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Learn Flexbox by Example – Helpful and Enlightening Code Snippets

21May19 • 0 comments

Flexbox is a layout module system that does not need any introduction, especially for those who uses CSS on a daily basis. It is a real life-saver when it comes to laying out blocks, arranging them, and distributing space among the items. The problem of centering blocks within a container that once was a nightmare […]

6 Best GitHub Alternatives for Source Code Management

21May19 • 0 comments

GitHub is currently the most popular source code management and hosting platform on the web. It allows you to store and manage code repositories online, using the Git version control system. On GitHub, you can create and fork repositories, track the progress of your work, and collaborate with your team. It hosts millions of successful […]

New in SEOprofiler: the much improved keyword suggestion tool

21May19 • 0 comments

We have released a major new version of our keyword suggestion tool. The new keyword suggestion tool helps you to find the best keywords for organic search engine optimization and paid search advertising. What’s new in the keyword suggestion tool? How to work with the new keyword suggestion tool Working with the keyword suggestion tool […]

Seven reasons why your rankings dropped and how to fix them

20May19 • 0 comments

Do you know the triumph when your content finally hits the first page of Google and attracts significant traffic? Unfortunately, nobody is safe from a sudden drop in rankings. The thing is that the reasons for it may be different and not obvious at all. In this post, you’ll discover what could cause a sudden drop […]

A Look at Top Flat File CMS Options

20May19 • 0 comments

When we think of content management systems (CMS), we often think about popular offerings such as WordPress and Drupal. Both rely on a traditional MySQL database, where a website’s content and settings are stored. However, not all systems work this way. A flat file CMS, for example, eschews the need for a database server. They […]

Using IF functions on Google Ads to improve productivity

17May19 • 0 comments

Back in the days when I was learning PPC, one of the two biggest growing pains I had were: Learning the difference between segmenting campaigns out to maximize efficiency Reaching the point where the juice is no longer worth the squeeze Rather than creating clutter and a burdensome account to manage, I’ve since learned to make use […]

Free High-Resolution Marble Texture Backgrounds

17May19 • 0 comments

Elegant and beautiful, marble textures make a great background for a variety of projects. Marble always brings an air of exquisite polish to a design, with its lustrous look and visually pleasing patterns. And when it comes to these backgrounds, you’ve got a lot of options. Do you want something smooth and shiny, like a […]

New visual search innovations tap human emotions and biological buying triggers

16May19 • 0 comments

There’s a science behind what engages shoppers and gets them to purchase and new visual search tech implementations promise to exploit that and reinvent ecommerce as we know it. A shopper’s decision to buy products is more influenced by the primal brain areas and less from the analytical side. Us humans are hard-wired to our emotions which […]

Modern CSS Frameworks to Speed up the Design Process

16May19 • 0 comments

Designing a website from scratch can be a very time-consuming experience. And while web designers always welcome shortcuts, maintaining quality is still a top priority. That’s the beauty of a good CSS framework. It can provide you with a comprehensive set of responsive layouts and UI elements. This helps to get your projects off to […]

Beautifully Dark Website Design Inspiration

16May19 • 0 comments

Dark websites have long captured designers’ imaginations, standing in stark contrast to the more mainstream light web design. When creating a website that’s unique, sleek, and mysterious, dark colors are often what creators go for first. In a world of white and bright websites, black stands out. Ready to get inspired for your own creations? […]

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