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The Best Job Search Sites For Freelance Graphic And Web Designers

#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.13

What are the best job search sites for freelance graphic and web designers?

One of the most common issues often faced by freelancers is the best place to find clients or new projects. While this is not a big problem since there are a lot to choose from on the Internet, the big question is which among these job sites are the best in terms of financial returns.

Let’s have a great time tackling an interesting issue once again on this thirteenth episode of #EspressoMonday. And yes, we are taking a real espresso shot this time.

Most people think that when you become a freelancer, you are now free to do anything with your time. While this is true, they didn’t really know the challenges you face in finding new projects or new clients. Of course, this is not difficult since there’s a lot of job sites or marketplaces on the World Wide Web that connect you with clients from all over the world.

If you have been freelancing for many years, chances are you already know which sites deliver the best in terms of projects, clients, and monetary rewards. If you are a new freelancer, however, you might not know where to look for. In fact, there are still cases where even those who’ve been around the business for quite some time don’t know where to look for.

The Search is On

In answer to our question today regarding what job site is the best for freelance web and graphic designers, the answer can greatly vary because there are certain factors involved in it. These factors include your experience, the workload you want to take on, and the type of relationship you want to build with a client – are you looking for short-term or long-term relationships?

To give you a much better idea and a bigger perspective, we will compare 8 of the most popular marketplaces for freelancers. We will use three kinds of metrics to evaluate each of them based on the questions we receive here on 1stWebDesigner.

  • Income Fees – How much percentage will be taken away from you once you accumulated a certain amount of earnings? Under this, we will have two earning brackets – $1k and $4k.
  • Competition – How many designers are already in that site looking for a job?

1. Freelancer

  • $1k Income Fees: $121
  • $4k Income Fees: $483
  • Competition: approximately 14.1 million freelance web designers

2. Elance

  • $1k Income Fees: $98
  • $4k Income Fees: $360
  • Competition: 4 million freelance web designers

3. oDesk

  • $1k Income Fees: $114
  • $4k Income Fees: $454
  • Competition: 4 million freelance web designers

4. People Per Hour

  • $1k Income Fees: $85
  • $4k Income Fees: $245
  • Competition: 500,000 freelance web designers

5. 99 Designs

  • $1k Income Fees: $300
  • $4k Income Fees: $1,200
  • Competition: 900,000 freelance web designers

6. Envato

  • $1k Income Fees: $300
  • $4k Income Fees: $1200
  • Competition: 2,000 freelance web designers

7. Codeable

  • $1k Income Fees: $150
  • $4k Income Fees: $600
  • Competition: 100 freelance web designers

Codeable is a marketplace designed especially for WordPress experts. They don’t readily accept anyone in this marketplace unless proven that you really are an expert.

8. AwesomeWeb

  • $1k Income Fees: $17
  • $4k Income Fees: $17
  • Competition: 350 freelance web designers

AwesomeWeb is 1stWebDesigner’s own marketplace and what makes it different from all the rest is that it doesn’t take any percentage from your earnings – You only pay a flat rate of $17. Although we also screen all the web designers before we accept them in the marketplace, the screening process we use is not as tough as that of Codeable.

All you need is show us a portfolio of at least 3 websites that you have already built to prove that you are indeed a designer.

You can also find this information, along with a complete comparison table, in an article we have written about these different freelancing websites. Just out our very extensive article we did very recently.

And that concludes our #EspressoMonday episode for today. Best wishes to your job hunt.



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