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Unique content is the key to Google success

SEO professionals as well as internet marketers have several concerns about content uniqueness and the best practices to work with high quality web content. In fact, site popularity and above all pagerank is the result of an outstanding work in this aspect. No matter how good-looking your website is and even, the cutting-edge technology you have used in it. The most relevant variable is provide to visitors, customers and prospects useful content that is unique, helpful and with the quality your audience deserve. In this article I would like to tell you how important unique content is to succeed in Google –as well as the rest of search engines— and get the most out of your online business.

• Study how PageRank works: One of the most significant things you can do for having an in-depth understanding about the importance of unique content is study how Google PageRank works. You must understanding that the page rank is an arithmetical algorithm developed by the Google co-founder Larry Page where web site relevance is based on link building quality and unique content quality. Another important thing is that you must continuously study and learn the characteristics of Google algorithm in order you can get the most out of the web. Google crawler algorithm often changes and for 2011, sites with unique content will be the sites that will have the support from Google to get the relevance every online business is expecting.

• Informative articles go first: When you publish content in your blog or website that is informative
and useful, Google take it as its priority. In other words, Google will index only informative content that people can use to solve daily problems. Have you ever read stories that make you learn positive things? When you write articles about how to fix something yourself or home repair articles with good quality and extensive content you will be more likely to rank better in Google and other search engines.

•Duplicate content is illegal: Duplicate content from others website –you don’t own and you haven’t written—could lead you to legal problems in most countries around the world due intellectual property issues. In addition, you could be sued by any person, company or institution that feel affected by the inadequate use of its original content. You can avoid all these problems just investing money and time in developing unique content for your blog or website.

• Avoid be banned: Additionally, Google reserves the right to block URLs of those users that are violating rules described in the TOS (terms of service) as well as all the regulations you must accomplish. Content duplication from other websites or blogs is a violation and your business is going to be seriously affected because you are not working with unique content by you.

•Unique content give you relevance: One of the most significant benefits you will receive when you
provide unique content to your customers is that you will get the popularity, relevance and quality
traffic you need to increase your sales and get the expected revenue. Moreover, when you write unique content you are making a contribution to your audience and Google supports those sites
that are willing to help people to be more productive and efficient.

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