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Avoiding Burnout: The Working After Hours Rulebook

7Mar19 • 0 comments

We’ve all been there. Those situations where there is too much to do and not enough time to get it done. It’s a common problem in just about all fields, but it seems especially so for freelancers. Because, when you’re working solo, everything rests on your shoulders. Therefore, the temptation to work after normal business […]

Six tips for B2B paid search success

6Mar19 • 0 comments

Having worked across paid search strategies in all kinds of industries, you get to learn they all have their individual quirks: high CPCs, certain keywords that just don’t work, and other things that just drive you mad. When it comes to B2B and lead generation strategies that are no different, in fact, it’s probably a […]

Luxury marketing search strategy, Part 1: Consumer mindset

6Mar19 • 0 comments

Did you know the world’s top 15 luxury brands generate more than 45 million web searches per year? Gucci, ranked as the number one most popular luxury brand online based on Deloitte’s Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2018 study, has approximately 9.5 million web searches per year alone. Luxury brands, resellers, and even counterfeiters are […]

Google RankBrain: Clearing up the myths and misconceptions

6Mar19 • 0 comments

It’s been nearly 3½ years since Google first announced their usage of RankBrain (October 26th 2015, but it had started being rolled out early 2015, in multiple languages). In that time, there’s been little in the way of details coming from G about what it is or how it works. The result is that numerous […]

SEO basics: how to fix thin content pages (3 steps)

5Mar19 • 0 comments

When the audit report is ready, select the page ‘Content topics’ in the menu on the left and scroll to the ‘Pages with the least number of words (thin content)’ section: These are the pages that contain so little text that it is unlikely that search engines will list these pages on the search result […]

Why mobile first design is the only 2019 strategy that will work

5Mar19 • 0 comments

Everyone knows that mobile is red-hot right now. In fact, there is a pretty good chance you are reading this very article on a mobile device. And yet, like an old dog who just won’t learn a new trick, most people are still designing websites for desktop computers and then trying to make them work well […]

Alternatives to Google: Mojeek believes a truly independent and tracking-free search engine must be built from scratch

5Mar19 • 0 comments

It has become something of a personal mission of mine to take some time to explore global alternatives to Google here at Search Engine Watch. This all began with my piece No need for Google and has continued with more in-depth studies into Ecosia, DuckDuckGo, Baidu and Yandex. Today, I want to turn my attention to […]

Seven best tools to find influencers on social media

4Mar19 • 0 comments

Influencer marketing has been one of the hottest marketing tactics for a while. It only seems logical that we had influencer marketing long before the invention of social media. The internet simply made influencer marketing much more targeted and available even for smaller brands. Blogging and vlogging on social media allow influencers to find a loyal […]

Eight shortcuts to find long tail keywords (and how to use them)

4Mar19 • 0 comments

It’s tempting to go after broad, high-volume keywords with huge audiences (and equally huge competition). But there’s an equally large — albeit more distributed audience — to be reached by targeting lower-competition, long tail keywords. Imagine comets flying through the SEO solar system, if the most popular keywords make up the head of the comets […]

Effective Use of Gradients in Design

4Mar19 • 0 comments

Nothing looks nicer than a good gradient in a design. Gradients can completely transform a website color scheme from mundane to gorgeous, and you’ll often find them in the centerpiece of a site’s design. Looking for some inspiration for your own backgrounds and banners? Take a look at these beautiful blends. Gradient Banner Dazzling is […]

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