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Relieve Hunger – Beautiful Examples of Food-Related Mobile App UIs

Online presence as well as mobile availability is a matter of concern to the majority of restaurants and other food-oriented establishments. While having a website is rather a usual thing, the specifically designed mobile application – dedicated to satisfying craving needs of contemporary customers – unfortunately, occurs to be quite a rare phenomenon that, generally, is inherent to a more progressive and forward-looking owner.

Although, it’s worth mentioning that these kind of small mobile programs are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. They are considered to be an integral part of a successful strategy for effective brand establishing in the modern bustling world where people prefer to make on-the-spot decisions.

The food-themed applications, as a rule, slightly differ from their peers. They are based on well-structured layouts that are able to bring the eye up to the properly-organized content and fix users’ attention to the most significant things. The color palette often shines with brilliance, prudence and originality and is nicely complemented by organic textures.

Designers often resort to leveraging shades of red that are considered to have the ability to increase appetite. Generally, this type of app looks complex and exceptional.

So, feast your eyes on our fresh and impressive collection that throws a light on various splendid food-oriented mobile application designs.

Beautiful Food-Related Mobile App UIs

iFoodie app by Vadim Sherbakov

The app interface plays strongly on the various natural textures in order to vigilantly craft a sophisticated design. The soft coloring perfectly collaborates with light-gray wood and white paper textures.


Kırkpınar mobile app by Ramazan Turk

This is another sleek interface that rides on a lovely wood texture. The latter adds to the interface a beautiful organic feeling. The app ably engages users through providing numerous helpful recipes.

Kırkpınar mobile app

Good Food by Julia Czingon

The app leverages a bunch of characteristic stuff such as table-cloth textures, wooden or paper textures that can be easily found in a kitchen. The designer capably reinforces the theme with a predominant red color, employing it mainly due to its ability to insensibly increase an appetite.

Good Food

Rise Shine App by Anna DeFazio

This is a marvelous photo-driven app that displays dishes via mouthwatering photos. This approach is intended to effectively stimulate the visitors’ interest and entice them into action.

Rise  Shine

The Tesco BBQ Challenge by Darryl Donnelly

This is a stylish and sophisticated mobile website dedicated to recipe sharing. The interface is personified by properly executed wood textures and neatly applied ripped paper graphics that are harmoniously bolstered by bold type with a western touch.

The Tesco BBQ Challenge

Sugarglider’s App Web Design by Christine Vi

This app has a clean vector vibe. The app is based on a monochrome white background that serves as a solid foundation for demonstrating palatable images and essential toolkit.


Guia do Sabor App by Bruno Ribeiro

Here the bright red is used as a core color, as usual to spark the appetite, whereas the use of white keeps things clean and organized. The scarlet-tone is ably used to emphasize navigation, captions, and other integral elements such as ratings, glyphs and titles of the pages.

Guia do Sabor

Vietnam Vegetarian Foods by Kien Tran

Since this app is dedicated to vegetarian food, it is not surprising that the designer leverages a lot of green color and lovely organic textures. The glossy effects add finishing touches, making the app look stylish and eye catching.

Vietnam Vegetarian Foods

Susie Bon-Bae – mobile app by Mario De Kauwe

This app has an amazing topnotch home screen design that exhibits a polished slightly blurred photo background with a distinctive yummy feel, and a delicate elegant tag that definitely has a charm of its own.

Susie Bon Bea

Cookbook – A Recipe App by Jake Cox

This interface design is inspired by modern neon coloring that is represented through a subtle gradient background. The simple and intuitive white icons along with narrow regular type nicely stand out from it.


Asad-o-matic by Juan María Sánchez Cruces

The designer goes for a classic contrasting color combination of white and black with this design that entirely eliminates the need for creating a startling contrast between background and foreground elements, since the selected color scheme is sufficient to achieve the well-balanced design.


Recipe app by Ste Ui

This design has a lovely home screen interface that is really pleasant to look at. The layers with low opacity and nice ribbon touches serve as perfect backgrounds for categories, letting visitors properly appreciate the beauty of the backdrop, whereas the red-tone gives the basic navigation a more dominant position.


Find Me Vino by Parker Kuncl

The app naturally conveys a sleek and chic atmosphere of the night club. The dark background beautifully cooperates with violet neon coloring and elegant outline type.

Find Me Vino

Foody App by Emily Rose

This app design pulls its identity from a childish theme that has been brought to life by means of various colorful doodles. The designer ably integrates functional components using a seamless style.


Skinny Camp by Richard Hughes

This is a smooth and exquisite website that radiates purity and neatness. It is based on a neutral color palette that strongly enhances the visual experience.

Skinny Camp

DeliXL Food Service Fair by Tim Poot

This game app is marked by a vibrant kaleidoscope of soft colors. Its vivid appearance helps to stir users into action, and firmly establishes a feeling of jocosity and enjoyment.

DeliXL Food Service Fair

Instamenu by Eason Lee

The app has a definitely content-heavy layout that serves its purpose perfectly well. It involves a dozen savory photos that are paired with simple glyphs in order to give the proper visual notion about a dish.


Hello Fresh Mobile App by Raminder Hundal

This design radiates freshness and naturalness. The lovely mixture of healthy green and pristine white in conjunction with delicious graphics and photos full of flavor that are based on white or wood textured background pull the design together.

Hello Fresh

Foodivide by Yael Nathan

This is an exceptional and truly valuable app that gives you an opportunity to easily and unobtrusively split your bill in a restaurant. The interface graphically demonstrates the total and each separate share.


FoodLocker – iPhone App

This design has a nice touch of cartoonish style. The glossy effects, striped background, blue color scheme and intelligible icons – all together explicitly defines the whole composition.


MySushi App by Joseph Brown

This app has a crisp photo-oriented interface that is wonderfully supported by translucent navigating circular elements. The app easily grabs the onlookers’ attention.

My Sushi

TabeBBQ iOS App by Jagadeesh Punna

The app definitely has a pixel-perfect design and provides a topnotch experience. The contrasting color combination along with a rigorous execution sets the design apart from others.


App Design: Leftovers by Grace Agnes

The interface effectively sets the mood and the tone of the food-oriented app due to utilization of table-cloth textured background and graphical plate in the center that serves as a clean solid background for a title.


FrozenCube App by Davide Bendìa

This design has a beautiful geometry vibe. The app has an offbeat and intricate realization, leveraging a cube as a basic form. Each delicious dish or product is presented via awesome 3-dimensional photo manipulation.



The food-oriented applications are brightened by the energy of delicious photos, lovely organic textures, sweet coloring, and, of course, characteristic adornments. Each designer adopts their own approach in order to make the interface look original and eye-popping, mainly guided by the desire to develop an insatiable appetite and engage the visitors.

So, what do you think about these tasty interfaces? Do they look appealing and inviting to you? What’s your favorite example? Share with us your thoughts.

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