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Nine Google Ads hacks to improve your CTR and conversion rate

25Jun19 • 0 comments

Advertising is the big gun of paid efforts brands put in to increase awareness and revenue. Be it small businesses or large enterprises, everyone has a shot at advertising.   With global ad spend reaching an estimated $579 billion at the end of 2018 and online advertising leading the charts, we need to pay attention to […]

Your alternative to Google’s Keyword Planner

25Jun19 • 0 comments

If you want to get high rankings on Google and other search engines, you need good keywords. Optimize your web pages for the keywords that your customers are searching for on Google and you will get more customers. You need an alternative to Google’s Keyword Planner Most people use Google’s Keyword Planner to do their […]

Five tips to create an SEO-friendly FAQ page

24Jun19 • 0 comments

Search engines and people love the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages. Having a well-written FAQ section on your website is a great way to show online customers that you care about their experience and get you found from outside your website, directly responding to the needs of your audience and their search queries. For good […]

Traffic forecasting: Predicting potential return from the 87% of buyers who start with search

24Jun19 • 0 comments

According to Forrester, digital spend is set to top $150 billion by 2023 and account for 35 percent of total ad spend. And this means CMOs will spend more than ever before on paid search, banner and outstream video ads, instream video ads, and email marketing to attract those buyers who start their journey online. […]

The Top 5 Myths About Being a Freelance Web Designer

24Jun19 • 0 comments

Starting a business is one of the biggest leaps of faith you’ll ever take. And it seems like more people in the web design and development fields make this move every day. Why? Well, it’s an attractive proposition. Web design isn’t a particularly expensive business to get into. While you can use brand-name tools, there […]

15 Best Number Fonts for Displaying Numbers

23Jun19 • 0 comments

Website typography has multiple different aspects; displaying numbers on the screen is among the most important ones. There are many use cases when you might want to focus on the look and feel of numerals and find the best number fonts for your design. Number characters are especially important when you are creating infographics, pricing […]

Making the case for more non-brand funding in paid search

21Jun19 • 0 comments

When you’ve worked in paid search for as long as I have, you’ve undoubtedly received emails from your clients that all go a little something like the one given below. Hi [insert your name here], Revenue is looking a little lighter than usual this month versus last year. What can we do to close the […]

Five easy SEO strategies: Increase search engine rankings and gain qualified customers

20Jun19 • 0 comments

Understanding how search engines rank websites and applying simple nontechnical SEO strategies will lead to increased traffic from qualified customers. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique used to assure that customers searching for a product or service can easily find a company’s website on search engines such as Google. Just as a physical location is […]

How SMBs can effectively manage their online reputation on a shoestring budget

19Jun19 • 0 comments

Managing an online reputation is a 21st-century business responsibility that simply cannot be ignored, or even placed on the backburner for any amount of time. The online world of consumerism runs 24/7. It doesn’t take holidays, time off, or even a two-minute break. Regardless of what business ideas you might have, managing an online reputation […]

Copy-and-Paste CSS Animation Cheat Sheets

19Jun19 • 0 comments

Animation is a staple of web and UI design. A perfectly still website devoid of even subtle hover states can feel incomplete, like something essential is missing. Luckily, there are many ways to add animations to your website. WebGL, JavaScript, and even HTML5 all support or are dedicated to animation. But one of the easiest […]

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