    You can now override your robots.txt file by specifying a crawl delay
    and a list of allowed/disallowed URLs.
  • Better:
    You can now enter up to 1000 words (per project) that will be ignored
    by the spell checker.
  • Better:
    You can now specify a user agent. For example, this enables you to
    crawl your website as Googlebot.
  • Better:
    You can now select the Accept-Language header to crawl locale-adaptive
  • Better:
    AJAX escaped fragment websites will now be recognized automatically.
  • Better:
    The Website Audit tool now loads pages with a size of up to 10 MB.

get better filters, better instructions, and much more. The new website
audit tool offers everything that you need to get the best rankings for
your web pages.

for your business, your clients, and your rankings

your website with the Website Audit tool in SEOprofiler makes sure that
your website works as expected. It makes sure that your clients don’t
encounter errors, and it makes sure that search engines can rank your
web pages as well as possible.

the new Website Audit tool now

new Website Audit tool makes sure that your web pages perform as well
as possible. If you haven’t
done it
yet, create
your SEOprofiler account now

SEOprofiler now

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