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SEO case study for a car repair shop (including concrete recommendations)

People who are new to website
promotion quickly find out that search engine optimization (SEO) can be
difficult and time-consuming if you don’t know what to do and where to

For this reason, we regularly perform
SEO case studies for different industries. We show you what we would do
to improve the website’s rankings on Google using only white-hat
methods that are approved by Google.

The analyzed

For this example, we have chosen This is an auto service center in Rockville, MD.
We have no affiliation with this company. It is a random example to
show you how to optimize a website for high rankings.

website preview

Step 1: Which
keywords could be used by the website?

The keyword suggestion tool in
SEOprofiler proposes hundreds of valuable keywords, amongst others:

Local searches
Estimated bid
repair shop near me
ac repair
repair shops near me
repair estimate
radio repair

These are informational keywords that
are directly targeted at the potential customers of The website isn’t ranked for these keywords yet.

Step 2: How to
create content for these keywords

It’s worth creating content pages and
landing pages so that Google can rank the website for the keywords
above. The Top 10 Optimizer tool in
SEOprofiler helps you to create web pages that are perfectly tailored
to given keywords.

To optimize pages for these keywords,
you have to enter the URL of the page that you want to optimize. Then
you enter the keyword for which you want to get high rankings and you
select the country. The Top 10 Optimizer then shows you how to change
the pages so that they can get high rankings.

Top 10 Optimizer

Modern search engines focus on topics,
not single keywords. For that reason, it makes sense to optimize
different pages for different keywords that are all related to the same
topic (car repair shop, car ac repair, car radio repair, etc.). The Top
10 Optimizer in SEOprofiler helps you to do that.

Step 3:
Technical website audit

For this example, SEOprofiler’s website audit tool checked some
pages on the website and found only one page that contains a broken
link. That is very good:

website audit overview

In total, the website audit tool found
1 error, 12 warnings and 263 smaller things on the pages of the
website. That’s quite good. However, it is likely that the website’s
rankings would improve if those issues were resolved.

There are some slow pages on the site:

slow web pages

The website audit tool also found some
security issues on For obvious reasons, we do not
list them here.

This analysis was only for a small
sample of the pages. It’s very likely that the website audit tool will
find more issues when it checks all of the pages.

Step 4:
Identifying the competitors

Step 5:
Improving the backlinks of the website

Backlinks are one the top ranking
factors for Google. Fortunately, SEOprofiler offers multiple link
building tools that help you to obtain backlinks from reputable

Using the Top 5 Link Finder tool in
SEOprofiler with the competitor URLs mentioned above, we find 348
websites that have links to at least two of the competitor websites.
They would probably link to our case study website as well.

Top 5 Link Finder

We used SEOprofiler’s Link Opportunity Finder tool with
different keywords. Within a few minutes, we could find 34 excellent
web directories, magazine websites and industry directories that are
directly related to the website’s keywords.

SEOprofiler offers even more link
building tools, the Link Manager, the Domain Finder,
the Starter Backlinks, the Local Hubs
and the Weekly Link Opportunities so that
this week’s company could get even more backlinks to their website.

Another very powerful tool is the Link Profiler. The website has
only 13 links that point to the site. Getting more links will have a
major impact on the rankings of the website.

The Link Profiler tool also shows that
13 links that point to the website contain some of the keywords for
which the website should be ranked. That’s good.

link analysis anchor texts

Getting more links with good anchor
texts will improve the rankings of

Step 6: Get more
keyword suggestions and advertising opportunities

By entering the domain names of
competing websites in the Ranking Profiler, the company can find many
more keywords that could be used for search engine optimization and
paid search marketing:

Some Ranking Profiler keywords

It’s possible to
get high rankings if you do everything step-by-step

It’s not easy to get top 10 rankings
on Google but it’s also not difficult if you use the right SEO tool.
The steps above show you how to optimize a site so that it gets better
rankings on Google.

The recommendations referred to
listings in Google’s regular organic rankings. As
is a website that targets a particular local area, it is also important
to be listed in the local results of Google. Further information on how
to improve the listings in the local results can be found here.

There are many
more tools in SEOprofiler

This case study hasn’t even listed all
the tools that are available in SEOprofiler. For example, you also get
a powerful Ranking Monitor and a reliable Uptime Monitor. Create a free trial account now or get the
full version and save 99%.

SEOprofiler now

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