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The Ultimate Collection of Awesome Web Tools

I’ve been in a situation too many times when I’m searching for professional, well-made web tools that have features that I need, and it just takes too much time. Like really too much time. I bet you’ve been in a similar situation, too.

That’s why we’ve created the ultimate collection that contains 15 web tools and services. This is gold as you will see after using them. You’ll be able to finish and close your projects much faster and your work will be a joy.

1. Browserling


Browserling comes in #1 in our ultimate collection of web tools. It’s the tool that every other web tool, service and website in our collection uses. Why? Because it’s a very useful online cross-browser testing program.

Every web service and tool has to work in every browser so the developers usually use Browserling to make sure their tool works correctly in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Actually Browserling is made both for web developers and web designers. Web developers can test the functionality of the site in all the browsers but web designers can test their mockups and designs in all the browsers

Browserling offers a wide range of different browsers that you can choose from to do a complete cross-browser testing of your website. The current operating systems supported are Windows and Android, with iOS, Mac OSX and Linux coming in the next few months.

Browserling is a great example of simplicity and minimalism. You just go to, enter your website’s address, select a browser and OS and starting testing in 5 seconds. It doesn’t require registration, credit card or any additional installations. It just works and developers appreciate this simplicity.

Key features include local testing via SSH tunnels, screenshots, bookmarking your favorite browsers for quick access, and bug hunter for quickly reporting bugs in website designs and functionality.

Our favorite feature is bookmarklets – Let’s say you’re cross-browser testing in IE 9, 10 and 11 daily. You can just create bookmarks to these browsers, put them on the bookmark bar and start testing with one click on the bookmark.

In conclusion this is a fantastic tool that you should be using in your daily workflow. Try it out now and happy browsing!

2. Luckyorange


Thanks to Lucky Orange, you will clearly see the reasons why visitors don’t convert! It is an exceptional analytics that offers not just your typical users stats but something more, showing you the users’ behaviour in real time. This way, you will be able to take the traffic you already have and make the most out of each visitor! How is that possible, you asking?

Lucky Orange gives you a good amount of tools that will help you in the tracking process.

From a realtime dashboard, which gives you a list of all the visitors currently on your website, and recordings that are made of every visitor, to beautiful heat maps that put all your visitors’ actions in one clear picture, seeing how they read and interact with your site, and finally conversion funnels to give you an idea of the process that makes you visitors abandon your site.

All of these, with a nice chat box, a great polling system and form analytics are the best resources to improve your website’s performance!

3. Invoicely


Invoicely makes it fast and easy to get paid, being a really customizable and simple to use online platform, which allows you to create beautiful, professional invoices and manage them all in one place.

The best part about Invoicely is the effortless invoicing, as you can create high-quality invoices in a matter of seconds and you can easily deliver them to your clients, in any language or currency, thanks to their real-time currency conversion.

This way, you will always receive your payments in the currency of your choice. Even more, you can receive all these payments using a variety of payment methods, from bank transfer to credit card or PayPal. If you want to be compensated for the work your business does, you can turn hours, miles and expenses into invoices and bills at the click of a button!

You will track every expense along the way and you will be able to keep up with your finances. Besides this, you can discover a lot of other great features if you check their website out!

4. Invoiceocean


Do you want to know more about an easy way of online billing? Then you should check InvoiceOcean right now. A fast way to pay your bills for you business.

Imagine someone could help you get rid of all your payment papers and replace this with an app that takes only a few clicks to solve all of your problems. Not only has a nature-friendly software, InvoiceOcean generates similar invoices as your previous one so you don’t have to write the information all over again.

The system will generate and send the invoice quickly so you don’t need to do repetitive task again and again. If you are not convinced yet, just try a no risk, totally free month trial.

5. Sketch to HTML by

While there is no shortage of web design conversion, services, such as Sketch to HTML by Xfive, are capable of doing good work at competitive prices, without making you lose time with a challenging process.

If you are in this category, you should get your website carefully made by experienced developers from Xfive. They ensure that conversion looks like the Sketch design and you won’t have to worry about it because they are one of the best.

6. uKit


It’s only a year since uKit started out, but has already rated it as one of the best solutions for business oriented projects and startups.

Indeed, it takes the pain out of website creation. uKit is an intuitive website builder with an easy drag-and-drop editor that even a child can handle. A variety of professionally designed responsive templates will make your website look good on any device – mobile, tablet, or PC.

7. Mobirise

If you are going to create a website that can be viewed on any mobile device, then using Mobirise is definitely the best solution! The software comes with an extensive selection of beneficial features that will make your website stand out in the crowd.

Some of the most important characteristics of the tool involve absence of charges, ability to design sites of diverse complexity levels, no coding skills needed, ease of use, minimalistic interface, large choice of website blocks, drag-and-drop editing options and more.

Due to these and other features, your website will become the best reflection of your business, which will eventually result in the increase of your customer base.

8. Dealfuel


Have you ever seen a really cool design element on a website and wondered where you could find something similar? DealFuel is the place. DealFuel gathers the best web designer deals right from creators like SitePoint, Template Monster, Ink Themes, Stock Unlimited and many more.

You can choose from a collection of themes, plugins, templates, designers goodies, eBooks courses and tools at incredible prices. Even more, you can even choose between free tech deals, in their “Freebies” section, and get products worth a lot of money for free!

9. Photowhoa


On PhotoWhoa you can find something for every photographer! It is a great website which gathers a lot of free and premium products to help you improve your photography.

Ranging from lighting products from Nick Saglimbeni, Boudoir photography learning from Michael Zelbel, Maternity posing from Ana Brandt and Street photography guides from Thomas Leuthrad, you have it all. Not to forget the range of exclusive products from Lindsay Adler. Check them out now.

10. Cyberchimps


There are millions of websites using CyberChimps themes across the Internet. You wonder why? Well, CyberChimps is an excellent service that provides you with many free and premium WordPress themes, on a lot of different niches, such as restaurants, e-Commerce sites, blogs, magazines, travel companies, corporates, petcare, automobiles and more.

They are fully customizable, thanks to the drag and drop interface. Give you website a whole new and fresh look with CyberChimps Themes.


The online market is steadily growing so you’ll need the most memorable graphic to attract your customers. The boldest stroke in your brand should be your logo, in marketing, and we recommend using OnlineLogoDesign, the best offer online for logo designs. With four various prices to cover any budget, you might have and teams between three and ten artists, you’ll get the nicest concept possible.


By using FreeLogoDesign, you can be sure you’ll get a free logo as fast as possible and that you’ll help a future designer start their career.

Although the artists are new, they will perform at their absolute best, your concept being their exam. You just send a request with your project’s details, so they can form an idea about what you need, and you’ll get a nice logo shortly.

13. Colorlib


“Unite” is similar with Sparkling and Dazzling because it’s also a clean, modern and fully responsive flat design theme, but what makes it different is the fact that it was developed at first for wedding related websites and blogs.

The words that define this theme are simple and ease in use because websites having this theme can be easily modified. Give it a look!

14. MotoCMS


Building a website from scratch may seem a “mission impossible” for people, who have never done that before. With MotoCMS, this process will be much more simplified due to the variety of features and tools the website builder offers.

You will be able not only to choose the most suitable website template, but to personalize it by managing and updating the content any time you consider it necessary. The incorporated admin panel of the platform requires no coding or web design skills. This is what makes MotoCMS one of the best website builders for the non-techies, who lack experience and skills in the niche.

15. Typeform


Typeform is, as their users say, the most beautiful survey experience the web has ever seen. What’s that mean for your business? More responses, higher quality answers, more actionable data.

Try it for 360 degree feedback with your teams. With clients like MailChimp and AirBNB, and features like a developer API, it’s obvious where your next form-building experience should start. Now, with Typeform LITE, a mobile app, you can even create surveys from your phone—anytime, anywhere.

The free account is full of free templates, powerful features, and beautiful designs. Are you ready to boost your business? Then Typeform is not to be missed.

Try all of these professional tools and services and your life will get better and better. How ? By easing your work and winning new and more complicated projects that before weren’t accessible for you.

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