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Top 10 Weird and Wonderful Chairs for the Office

To some people, a chair is just a chair, but to others a chair can be a symbol of intent to break the mold and show off a bit of personality within the work place. More often than not, businesses tend to opt for the ergonomic mesh/leather office chair that is intended to fulfill one purpose, and that is to provide comfort to the butt of a hard working employee.

Office chair design can also be creative like other office supplies. But what we wanted to look at today is our top 10 list of weird and wonderful office chairs could bring a smile to your face or just make you cringe and feel sorry for anyone that had to sit on that chair.

Weird and Wonderful Office Chairs

1) B-52 Ejection Chair

You will be hard pushed to find a sturdier office chair than the B-52 Ejection Chair. Originally built for the B-52 Stratofortress that carried nuclear weapons for the Cold War-era deterrence missions, MotoArt have made these available to suit anybody needing that extra support to get you through those ruthless corporate meetings.

B-52 Ejection Chair

2) Chakra Chair

At first glance, the Chakra Chair could easily split opinions. The chair has 7 distinct panels which are supposed to focus on the body’s pressure points. Chakra is derived from Indian medicine where chakras are force centres of energy in the human body. A person each having seven major chakras, you can see where they got the name from. This fantastic looking chair was designed by in collaboration with Raynor Contract.

Chakra Chair

3) Evolution Chair

The Evolution Chair has a number of noteworthy benefits for people who tend to sit for extended periods of time (not including the fact that you can happily bounce all day at work which I’m sure is a plus for many of you). This pilates ‘chair’ is designed to encourage good posture while working your core muscles and helps relieve and avoid back pain. For any budding fitness enthusiasts, this may be the ‘chair’ for you.

Evolution Chair

4) The LimbIC Chair

I don’t want to alarm you, but this is actually a chair. The creators over at Inno-Motion have designed a chair that intends to stimulate your energy with the help of two fully movable seating shells. No doubt falling off your chair will be more of a regular occurrence when trying to get used to this!

The LimbIC Chair

5) The Locus Workstation

Although technically a workstation, the Locus Workstation does have a seating component, albeit a less conventional one. Focal are embracing the digital age, and what comes with that is a new seating design that will effortlessly help support your body as you go about your day job.

The Locus Workstation

6) ErgoErgo

Having the ability to move freely while seated has been a common feature so far in this top 10, and we are not stopping yet. Similar to the Evolution Chair in its benefits, ErgoErgo promotes good posture as well as improving your core muscles. There is fun to be had all around the office with ErgoErgo, just remember it is actually a chair and not a playground toy.


7) Origin Ergonomic Task Chair

Si-fi films have always teased us with slick computer set ups that make it look like you could use the computer in your sleep. The Origin Ergonomic Task Chair designed by Edwin J Cruz, integrates computer input devices and office furniture as seen in fictional worlds, into the real world. Touch technology is not a new phenomenon, but it is when combined with an office chair.

Origin Ergonomic Task Chair

8) Daybed

You will have a lot of envious colleagues while sitting pretty in the Daybed which was designed by Manuel Saez. Many of the designers in today’s article like to shout about how their chair can help improve one’s posture, and the Daybed is no different.


9) The Flower Bud

Stylish, contemporary and could easily be perceived as futuristic. The Flower Bud is an adjustable workstation that could impress your friends, colleagues, enemies, you name it. Both sections slide together to form a shell that will save space while it’s not in use.

The Flower Bud

10) The Atlas Chair

According to the designer Scott Jarvie, “The Atlas Chair was derived by projecting flat angled planes through a volume and using the intersecting elements to generate the profiles that create the sections of the chair.” That may be a lot to take in honestly, but he sure has designed a fantastic looking chair.

The Atlas Chair


Although these chairs may set you back a bit, financially, they all provide something distinctly unique that will make your office stand out from the rest. Comfort should always be at the forefront of buying any chair, but adding a little style doesn’t hurt anybody.

What is the main feature you look for when buying an office chair?

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