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Social Media Plugin of The Future: Monarch

If you are reading this, then you are one of the many people who like to stay up to date with the happenings of the digital world. There are several ways to stay connected, and some of the most widely employed are social networks. We all have groups of friends who share articles, images, and images that they stumbled upon somewhere on the internet, for the rest of the world to see – and we do the exact same thing, in order to perpetrate whatever strikes our minds as interesting. The fastest way to do this is by engaging the social media buttons on a web page, provided that they exist and are within reach.

Social media plugin of the future: Monarch

The design, functionality, and location of buttons for social sharing and following are of great consequence. Every website should be extra careful on these matters, as they can either make or break the volume of all incoming traffic. To put it another way, if your readers find it easy to spread news of your website content, then this simple fact can generate the most abundant traffic after the one brought in by search engine optimization. So, it makes a lot of sense to invest in a good social media plugin when creating WordPress websites.

How to recognize a premium social sharing plugin

If you’re serious about increasing website traffic, then you should keep some things in mind when you’re searching for the right plugin. Neat design and all-around responsiveness are vital, and so is fast loading. Yet, in an ideal situation, that plugin should come with a dashboard that is complex enough to include a large diversity of both manual and automatic capabilities.

The latest plugin for social sharing and following: Monarch

How would you feel if we picked one of the most recently created social sharing plugins, and put it under the microscope to see what it has in store for us? Monarch, for instance, has just only just been released by Elegant Themes, and I believe it would make for a wonderful case study, because all signs indicate that it meets the standards we discussed in the previous paragraph.

Social media plugin of the future: Monarch

An impressive dashboard

This plugin is easy to spot in the WordPress Admin Panel, and its interface is custom designed to help users configure, monitor, and manage all aspects related to the social media sharing on their websites. There is so much you can do here. The stage is set for you to design the appearance of your social sharing buttons with the utmost ease. Never mind predefined network colors and icons, Monarch by-passed this potential issue, and offers a multitude of design tools to establish buttons’ apparel. You are also free to choose which social networks you want to enlist, and track the social statistics pertaining to your website.

Social media plugin of the future: Monarch

Believe me when I say that this dashboard is both easy and enjoyable to command. Monarch currently supports buttons for 40 social networks, but they won’t stop at this number. So, you can choose to put some of your favorite networks on display, for your readers to follow or share website content on.

Simply displaying a set of buttons does not suffice. Monarch is very useful, because it acknowledges the fact that you have to gather data about the level of your website’s actual user engagement, in time. There are two routes you can go by in order to keep track of your follow and share stats. You can either manually input social follow counts, or connect your website to your network’s API for extra dynamism.

Social media plugin of the future: Monarch

Decide how your readers experience social sharing

When it comes to customizing the way that various social buttons reach your audience, the sky’s the limit. Monarch offers many display options, so the only difficulty is to decide on the best ways to proceed with.

Let me start by saying that you can take your pick from 8 different locations on the web page, to place your sharing and following buttons in. What’s more, you can always select several network buttons, plus their stats, to constantly stay on screen in the social floating sidebar; I don’t see why not, since that would spare your visitors having to look for the right buttons when thoughts of sharing or following cross their minds.

Social media plugin of the future: Monarch

Moving further down the list of Monarch’s features, I need to mention the highly efficient share encouraging tools that are automatic pop-ups and fly-ins. Pop-ups, in particular, are known to very effective for this purpose; all you need to do is customize a specific title and message, and you have absolute control over its trigger settings.

Alternatively, you can go with fly-in displays, from the bottom-left or bottom-right corners of the screen. In addition, Monarch enables users to establish timed delay for the above-mentioned effects, so they only appear at a certain point in time. Example: as a casual final reminder, when your visitor’s cursor is heading towards the back button on their browser.

Speaking of automatic features, just say the word and Monarch will auto-detect where your content starts and where it ends, then insert network buttons in either location. Even better, this plugin auto-detects the images you use in your content, and generates shortcodes that allow your readers to easily share them on social media.

Social media plugin of the future: Monarch

One other thing: this plugin is calibrated to load fast, insofar as it caches all share and follow counts, and it’s up to you to tell Monarch how frequently you’d like to have them brought up to speed. This tiny detail, and the fact that Monarch is 100% responsive on all devices, serves to make it all the more likely that many people will follow and share your website’s content.

Here is a video that presents Monarch in a nutshell:


What did you think about my case for accomplished social sharing plugins for WordPress-based websites? You might as well face it, there is no way an individual or a company will accelerate the traffic of their websites, unless they take the necessary steps to convince people that sharing something they found there is a really good idea. Premium plugins like Monarch can really turn the tide. I hope that I managed to convey to you what makes them such a valuable asset for website creators and owners.

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