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The Ultimate List of Free and Paid Paper Textures Resources

Today, I am sharing with you a large list of paper texture resources. Most of them are free and some are paid. However, they are all of amazing quality. Some of the resources are links to direct paper texture bundles.

But, some are links to large repositories filled with thousands of individual paper texture you can sort through. If you’re working on some graphic design that needs a paper texture, I’m certain you will find what you’re looking for through this list.

Lost + Taken has a large repository of paper textures, many of which are yellow and strained. There are over 7 pages of free paper texture on their website.

Graphic Burger will come up on our list a few times. This is a set of 7 natural paper texture in high-resolution. The files all come as PNGs.

Here we have very detailed and very large paper and canvas texture. The photos come in 2500px by 1667px size.

Provided by Ardan Fajar to Graphic Burger, this set is made up of 7 different high-definition paper textures. Some of them are worn out, some of them are vintage. The files are 3000px by 2000px in size and come as PSDs.

Arno Kathollnig is sharing a set of 12 different and hand selected paper textures from his archive. The files come as PNGs with a 300dpi and 1600px by 1200px in size.

This paper texture collection is really big, with 103 textures. It does cost $20 but it just might be well worth the money. Especially so, if you’re looking for a lot of quality files.

The 103 paper textures are very high-resolution coming at 600dpi. Not all of the files are the same size but on the smaller size, they come in at 4961px by 6141px. On the larger size, they come in at 4961px by 7988px. All the files are JPGs.

Here we have a collection of 32 authentic paper textures. The collection is made up of vintage paper designs and costs $8. They are perfect for creating an old, worn out look.

The files are high-resolution, naturally. They come as JPGs with 300dpi and are paper sized – 8.5in by 11in.

As the name suggests, this super pack is made up of three different vintage paper packs sold by Greta Ivy. She also created the previous bundle. So, if you buy this bundle, at $21, you’ll save 33% instead of buying them individually. This paper texture pack comes with 102 different textures.

The files come as JPGs and TIFs. All images are 300dpi. The images from the first volume are paper sized at 8.5in by 11in. The paper textures from the second and third volumes are 11in by 14in in size.

Although this vintage bundle includes many different overlays, it does come with paper overlays. And that’s why it made it to our list today.

The total set comes with 50 transparent PNG textures. This bundle was created by Design Spoon and costs $16.

This is a small, amazing and inexpensive paper texture bundle. It’s free if you’re planning to use it for personal purposes but if you need it for commercial use it only costs $0.96. The bundle features 5 multicoloured paper textures. The files are PSDs and come in a large size of 5000px by 338px with 300dpi.

Here we have a free paper texture patterns bundle. It comes as 12 ready-to-use JPGs and as Photoshop patterns which is pretty fantastic actually. The files are small at only 288px by 288px but they do integrate seamlessly with one another to create continuous paper patterns.

Another great resource from Graphic Burger. This 12 item paper texture bundle was originally submitted by Arno Kathollnig. The files come as PNGs with 300dpi. Each image is 1600px by 1200px in size.

This time we have folded paper textures in a variety of colours including brown, red and green. The paper files come in two formats, JPGs, and layered PSDs. The PSD files are compatible with all CS versions of Photoshop. The images are 1767px by 2500px in size.

To start off, this paper texture bundle has really great and fairly large files for purchase. All of the textures are high-resolution JPGs. The files have 300dpi and are 4500px by 3500px in size.

This bundle costs only $6. So far, that’s the cheapest on our list. All the textures in this bundle have been hand-picked by the creator, Zeppelin Graphics, to include only the most amazing and the best quality paper textures.

SpoonGraphics is sharing this free brown paper textures download. All the files come at 300dpi.

This is another download from SpoonGraphics. However, this pack is for premium members only. If you subscribe, or want to subscribe, you’ll get access to a total of three volumes of paper textures. There is also Vol 2 and Vol 3. All three volumes feature brown paper textures with 15 files each. The files are 5090px by 7000px at 600dpi.

Provided by Mcraft Shop, this pack comes with 10 vector paper textures. So far we haven’t seen many vector-based items on this list. However, the files come in numerous formats including AI, EPS, layered PSDs and as transparent PNGs.

Chris Spooner shares another free paper texture bundle. These 6 textures are burnt paper. Chris created these by scanning actual burnt paper – pretty cool. The files come as both PNGs and JPGs. They are all exported with Alpha transparency for easier editing and manipulation. The files are 300dpi.

Another great bundle from ZippyPixels. Just like the last bundle, this one is free for personal use and cost $0.96 for commercial usage. The files are compatible with even very old Photoshop versions, all the way down to CS4. This means that the files come in a PSD format. The images are 3500px by 2300px at 300dpi.

These 5 seamless paper textures are free for download. The files come as JPG, PSD, and PAT files. Anna Ivanir provided the free bundle to Pixel Buddha.

Wild Texture is a website dedicated to all sorts of textures and files. This link will lead you to their paper texture section which features a few good results. Have a look! They include seamless, aged and artistic paper textures in their collection.

This is a pretty cool paper texture bundle for sale. It costs $10. These 15 vintage paper textures come as PSD files and AI files. The textures are 300dpi with the size of 3600px by 4800px which is equal to 12in by 16in.

Simon Birky Hartmann provided this bundle of 24 to SpoonGraphics. It is available only for premium members. This bundle is made up of two packs, Vol 1 and Vol 2. All 24 folded paper textures are high-resolution at 4700px by 6300px in size.

Here we have something a little different. This paper texture download features grunge style. All five files are JPGs which are 2500px by 1667px in size.

Look at that, another grunge bundle. This one costs only $6. These textures are high-resolution JPGs at 300dpi. All the files are 3600px by 2400px in size.

This large vintage paper bundle is made up of 40 high-resolution files. Each file comes in a 3300px by 5100px size. All the paper textures included are neutral coloured and show a high level of detail and texture such as marks or folds.

If you want to do some browsing of your own all the remaining links will be to large file sites you can browse through yourself for individual paper texture files.

Vecteezy is a website filled with thousands of vector files. This link will take you to their section on free paper textures. They have just about anything there you might be looking for. The results for free paper texture feature 5396 items at the time of the writing.

If you don’t mind paying a few dollars, you’re welcome to browse Vecteezy’s paid collection of paper textures. At the time of this writing, they show 153 premium items for paper textures.

Another good resource to browse through is DeviantArt. A simple search for ‘paper texture’ resulted for me in 89,103 results. I assume most of the files are free to download when available.

FreeImages has yielded almost 17,000 results for paper textures. As the name of the website suggests, these results are all free to download.

The last on our list today is a link to Freepik’s search for paper textures. The search yielded 27,995 paper texture graphics at the time of the writing. Some of the first results are clean white paper textures as well as strained yellow textures. It diversifies from there.

Did you find a paper texture you were looking for on our list today? Share your favourite finds with us in the comments

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