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Real Material? No – Just Another Mind-Blowing Type Photo Manipulation

Is this real material? How often have we asked ourselves this question? Maybe millions of times. Artists are cunning creatures who effectively play with our minds by exhibiting works beyond our belief but with a highly realistic appearance. Putting in action various advanced techniques and letting their imagination run wild, they easily transform a regular set of characters into something unbelievable.

Topnotch type-based photo manipulations give viewers more insight into feelings and atmosphere hidden inside the project, especially when it comes to surreal and highly realistic variations. As a rule, stumbling upon such artwork, we wonder whether it is a proficient photo of a hand-made composition or it is a skillful masterpiece created with the help of advanced software such as Photoshop or Cinema 4d. Sometimes artists uncover their secrets, sometimes not. But it always stirs up our interest and pushes us on to explore it more closely, trying to get to the bottom of it. Moreover, projects featuring mind-blowing typography treatments are incredible boosts for our inspiration and perfect examples of how to effectively combine simple textures and forms spiced up with a proper background in order to achieve a far-reaching effect.

Today we have tracked down some terrific type-based renderings that are real piece of arts thanks to numerous details starting from a well-executed mix of textures and ending up with an ideal outer composition.

Mind-Blowing Type Photo manipulation

1. The Breakdown by Aaron Kaufman

The designer is simply bursting with energy and creativity; this typography artwork has an incredible, topnotch appearance. The combination of metallic and wood textures always produces some memorable impact, and in this case it even outdoes itself.

2. Typography Manufacturing by Omar Aqil

The designer has been hunting for the manufacturing appeal that conveys quite powerful brutal feelings. The massive highly-detailed character is skillfully bolstered by an appropriate environment that enormously contributes and enhances the whole effect.

Typography Manufacturing by Omar Aqil

3. Tantalizing Type by Vault49

Nature has endowed this type with an exceptional appearance and fresh appeal. Those who truly appreciate an approach of utilizing organic products in their projects, guided by the fact that they unobtrusively radiate of purity, health and cheerfulness, always get some advantages over others.

Tantalizing Type by Vault49

4. Ocean Quote Book by Tara Boland

Paper art is versatile. You can find typography, 3d scenes and other essential elements made in this direction; and the quilling technique with its elegant and subtle appearance always stand out from the others. The designer effectively makes use of a special coloring that strongly supports the ocean theme.

Ocean Quote Book by Tara Boland

5. Handmade Typographic Movie Posters by Mark Blackler

This project is dedicated to movies that have food related titles. In order to display this connection the designer employs real foods. The cutting technique in tandem with a complex background gives the typography a prominent place.

Handmade Typographic Movie Posters

6. handcrafted type by Marion LuttenbergerMoodley brand identity

The designers demonstrate a deeply inspiring collection of experimental fonts for making people believe that typography surrounds us; and all you have to do is just take a closer look. With a little imagination, motivation and immense enthusiasm, you can create amazing things.

Handcrafted Type

7. Wire by Dan Hoopert

Created with advanced Cinema 4d this wire-like typography looks absolutely realistic especially dished up at the right angle. This is a really detailed and subtle work, where the designer has constructed each letter with meticulous attention.

Wire by Dan Hoopert

8. Typography 03 by Peter Tarka

This is another incredible typography artwork from the talented Peter Tarka, who is popular with his ingenious manipulations, full of realism and originality. This time, he took the shiny texture of a spring as a basis and constructed each character from it.

Typography 03 by Peter Tarka

9. Fancy Wood by Benoit Challand

As the nameplate implies, the wood texture should steal the show, and it certainly does it. The touch of 3d along with a polished texture brings about a dramatic effect that can easily enhance any of your flyers and poster designs.

Fancy Wood by Benoit Challand

10. HEAVY by Aaron Kaufman

The typography is imbued with fun, cheerfulness and jocosity. The balloon stylization is an excellent choice for those who seek suitable solutions for children-related projects.

HEAVY by Aaron Kaufman

11. The Quick Brown Fox by Dan Hoopert

This artwork features a really clever, and at the same time, simple construction of linked together symbols that were created with the help of sewing threads. The digital presentation of what traditionally is handcrafted is simply mesmerizing.

The Quick Brown Fox by Dan Hoopert

12. Balloon Typeface by BMT London

Much like example 10, this typeface was also inspired by funny balloons. The designer capably employs a rubber texture that effectively co-works with vibrant Pantone colors in order to create an amazing, highly realistic masterpiece.

Balloon Typeface by BMT London

13. Names Without Music

This incredible project exhibits 4 different typography manipulations that are aimed at properly conveying feelings associated with music. We set our eyes on this refined lettering that is skillfully made with the help of a tape texture because it clearly states the philosophy.

Names Without Music

14. 2014 Steampunk Poster by ZAKI Abdelmounim

The designer has managed to supply this poster design with a remarkable steampunk vibe. The artwork shines with its polished metallic-like textures and gold coloring. Every letter is a complex construction that is reminiscent of a mechanism.

2014 Steampunk Poster

15. Squeek logo by Zigor Samaniego

This experiment shows off the metamorphoses of a mouse into something exciting like an original type. The designer has taken into account every detail, even supplying a tail with hairs in order to make the lettering look highly plausible and colorable.

Squeek logo by Zigor Samaniego

16. Konstruktiv by Jean-Michel Verbeeck

This work is just impeccable; its realistic appearance that is achieved due to various factors such as skillful light installation, geometry vibe, well-crafted textures and perfectly matched minimal environment helps to effectively reflect the idea of the project.

Konstruktiv by Jean-Michel Verbeeck

17. System failure by Thierry Schlegel

Though, this is only a personal illustration, it is definitely worth mentioning. The typography is beautiful in its brutal appearance. The rough textures in collaboration with an interesting color solution put a curious twist to the lettering.

System failure by Thierry Schlegel

18. Esquire UK Magazine by MaricorMaricar Studio

The designer is drawn to the embroidery technique in order to create something refined, delicate and original for a popular magazine. The vibrant fancywork furnishes the poster with some kind of tactile qualities.

Esquire UK Magazine

19. New York Lottery by MDI

This one was specifically created for the New York lottery. The massive, rough, stony characters, which are set against a simple primitive backdrop, are full of symbolism. The illustration easily gives strong visual impact due to its rude and gross appearance.

New York Lottery by MDI

20. fresh by Aaron Kaufman

The designer wanted to explore composition and layout, and came up with this ingenious type-based artwork. This fully elaborated project is a skillful rendering that is based on various realistic textures.

fresh by Aaron Kaufman


The high-end matchless typography artwork sometimes let you viewers crawl around in the artists’ head, giving a chance to touch their genius and fertile imagination.

What’s your favorite example? Do you know any other attention-grabbing project where an original type takes central place?

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