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Why search marketing matters in 2018

19Oct18 • 0 comments

First let me ask you: how many unread emails are in the “promotions,” “updates,” and “other” tabs of your inbox? When I got to work on Monday morning, there were 248. How many of those did I read, you ask? Three at best, and only because they were already my favorite news roundups. The others? […]

The comprehensive guide to voice search keyword research

18Oct18 • 0 comments

Informational keyword research is a subject that has been covered thousands of times across every SEO blog, publication, and web design company. However, with voice becoming a more prominent way of searching, it’s important that it’s now taken into consideration. With voice usage growing, marketers need to understand how their audience is using this technology, […]

How voice queries are showing up in search data

17Oct18 • 0 comments

The rise of voice search is no secret, and many companies are still wondering how to address it. When it comes to search data, how can we monitor which queries are from voice? In this article, Jason Tabeling shows how he finds insights into voice search from his own company’s data. Alpine.AI estimates that there […]

Top 10 Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers in 2018

16Oct18 • 0 comments

In 2018, Adobe Photoshop is still one of the top software choices for web designers. It’s an incredibly powerful and versatile tool in itself, however Photoshop plugins can further enhance its default functionalities. Using them, you can automize different tasks, speed up your workflow, convert your PSD design into HTML and CSS files, manage colors, […]

How to perform a technical audit of your website as quickly as possible

16Oct18 • 0 comments

Regular technical audits of your website are important. Servers can have problems, links can change, and there can be many other things that can have a negative influence on the search engine rankings of your website. Technical errors on your website also lead to a bad user experience, which results in fewer sales. For that […]

7 common SEO mistakes most WordPress bloggers make

16Oct18 • 0 comments

WordPress initially started out as a ‘blog-only’ platform and now that it has extended as a full-fledged Content Management System, it remains a popular blogging platform. blogs have over 409 million monthly viewers who looked at 22.4 billion pages per month this past year. This standalone fact is enough to justify the popularity of WordPress as […]

The end of Google+ after a data breach and how it affects us

15Oct18 • 0 comments

Google has decided to shut down Google+ after discovering a data breach. How should we react to the news? Not many of us were surprised to hear that Google+ will stop existing in a few months. The only surprise came in the way the news was revealed with Google announcing a data breach that led […]

Is hiding paid backlinks from Google actually possible?

15Oct18 • 0 comments

Your website’s link profile is basically one of your biggest areas of concern. Given the kind of penalties levied by Google for any misconduct related to your link profile, the concern is well-justified. The truth is that link profile building is a time-consuming activity that requires judicious decisions; especially when you are pondering over the […]

Google data breach + Berners-Lee’s Solid — is the power shifting?

11Oct18 • 0 comments

I don’t usually go for drastic headlines, but it does seem like some tides have been turning of late. We’ve all followed the stories of data breaches, new regulations, fake news, hacks, ever-rising privacy concerns. Not to mention this week’s discovery that webmaster Google had a breach exposing private data from as many as 500,000 […]

A cheat sheet to Google algorithm updates from 2011 to 2018

10Oct18 • 0 comments

Google makes changes to its ranking algorithm almost every day. Sometimes we know about them, sometimes we don’t. Some of them remain unnoticed, others turn the SERPs upside down. So, this cheat sheet contains the most important algorithm updates of the recent years alongside battle-proven advice on how to optimize for these updates. Panda It […]

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