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How JavaScript impacts page loading speed on mobile

23Jun17 • 0 comments

The effect of JavaScript on mobile web performance is twofold. One, it is the second largest contributor to webpage weight, behind images, thereby increasing download time; and two, once downloaded, the browser then needs to run the script, which can delay the downloading/rendering of other (perhaps more important) assets on the page. JavaScript (aka scripts or JS) is […]

How to scale your business internationally on search engines

22Jun17 • 0 comments

Most online sites at some stage will want to expand, and one of the most common ways to do that is by offering products to an international market. However, it’s not an easy or simple task by any means. This post will help you understand the risks, research and steps involved in expanding your business […]

10 WordPress Themes for Your Web Design Business

22Jun17 • 0 comments

One of the sad ironies of being a busy web designer is that you make time for everyone’s website – except your own. So it stands to reason that many of us could use a little head start when developing our own business sites. Certainly, a WordPress theme can do just that. While you may […]

Free Icon Set: Happy 4th Of July 🇺🇸 (20 Icons, PNG, EPS, AI, SVG)

22Jun17 • 0 comments

Free Icon Set: Happy 4th Of July 🇺🇸 (20 Icons, PNG, EPS, AI, SVG) By Iris Lješnjanin (Senior Editor) June 21st, 2017 Freebies 1 Comment Every once in a while, we publish freebies1 related to different occasions and themes. Today, we’d like to share an icon set dedicated to a well-known upcoming American holiday. Some […]

Better, Faster, Stronger WordPress Hosting with Kinsta

22Jun17 • 0 comments

Web developers and designers unfortunately don’t have the kind of job where they can remain effective or efficient in the face of continual disruptions. These jobs are also so highly specialized that, while it’s great to have a basic understanding of how other things work, it doesn’t make that much sense to be a Jack-of-all-trades. […]

How to achieve off the charts off-page SEO that will boost traffic

21Jun17 • 0 comments

When you think about improving your SEO, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe you think of rewriting your web copy to rank better for certain keywords, churning out new posts for your blog, or making sure your website is structured in a logical way. All of these are important aspects of ranking […]

10 Beautifully Designed Examples of Split Screen Layouts in Web Design

21Jun17 • 0 comments

Split screen layouts break the oldest and most critical UI design rule of all by giving equal importance to two primary areas of a site. It’s common practice to give each element of a site a priority level in relation to the structure of the design, yet split screen layouts completely ignore those rules. And […]

Designing The Perfect Accordion

21Jun17 • 0 comments

Designing The Perfect Accordion By Vitaly Friedman June 21st, 2017 ChecklistsDesign PatternsUI 5 Comments Design patterns. An almost mythical phrase that often inspires either awe or resentment. As designers, we tend to think of design patterns as generic off-the-shelf solutions that can be applied to various contexts almost mechanically, often without proper consideration. Navigation? Off-canvas! […]

Meeker’s Report on the state of advertising and ad trends to watch out for

20Jun17 • 0 comments

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report 2017, one of the most-anticipated annual events in the world of digital, was released a few weeks ago.  The 355-slide report covers the major shifts we are currently seeing in the internet and the digital economy, and is considered something of a barometer for the state of digital across the globe, […]

Reaching The Millennials: Mobile Marketing Trends And Techniques

20Jun17 • 0 comments

Reaching The Millennials: Mobile Marketing Trends And Techniques By Anya Pratskevich June 19th, 2017 AppsE-CommerceMobile 4 Comments The average American spends at least five hours1 per day on their smartphone. So, why is it so hard to make mobile ads work? Marketers toil over clicks and conversions on highly targeted ads, but users, tired of […]

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