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Seven ways marketers can use Twitter Moments

Twitter has opened Moments to all users and is therefore taking curation to the next level. What does this mean for brands?

Twitter Moments used to be a curation of the best tweets of the day; an overview of the news and the important tweets you need to check out. It may not have reached the level of adoption Twitter was hoping for, but it was still an interesting perspective on how we can consume information without leaving the platform.

Now Twitter Moments is gradually expanding to all users so they can facilitate storytelling through a series of tweets. 

This could be Twitter’s response to Snapchat (and Instagram) Stories, but luckily it’s not directly imitating these two.

Going beyond users, this is also a useful feature for brands and publishers, making content creation and curation easier and more appealing.

If you’re wondering how you can use Twitter Moments, here are some suggestions:


Twitter can be very useful for content curation and Twitter Moments can help you organise your favourite sources and curate the content in a more organised way.

For example, if a topic is trending and you want to jump in, you might create a Moment with curated sources to show that you’re following the topic and you’re interested in adding value in your own way.


Twitter Moments can be very effective in storytelling, as they may help tweets go beyond the 140 character limit, creating a narrative among them. Moreover, Twitter Moments may increase the lifespan of your tweets and they may offer a great way to repurpose your existing ones, even after a year if there’s the right context.

Collecting the best tweets from a big event

If your brand wants to join a big event (Super Bowl, popular TV shows, movie premieres, politics, trending stories, etc) a Twitter Moment may help you collect the best tweets, either for news coverage, or even for a humorous aspect or a different way to present a trending story.

Organising the news of the day

How about using Twitter Moments the way Twitter does to organise the most important news of the day? You can customise it according to your brand, your content and your audience and create your own most important news of the day in a series of tweets, all organised in a Twitter Moment.

Creatively promote your campaign

Twitter Moments can help spread your campaign, or promote it in a different way. For example, after creating the tweets for a brand new campaign, you can collect them all to create a story with a complete concept for your campaign. This could be a new creative direction for brands trying to use Twitter for the promotion of their products.

Budweiser was among the first brands to try Twitter Moments and here is a great example on how to use the new feature as part of your campaign.

Collect user-generated content

There are many reasons to collect user-generated content and the best tweets about a topic, and all of them could make a great Twitter Moment. You may even include UGC as part of a campaign and collect the best tweets in a story to encourage more users to join.

Promote again your latest posts

How about promoting your latest posts in a Twitter Moment to make a compilation of them and find another opportunity to reach your audience? You may even divide your posts by topic to promote evergreen content, which would lead to further creative ideas on how Twitter Moments can be used.

How to create your own Twitter Moment

It’s easy to create a new Twitter Moment, provided that you see the tab “Moments” on your profile*.

How to create Twitter Moments

Click on it and start creating your new Moment.

Seven ways marketers can use Twitter Moments

Then add title, description, image and you’re ready to include all the tweets.

You can add them by searching on your latest tweets, clicking a user’s profile, performing a Twitter search, or add them through Twitter links.

Seven ways marketers can use Twitter Moments

When I tried to find my tweets by browsing the latest ones, I was only able to go to my last 15 days (which may depend on the number of tweets), so I also used the specific links for the rest I had in mind.

Another useful tip for brands is to focus more on images when posting tweets. It makes tweets more appealing as part of a story.

*Moments are not available yet to everyone, but according to Twitter, it should be soon.

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