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Upcoming Web Design Conferences (June–December 2016)

Upcoming Web Design Conferences (June–December 2016)

2016 brings us new conferences, new topics and most of your favorite conferences from past years. Virtual reality has become a hot topic, with the release of two major VR headsets earlier this year, so look for conferences featuring talks on the subject.

The list is quite lengthy, so let’s dive in. Well, before we do, as you may or may not know, we also run a few practical conferences every year. Coming up next: SmashingConf New York1 on June 14th to 15th, SmashingConf Freiburg2 on September 12th to 13th and SmashingConf Barcelona3 on October 25th to 26th. Just sayin’!

Conferences are about gathering information and knowledge, but are also opportunities to get to know likeminded folks in the web design community. There are benefits to attending any event and a strong chance that you’ll absorb a lot of new information, so be prepared to learn the latest techniques, brought to you by distinguished authors and speakers!

Thank you so much for your supportive comments, and please keep reminding me when I forget! We wish you all a heap of informative conferences!

  • June 20164
  • July 20165
  • August 20166
  • September 20167
  • October 20168
  • November 20169
  • December 201610

June 2016

NDC Oslo11Link

“Once again, NDC Oslo will be a 5-day event with 2 days of pre-conference workshops and 3 days of conference. The conference will feature 9 tracks covering topics such as: NET framework, agile, C++, cloud, database, design, DevOps, embedded, front-end framework, fun, functional programming, gadgets, Internet of Things, JavaScript, Microsoft, miscellaneous languages, mobile, people, programming languages, security, techniques, testing, tools, UX, web and more.”

  • When: 6–10 June 2016
  • Where: Oslo, Norway
NDC Oslo12

DotYork 2016

“This year, DotYork will be split into 4 episodes, where we’ll discuss topics that affect you, your clients and your projects. There’ll also be plenty of opportunities to meet new people, and it’s all single-track, so you won’t have to miss a thing. As always, DotYork isn’t just for designers and developers but is suitable for anyone with an interest in creative digital and learning something new.”

  • When: 8 June 2016
  • Where: York, UK
DotYork 201614

Information Energy 201615Link

“IEn2016 is all about designing information — by implication, all processes that lead to usable information. This conference is about intelligent content and enterprise information, the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, the connected world, collaboration, communication and the information experience.”

  • When: 8–9 June 2016
  • Where: Utrecht, Netherland
Information Energy 201616

UXScotland 201617Link

“The conference for the UX, service design and digital communities in Scotland and the north of England is back for another year — this time as a 3-day event. Returning for its fourth year, UX Scotland is a hands-on, practical UX and design conference that allows participants to connect and learn from their peers and leaders in the industry.”

  • When: 8–10 June 2016
  • Where: Edinburgh, UK
UXScotland 201618

Collective 201619Link

“Collective is a content strategy event unlike any other. Over 3 days, learn from 14 of the industry’s brightest minds, and network with a few hundred of your new best friends. You’ll engage with people building some of the world’s most important apps, systems and companies, including Facebook, Instagram, MailChimp, InVision and more.”

  • When: 8–10 June 2016
  • Where: Atlanta, GA, USA
Collective 201620

FocusOn Learning 201621Link

“FocusOn Learning 2016 conference and expo targets the trends and technologies that are changing our approaches to training. This inaugural year of FocusOn Learning explores three topics that today’s learning professionals need to understand and incorporate into their work: the reliance on mobile as a primary technology to interact with content, the growing use of video as an interactive light for learning, and the continued interest in integrating performance support directly into organizational workflows.”

  • When: 8–10 June 2016
  • Where: Austin, TX, USA
FocusOn Learning 201622

Enterprise UX 201623Link

“Like last year’s edition, Enterprise UX 2016 is for people who care about delivering great enterprise experiences — whether you work within an enterprise or for an enterprise software vendor. Naturally that means mid- and senior-level UX practitioners, team leaders and product managers, and it means engineers, developers, marketers and decision-makers whose organizations stand to benefit when their employees and customers enjoy better experiences.”

  • When: 8–10 June 2016
  • Where: San Antonio, TX, USA
Enterprise UX 201624

M-Enabling Summit 201625Link

“The M-Enabling Summit is the only program exclusively dedicated to promoting mobile-accessible and assistive applications and services for senior citizens and users of all abilities. It is an annual meeting place for all who create and contribute accessible ICT products, services and consumer technologies.”

  • When: 13–14 June 2016
  • Where: Washington, D.C., USA
M-Enabling Summit 201626

GoTo Amsterdam 201627Link

“The conference includes a total of 11 tracks with over 60 presentations being showcased in Amsterdam. Our speakers are authors, experts and practitioners across various areas of software development.”

  • When: 13–15 June 2016
  • Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
GoTo Amsterdam 201628

QCon New York 201629Link

“QCon empowers software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in the developer community. A practitioner-driven conference, QCon is designed for technical team leads, architects, engineering directors and project managers who influence innovation in their teams.”

  • When: 13–17 June 2016
  • Where: New York City, NY, USA
QCon New York 201630

SmashingConf New York 201631Link

“After the great success of last year’s New York conference, we’re bringing SmashingConf back to the Big Apple. The rules haven’t changed: 2 days, 1 track, 18 brilliant speakers, and hands-on, practical and useful talks. As always, we have phenomenal speakers lined up.”

  • When: 14–15 June 2016
  • Where: New York City, NY, USA
SmashingConf New York 201632

enterJS 201633Link

enterJS lectures and workshops address any enterprise-wide challenges resulting from insufficient know-how about JavaScript in enterprises. It is designed for web developers and designers, DevOps, team or project managers and technology decision-makers.

  • When: 14–16 June 2016
  • Where: Darmstadt, Germany
enterJS 201634

Digital Summit Denver35Link

“Digital Summit Denver is the ultimate digital marketing and strategies event in the Rockies! Join 1400 senior digital marketers, strategists and creatives in Denver!”

  • When: 15–16. 2016
  • Where: Denver, CO, USA
Digital Summit Denver36

FrontEnd Design Conference 201637Link

“FrontEnd Design Conference is two days of immersive web design and front-end development delivered via keynote-style talks. There is also a day of more in-depth workshops thrown in for good measure.”

  • When: 15–17 June 2016
  • Where: St. Petersburg, FL, USA
FrontEnd Design Conference 201638

Droidcon Berlin 201639Link

“Droidcon is a global developer conference series and a network focusing on the best of Android. The idea behind Droidcon is to support the Android platform and create a strong network for developers and companies. The eighth edition of Droidcon Berlin takes place from June 15th to 17th, 2016 at Postbahnhof. Droidcon Berlin 2016 will again consist of a BarCamp and two conference days.”

  • When: 15–17 June 2016
  • Where: Berlin, Germany
Droidcon Berlin 201640

The Rolling Scopes41Link

“After having rocked the Belarusian front-end scene with top-notch events, The Rolling Scopes is paying a first-time-ever visit to Poland to meet front-enders in Krakow.”

  • When: 16 June 2016
  • Where: Krakow, Poland
The Rolling Scopes #2642

CSSDay 201643Link

“CSS Day is a two-day advanced web development conference, one day about CSS and one day about HTML. The new HTML Special, on Thursday, June 16th, deals with a few advanced HTML5 topics, such as iframes, links and SVG.”

  • When: 16–17 June 2016
  • Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
CSSDay 201644


“Each year, digital architects, pixel visionaries and curators of dreams alike come together in iconic cities all over the world to share with us their best-kept secrets.”

  • When: 16–17 June 2016
  • Where: New York City, NY, USA

UX Lausanne 201647Link

“UX Lausanne is the first western Switzerland event dedicated to user experience design and surrounding fields. Gathering worldwide specialists, we aim to increase connections and exchange between local and international actors of web design, from developers to designers and managers.”

  • When: 16–17 June 2016
  • Where: Lausanne, Switzerland
UX Lausanne 201648

Drupal North49Link

“Drupal North is a free 4-day conference focusing on how to make amazing websites with Drupal 8. This event will include a code sprint, training and numerous sessions. There will be trainings and sessions for beginner, intermediate and advanced Drupal users.”

  • When: 16–19 June 2016
  • Where: Montreal, Canada
Drupal North50

Joy of Coding 201651Link

“Joy of Coding is all about a love of programming. Learn about new and emerging technologies from companies and academia. Get inspired by renowned international speakers. Pair up with fellow passionate developers in one of the workshops. Joy of Coding is a non-profit event. With the help of our sponsors, we aimed to keep registration fees low to provide the best value-for-money conference of 2016.”

  • When: 17 June 2016
  • Where: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Joy of Coding 201652

Node PDX 201653Link

“Portland is home to some of the most talented developers in the world. We’re not kidding. Our quirky and distinctive town breeds creativity in all things, from the culinary arts and funky brews we’re so famous for to artisanally crafted Python and the minimalist-chic of JavaScript micro-libraries. PDX is bursting with artistic craftsmanship unlike anywhere else on the planet.”

  • When: 19–21 June 2016
  • Where: Portland, OR, USA
Node PDX 201654

DWX Developer Week 201655Link

“DWX Developer Week will bring the fields of .NET, mobile and web development, soft skills, makers and Internet of Things under one roof in Nuremberg. The participants will get to see 200 experts in the field and some 250 lectures and will practice their craft during the workshop day.”

  • When: 20–23 June 2016
  • Where: Nuremberg, Germany
DWX Developer Week 201656

AWS Dev Day57Link

“AWS Dev Day is a free, full-day technical event where new developers will learn about some of the hottest topics in cloud computing, and experienced developers can dive deep in newer AWS services. Join us for hands-on workshops, technical sessions, live demos and networking with AWS technical experts and your peers.”

  • When: 21 June 2016
  • Where: San Francisco, CA, USA
AWS Web Day58

IWMW 201659Link

“IWMW, the Institutional Web Management Workshop, is the premier event for the UK’s higher-educational web-management community. The annual 3-day event provides opportunities for those with responsibilities for managing institutional web services and related digital channels to learn from case studies, hear about innovative approaches, and share and discuss challenges in managing institutional web services.”

  • When: 21–23 June 2016
  • Where: Liverpool, UK
IWMW 201660

Open Source Bridge 201661Link

“Open Source Bridge is an annual conference focused on building open-source community and citizenship through four days of technical talks, hacking sessions and collaboration opportunities. Participants include developers, hardware hackers, community organizers and people involved in the business of open source.”

  • When: 21–24 June 2016
  • Where: Portland, OR, USA
Open Source Bridge 201662

Digital Health World Congress 201663Link

“The world’s leading IoT, medical and mobile health technology conference in London! We are excited to announce this year’s keynotes and speakers for Digital Health World Congress 2016 in London. These include NHS, ARM, Mayo Clinic, Orange, Intel, Samsung and many more!”

  • When: 22–23 June 2016
  • Where: London, UK
Digital Health World Congress 201664

Progressive .NET Tutorials 201665Link

“Marking its eighth iteration in June 2016, Progressive .NET Tutorials returns with an eye to provide an arena for applied tuition and open discussion around the tools, approaches and projects absorbing our .NET community. Following two days of expert lead tutorials, the conference closes with a day of stimulating and innovative talks.”

  • When: 22–24 June 2016
  • Where: London, UK
Progressive .NET Tutorials 201666

Devoxx Poland 201667Link

“Devoxx is a conference by developers for developers, at an affordable price; this way, every developer can enjoy this unique experience. [We provide] a first-class tech conference where passionate developers can network, hack, get inspired and learn all week long. During 4 days, 2,500 Devoxxians from 20 different countries will attend Devoxx Poland, including 100 speakers, and another 600,000 developers will enjoy the presentations online, making Devoxx the biggest Java conference in Poland.”

  • When: 22–25 June 2016
  • Where: Krakow, Poland
Devoxx Poland 201668

Guided Selling Live! 201669Link

“Discover the latest guided-selling strategies and tactics that let you connect shoppers with the right products and create better shopping experiences. Through several interactive sessions in a relaxed atmosphere, leading experts, key-decision makers, entrepreneurs and innovators offer their take on effective customer engagement and talk about how you can integrate guided selling to create new opportunities for growth.”

  • When: 23 June 2016
  • Where: New York City, NY, USA
Guided Selling Live! 201670

Web Design Day 201671Link

“Beginning in 2009, Web Design Day has aimed to bring the best of web design to Pittsburgh in a fun, intimate and affordable event. Organized by G. Jason and Val Head of Refresh Pittsburgh and Viewsource Events, Web Design Day is designed to inspire the wonderful community of folks from Pittsburgh and beyond who work to make the web a better place.”

  • When: 23–24 June 2016
  • Where: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Web Design Day 201672

The Lead Developer 201673Link

“When you’re busy leading a team, coding and maintaining standards, how do you find the time to stay ahead of new technologies and develop yourself as a technical lead? Lead Developer 2016 is a 2-day conference featuring practical advice from experts on leading and motivating your team, and high-level sessions on new and disruptive technologies.”

  • When: 23–24 June 2016
  • Where: London, UK
The Lead Developer 201674

Dutch PHP Conference 201675Link

“We’re back! And we are glad to announce that we’ll be organizing the 10th edition of the Dutch PHP Conference, which will be held in Amsterdam from June 23th to 25th. Thursday the 23th will be the tutorial day, and June 25th and 26th will be the main conference days. DPC brings together the best speakers and PHP, JavaScript and front-end talent from Europe and beyond for three days of high-level technical sessions.”

  • When: 23–25 June 2016
  • Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dutch PHP Conference 201676

Dinosaur.js 201677Link

“Dinosaur.js is a non-profit, community-driven JavaScript conference happening in Denver. One day, one track, Dinosaur.js is part of the JSConf family of events and adheres to the JSConf code of conduct.”

  • When: 24 June 2016
  • Where: Denver, CO, USA
Dinosaur.js 201678

Apps 201679Link

“At this year’s About Apps 2016 event, key industry players will voice their outlook in this ever-growing explosion of technology. Whether you want to enhance your app development skills or just want to get the ball rolling, from startup firms to heads of business, this is an invaluable experience delivered by some of the best industry-leading experts.”

  • When: 25 June 2016
  • Where: London, UK
Apps 201680

UX Camp Europe 201681Link

“We are one the of the largest BarCamps for user experience professionals, with 500+ active participants from all over the world, and we meet in Berlin once a year. The event has been held since 2009 and is planned by a team of local volunteers and run during the weekend by everybody attending.”

  • When: 25–26 June 2016
  • Where: Berlin, Germany
UX Camp Europe 201682

YGLF 201683Link

“Set in the sunny city of Tel Aviv, YGLF is a community event made by developers, for developers. This non-profit conference is aimed at delivering high-quality content about relevant topics that any front-end lover would die to hear. Bringing in internationally recognized speakers and attendees, with the young startup nation atmosphere, it will be a buzzing bustle of software engineers from around the globe.”

  • When: 27–28 June 2016
  • Where: Tel Aviv, Israel
YGLF 201684

The Creativity Workshop85Link

“The Creativity Workshop in Crete will help you become more creative in your personal and professional life. The creativity training we provide uses the tools of creative writing, memoir, art, photography, storytelling, mapmaking and guided visualization.”

  • When: 29 June – 3 July 2016
  • Where: Crete, Greece
The Creativity Workshop in Crete86

July 2016

FrontInSampa 201687Link

“Anyone who has participated in the first four editions of FrontinSampa knows that every year the event grows. To follow this evolution and receive speakers and participants, the fifth edition of the event will be held at a new address. Besides the change of address, new speakers will also perform at FrontInSampa 2016! What will not change in the event this year is the spirit of the event, all about relevant and updated content, chatting with professionals and networking.”

  • When: 2 July 2016
  • Where: Sao Paolo, Brazil
FrontInSampa 201688

AnalogFolk Hack Festival89Link

“Open to both individuals and teams, this hack festival allows you to create something new and exciting. Throughout the festival, we’ll have the best technical and creative minds providing guidance on a variety of technologies and movements. We’ll have some great pieces of technology available for you to play with, including Apple Watch, Leap Motion, Oculus Rift, Kinect and quadcopter drones.”

  • When: 4 July 2016
  • Where: London, UK
AnalogFolk Hack Festival90


“The national illustration conference, ICON, is committed to providing a forum for an ongoing dialogue that serves the illustration, design, publishing, advertising and academic communities. Its purpose is to provide a platform for the most influential illustrators and industry leaders to address, in a timely manner, the most pervasive issues facing the profession.”

  • When: 6–9 July 2016
  • Where: Austin, TX, USA

App Promotion Summit London 201693Link

“The event will once again bring developers, media companies, app studios and brands together with the leading mobile ad networks, cross-promotion exchanges, software providers and agencies. This year we’re expecting between 250 and 300 attendees from across the app and game marketing landscape.”

  • When: 7 July 2016
  • Where: London, UK
App Promotion Summit London 201694

NFJS Lone Star Software Symposium95Link

“This conference will focus on the latest technologies and best practices emerging in the Java and JVM software development space. Our speakers are authors, consultants, open-source developers and recognized industry experts. NFJS brings a high-quality conference to your city, making the event accessible not only to senior engineers, but to the whole team.”

  • When: 8–10 July 2016
  • Where: Austin, TX, USA
NFJS Lone Star Software Symposium96

Digital Summit Portland97Link

“Digital Summit will fill your brain and professional toolkit with thought leadership and practical solutions designed to supercharge your customer strategies. Digital Summit Portland features over 40 sessions on the latest digital trends and best practices from industry educators.”

  • When: 13–14 July 2016
  • Where: Portland, OR, USA
Digital Summit Portland98

FullStack 201699Link

“Want to meet the international JavaScript community and learn and share skills with some of the world’s top experts, hackers and makers? Find out about all the latest full-stack technologies, and discover the latest best practices and ideas? Then, come join us at FullStack London!”

  • When: 13–15 July 2016
  • Where: London, UK
FullStack 2016100

Generate San Francisco 2016101Link

“A source of inspiration, education and networking opportunities, our shows are packed with top advice from world-class speakers. They feature the same practical, real-world tips you’ve come to expect from net magazine over the years. Generate conferences help you boost your skills and become a better web or UX designer or front-end developer. We cover every important discipline in the industry today, from CSS and HTML (via responsive web design) to web performance and content strategy.”

  • When: 15 July 2016
  • Where: San Francisco, CA, USA
Generate San Francisco 2016102

UX Bristol 2016103Link

“UXBristol 2016 is organized by Bristol Usability Group CIC. The one-day conference offers 12 workshops, presented in three different spaces. You’ll be able to attend four workshops. At the end of the day, we also have some lightning talks, too. The event is made by James Chudley, Stuart Church and Dave Ellender, ably assisted by a small group of loyal volunteers.”

  • When: 15 July 2016
  • Where: Bristol, UK
UX Bristol 2016104

Euro Python 2016105Link

“EuroPython is the largest European Python conference (1200+ participants in 2014 and in 2015), the second largest Python conference worldwide and a meeting reference for all European programmers, students and companies interested in the Python programming language.”

  • When: 17–24 July 2016
  • Where: Bilbao, Spain
Euro Python 2016106

DjangoCon 2016107Link

“DjangoCon is an international conference for the community by the community, held each year in North America, about the Django web framework. We’ve got something for everyone, from the person who develops Django applications for a living to the person who just tinkers in their spare time. DjangoCon is a great place to learn, exchange ideas and meet great people. Our team is making sure that participating in DjangoCon is easy for you!”

  • When: 18–20 July 2016
  • Where: Philadelphia, PA, USA
DjangoCon 2016108

Front Porch Conference Austin109Link

“Front Porch Conferences feature the leading experts in web design and development. We’ve brought together the best in the field to share their knowledge with everyone in attendance. The web is constantly changing. Staying up to date is essential for you and your team. Our conference feature high-impact sessions and workshops that focus on strengthening current skills and building new ones.”

  • When: 19 July 2016
  • Where: Austin, TX, USA
Front Porch Conference Austin110

Design Content Conference 2016111Link

“Designers and content strategists team up and learn from industry leaders to craft experiences and tell stories that shape the future of the web: a day of workshops, two days of talks and some brilliant extras.”

  • When: 20–22 July 2016
  • Where: Vancouver, Canada
Design  Content Conference 2016112

WDCNZ Mini113Link

“WDC Is Wellington’s conference all around the web. It’s one night of tech talks by four international speakers.”

  • When: 21 July 2016
  • Where: Wellington, New Zealand
WDCNZ Mini114

Digital Summit Portland115Link

“Digital Summit will fill your brain and professional toolkit with thought leadership and practical solutions designed to supercharge your customer strategies. Digital Summit Portland features over 40 sessions on the latest digital trends and best practices from industry educators.”

  • When: 25–26 July 2016
  • Where: Minneapolis, MN, USA
Digital Summit Portland116

An Event Apart Washington DC 2016117Link

“An Event Apart DC is an intensely educational learning session for passionate practitioners of standards-based web design. If you care about code, content, usability and design, An Event Apart is the conference you’ve been waiting for.”

  • When: 25–27 July 2016
  • Where: Washington, DC, USA
An Event Apart Washington DC 2016118

Laracon 2016119Link

Laracon is “three days of learning, growing and mingling with the Laravel community. It might just be the biggest Laracon yet. These two (conference) days consist of 30- to 40-minute talks from a variety of speakers, including Taylor Otwell.”

  • When: 27–29 July 2016
  • Where: Louisville, KY, USA
LARACON 2016120

Forward Swift121Link

“Forward Swift is a San Francisco-based event celebrating Apple’s new language, over 15 sessions dedicated to the fastest-growing programming language in history.”

  • When: 28 July 2016
  • Where: San Francisco, CA, USA
Forward Swift122

Code 2016129123Link

Code 2015 is “a 2-day, single-track conference for JavaScript and front-end engineers, now taking place in Sydney and Melbourne. Curated by founder John Allsopp, who has over 20 years of experience with web development technologies, Code is recognized around the world as an agenda-setting event, covering the latest developments in the web’s programming language, JavaScript, the web platform and current practices in security, performance and web engineering.”

  • When: 28–29 July 2016
  • Where: Sydney, Australia
Code 2016130124

360 AnDev125Link

“Community-driven events with technically focused content are what 360|Conferences has always stood for. It’s time we bring that to the Android community in the Rocky Mountain region. 360|AnDev aims to supercharge the already thriving tech and startup culture across the front range. Whether you’re looking to get started or have been in the ecosystem for years, 360|AnDev offers content to enhance your skills. We’ll even record all the sessions so you can relive the experience!”

  • When: 28–29 July 2016
  • Where: Denver, CO, USA
360 AnDev126

ForwardJS 2016127Link

“ForwardJS 5 is going to be bigger than ever, moving forward with 3 keynotes, 4 tracks, over 30 sessions, over 40 speakers, and 6 full days of workshops.”

  • When: 29 July 2016
  • Where: San Francisco, CA, USA
ForwardJS 2016128

August 2016

Code 2016129123Link

Code 2016 “a 2-day, single-track conference for JavaScript and front-end engineers, now taking place in Sydney and Melbourne. Curated by founder John Allsopp, who has over 20 years of experience with web development technologies, Code is recognized around the world as an agenda-setting event, covering the latest developments in the web’s programming language, JavaScript, the web platform and current practices in security, performance and web engineering.”

  • When: 1–2 August 2016
  • Where: Melbourne, Australia
Code 2016130124

NDC Sydney 2016131Link

“NDC Conferences are 5-day events with 2 days of pre-conference workshops and 3 days of conference sessions. The conference will feature 7 tracks covering topics such as NET framework, agile, C++, cloud, database, design, DevOps, embedded, front-end framework, fun, functional programming, gadgets, Internet of Things, JavaScript, Microsoft, miscellaneous languages, mobile, people, programming languages, security, techniques, testing, tools, UX, web and more.”

  • When: 1–5 August 2016
  • Where: Sydney, Australia
NDC Sydney 2016132

iOS Apprentice133Link

“The iOS Apprentice is a week-long iOS training bootcamp where you will learn the fundamentals of iOS development with the Swift programming language, but more than just that, you will also learn key industry skills for how projects are structured, how code is managed and how to work as part of a team. You will leverage Swift, the iOS SDK and Apple developer tools to learn object-oriented programming, design patterns, type systems, functional language features, user interface design, best practices in programming and problem analysis. At the end of the week, you should feel ready and confident to graduate to the iOS Journeyman-level courses and explore intern-level job opportunities.”

  • When: 1–5 August 2016
  • Where: Fort Worth, TX, USA
iOS Apprentice134

CascadiaFest 2016135Link

“CascadiaFest is a three-day, community-driven conference on the cutting edge of JavaScript and CSS. Browser, server, OS — we cover it all.”

  • When: 3–5 August 2016
  • Where: Semiahmoo, WA, USA
Cascadiafest 2016136

Craftini 2016137Link

“We’re the conference for crafters, not the kind with glitter and glue guns, but the sort that build websites using Craft CMS. Craft is our preferred method of content management, and we aim to gather together each year to share our knowledge and insights with each other. The conference will be held online across two days.”

  • When: 4–5 August 2016
  • Where: Online
Craftini 2016138

Prototypes, Process Play139Link

“Learn design leadership from the experts at Prototypes, Process, Play. It’s a two-day, single-track conference featuring inspiring keynote speakers, accomplished design leaders and experienced professionals from major brands and organizations.”

  • When: 11–12 August 2016
  • Where: Chicago, IL, USA
Prototypes, Process  Play140

Scenic City Summit 2016141Link

“Scenic City Summit is a one-day event for developers and IT professionals in the Chattanooga area. The Scenic City Summit is focused on bringing featured speakers on new, key and emerging technologies to the Chattanooga region. Technologies include functional programming, Node.js evolution, innovation in DevOps, front-end developer trends, rethinking the database, and design and development trends.”

  • When: 12 August 2016
  • Where: Chattanooga, TN, USA
Scenic City Summit 2016142

UX And Digital Design Week143Link

“During a whole week you’ll immerse yourself in London’s technology industry, exploring the hottest trends and latest inventions. You’ll get firsthand knowledge of modern digital product and service design, with lectures and workshops from the world’s best design studios and product companies.”

  • When: 15–21 August 2016
  • Where: London, UK
UX And Digital Design Week144

The Conference 2016145Link

“For two days we explore complexity and trends in this digital world of ours. We invite 50 speakers from all over the world from a wide range of disciplines. The sessions are carefully curated to help you connect the dots between the widespread disciplines and topics. Think of it like your favorite arts museum.”

  • When: 16–17 August 2016
  • Where: Malmo, Sweden
The Conference 2016146

Turing Festival 2016147Link

This festival has two themes. “At Product/People, you’ll hear leaders in technology talk about what it takes to create great digital products and build growth businesses around them. Full-Stack Marketing brings together digital marketers from a diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines for a sophisticated conversation about how the business and practice of marketing is changing in 2016.”

  • When: 18–19 August 2016
  • Where: Edinburgh, UK
Turing Festival 2016148

HybridConf 2016149Link

“We’re the conference for creatives of every kind. We’re the conference that inspires and empowers. We’re the conference that defies conventions. We’re the conference for you.”

  • When: 18–19 August 2016
  • Where: Berlin, Germany
HybridConf 2016150

Abstractions 2016151Link

“Abstractions is a new conference that brings together everyone involved in modern software development — designers, developers, DevOps and community leaders — to teach, learn and connect with each other.”

  • When: 18–20 August 2016
  • Where: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Abstractions 2016152

Music City Code 2016153Link

“Music City Code 2016 is a three-day event touching on all aspects of software, web and mobile development. We purposefully select content to ensure a good mix of technologies that reflect the Nashville development community. The event includes workshops, seminars, panel discussions, open spaces, lightning talks and the Geek Jam Lunch where attendees participate in the Music City experience.”

  • When: 18–20 August 2016
  • Where: Nashville, TN, USA
Music City Code 2016154

Better By Design 2016155Link

“Better by Design is a conference focused on why we do what we do — use thoughtful design to make things better for projects, people and our world — and on how to do it even in the face of powerful constraints. One full day of expert presenters, inspiring case studies and plenty of opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones. Plus, a one-day workshop devoted to bringing great ideas into practice, wherever you work and whatever your medium.”

  • When: 19 August 2016
  • Where: Madison, WI, USA
Better By Design 2016156

iOS Journeyman157Link

“The iOS Journeyman is 5 days of intense iOS training designed for experienced programmers and iOS developers looking to go to the next level with iOS development and the Swift programming language. You will work alone and as part of a team to learn more advanced topics and understand how to work effectively as part of a team in today’s modern software development environment.”

  • When: 22–26 August 2016
  • Where: Fort Worth, TX, USA
iOS Journeyman158

LaraCon EU 2016159Link

“Laracon EU is an international multi-track event focusing on in-depth technical talks directly tailored to empower you as a Laravel developer. Come learn about the state of the industry while networking with likeminded and diversely experienced developers.”

  • When: 23–24 August 2016
  • Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
LaraCon EU 2016160

Content Strategy Summit161Link

“As the web continues to grow and delivery platforms multiply, so does the challenge of planning for useful, comprehensive, relevant and timely information that adapts on the fly. Enter Content Strategy! Discover more effective techniques for organizing and executing the creation of meaningful, flexible content.”

  • When: 24–25 August 2016
  • Where: Online
Content Strategy Summit162

TypeCon 2016163Link

“Along with a jam-packed main program, other events include the Type Design Education Forum, the keynote presentation by Lance Wyman, the always popular Type Quiz hosted by Allan Haley, the SOTA silent auction, plus several international type exhibitions. Workshops, presentations, panel discussions, networking events, tours and other social gatherings will round out almost a full week’s worth of typographic adventures and inspiration.”

  • When: 24–28 August 2016
  • Where: Seattle, WA, USA
TypeCon 2016164

JSConf Iceland 2016165Link

“Expect two awesome tracks over two days, with over 30 talks in total. The Hekla track is a curated set of speakers who have submitted proposals and made it through the selection process. The Geysir track features people like you! In a unique format pioneered by JSConf US, anyone can register to speak, in a first-come, first-speak format. These talks cover a huge range and are some of the most exciting talks at JSConf. But that’s only the start. JSConf is all about the community — connecting with people between talks, hacking in the lounge, communal dining, partying and crawling pubs together. Extend your stay over the weekend and experience the wonders of Iceland.”

  • When: 25–26 August 2016
  • Where: Reykjavik, Iceland
JSConf Iceland 2016166

NEJS Conf 2016167Link

NEJS Conf is a “single-day, single-track conference dedicated to web development and JavaScript, held at the historic Omaha Durham Museum.”

  • When: 26 August 2016
  • Where: Omaha, NE, USA
NEJS Conf 2016168


“Australia’s longest-running conference for Mac OS X and iOS developers and designers, /dev/world/2016, returns to Melbourne for its ninth year! We’ve been working for years to build a community that also welcomes tinkerers, artists and scientists. Software isn’t just about making money with in-app purchases — come and see a wider world.”

  • When: 29–31 August 2016
  • Where: Melbourne, Australia

An Event Apart Chicago 2016171Link

“An Event Apart Chicago is an intensely educational learning session for passionate practitioners of standards-based web design. If you care about code, content, usability and design, An Event Apart is the conference you’ve been waiting for.”

  • When: 29–31 August 2016
  • Where: Chicago, IL, USA
An Event Apart Chicago 2016172

Web Summer Camp 2016173Link

“What Web Summer Camp is all about: Hands-on web development and engaging web design workshops give you practical experience and broaden your knowledge; hanging out with fellow web professionals in an informal after-workshops setting, with fine food and drinks involved; everyday morning activities — swimming, cycling, running — give your body energy to keep you going through a workshop-filled day.”

  • When: 31 August – 3 September 2016
  • Where: Rovinj, Croatia
Web Summer Camp 2016174

September 2016

Coldfront 2016175Link

“ColdFront is the front-end conference in Copenhagen, a single-day and single-track conference with 8 talks by internationally renowned speakers. Our focus is on the web and on where our beloved platform is headed. So sit tight, and get ready to be inspired.”

  • When: 1 September 2016
  • Where: Copenhagen, Denmark
Coldfront 2016176

Frontend Conference Zurich 2016177Link

“The Frontend Conference in Zurich is a two-day double-track conference: After five successful editions from 2011 to 2015, we are back in 2016, continuing our work to establish the event as Switzerland’s leading conference on state-of-the-art front-end and UX technologies. The conference is an excellent platform for Swiss and European researchers, developers and designers to present their projects and their latest research and technologies in the fields of web technologies, web design, and UX and HCI (human-computer interaction).”

  • When: 1–2 September 2016
  • Where: Zurich, Switzerland, and online
Frontend Conference Zurich 2016178

Generate Sydney 2016179Link

“A source of inspiration, education and networking opportunities, our shows are packed with top advice from world-class speakers. They feature the same practical, real-world tips you’ve come to expect from net magazine over the years. Generate conferences help you boost your skills and become a better web or UX designer or front-end developer. We cover every important discipline in the industry today, from CSS and HTML (via responsive web design) to web performance and content strategy.”

  • When: 5 September 2016
  • Where: Sydney, Australia
Generate Sydney 2016180

FullStack Fest 2016181Link

Fullstack Fest 2016 is “a week-long full-stack development conference with a focus on solving current problems with new and inspiring perspectives. We’re putting the languages aside to put a strong focus on the technologies behind them and the problems they’re trying to solve. At its core, the conference retains its soul: a single-track, curated, deeply technical event featuring the best speakers and industry leaders worldwide.”

  • When: 5–9 September 2016
  • Where: Barcelona, Spain
FullStack Fest 2016182

UXSG Conference 2016183Link

“Design means so many things to different people. However, the ultimate outcome has always been to transform the world, little by little, to make it a better place than it was before. In this conference, let us explore the fundamental impact that design has on our everyday lives across the four levels of transformation.”

  • When: 7–9 September 2016
  • Where: Singapore
UXSG Conference 2016184


“Nordic.js is a single-track conference with seven talks a day by internationally renowned speakers as well as rising stars. Previous speakers include names like Douglas Crockford, Alice Bartlett, Tom Dale, Soledad Penadés, Bert Belder and Jake Archibald. We have a strong focus on creating an experience that is much more than a conference. Put simply, more than creating a place to listen to inspiring talks and learn new things, we want to create an environment where it’s easy to make new friends and have a lot of LOLs.”

  • When: 8–9 September 2016
  • Where: Stockholm, Sweden

D2ME 2016187Link

“2016 International Conference on Design, Mechanical and Material Engineering (D2ME 2016) is a not-to-be-missed opportunity that distills the most current knowledge on a rapidly advancing discipline in one conference. Join key researchers and established professionals in the field of design, mechanical and material engineering as they assess the current state of the art and roadmap crucial areas for future research.”

  • When: 8–10 September 2016
  • Where: Auckland, New Zealand
D2ME 2016188


“MOBX is your premier annual conference for mobile user experience, small screen interaction design and usable interfaces on smart devices. This conference is for all you creative minds out there who deal with user experience, interfaces and interactions in mobile contexts. It’s not primarily for developers (but we do love you, nonetheless). MOBX is for all those who love small, mobile interfaces and smart experiences, good usability and consistent behavior.”

  • When: 9 September 2016
  • Where: Berlin, Germany

SmashingConf Freiburg 2016191Link

“Our mission is to explore real-life web design problems and techniques that are relevant and applicable to your work straight away. A single track with 15 speakers will bring you a focused, well-curated learning experience, and an intimate environment of just 260 attendees will ensure a friendly atmosphere!”

  • When: 12–13 September 2016
  • Where: Freiburg, Germany
SmashingConf Freiburg 2016192

Pixel Up!193Link

“Three days of inspiration and learning about user experience and user interface design. To create products that customers love, we need user experience design, as well as user interface design, front- and back-end engineering and, of course, a great product strategy. Pixel Up! 2016 brings to Johannesburg designers and developers who’ve worked at Dropbox, Twitter, Apple and Google to share what they’ve learned about making great products with pixels.”

  • When: 12–14 September 2016
  • Where: Johannesburg, South Africa
Pixel Up!194

MobileTech Conference 2016195Link

“The MobileTech Conference is the leading conference for mobile technologies and innovation in Germany.”

  • When: 12–15 September 2016
  • Where: Berlin, Germany
MobileTech Conference 2016196

UX Cambridge 2016197Link

“UX Cambridge is a community-driven, practical user experience conference for software, mobile and web applications. The conference consists of inspiring and practical keynotes, workshops, tutorials, case studies and experience reports, as well as lots of time for informal networking and discussions.”

  • When: 14–16 September 2016
  • Where: Cambridge, UK
UX Cambridge 2016198

Mobility and Modern Web Conference199Link

“Presented by the UCLA Office of Information Technology, in association with higher ed and corporate partners, MMWCon will feature two days of exciting sessions, followed by a day of hands-on workshops, covering the latest trends in mobility and the modern web.”

  • When: 14–16 September 2016
  • Where: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Mobility and Modern Web Conference200

ReactNext 2016 201Link

„ReactNext is the first international ReactJS conference in Israel, a country that has long been considered “The Startup Nation” — a place of great talent and inquisitive minds. Being held on 15 Sep 2016 in Tel Aviv, it will bring together more than 350 React developers in a day packed with lectures by top international and domestic speakers.“

  • When: 15 September 2016
  • Where: Tel Aviv, Israel
ReactNext 2016 202

From the Front203Link

“The front-end guide to life, universe and everything is an inspiring, formative, cutting-edge two days gathering of some of the best front-end developers and UX people in the world.”

  • When: 15–16 September 2016
  • Where: Bologna, Italy
From the Front 204

Berlin Expert Days 2016205Link

“BED Con 2016 is a web conference dealing with all practical aspects of information technologies. This is a not-for-profit event designed to deliver the most up-to-date information to its visitors and offers a platform to exchange ideas.”

  • When: 15–16 September 2016
  • Where: Berlin, Germany
Berlin Expert Days 2016206

Industry 2016207Link

“In the heart of America’s Rust Belt, Industry returns for its third year on September 15th and 16th, 2016. The event will draw over 400 innovators and industry leaders from across the country for an intensive two-day experience with renowned product-development thought leaders.”

  • When: 15–16 September 2016
  • Where: Cleveland, OH, USA
Industry 2016208

Strange Loop 2016209Link

“Strange Loop is a multidisciplinary conference that brings together the developers and thinkers building tomorrow’s technology in fields such as emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, security and the web.”

  • When: 15–17 September 2016
  • Where: St. Louis, MO, USA
Strange Loop 2016210

NationJS Browser Day211Link

“NationJS is a celebration of the JavaScript community in the mid-Atlantic and beyond. We’ll feature serious discussion, networking, knowledge sharing and presentations by some of the world’s best JavaScript developers.”

  • When: 16 September 2016
  • Where: Washington, DC, USA
NationJS Browser Day212

Droidcon Vienna 2016213Link

“Droidcon Vienna will feature more than 20 sessions in 3 parallel tracks, over 15 hours of high-quality content, in addition to 4 hours of Barcamp. Speakers will be a mixture of internationally renowned speakers and development experts from the region.”

  • When: 16–17 September 2016
  • Where: Vienna, Austria
droidcon Vienna 2016214

BASTA! 2016215Link

“BASTA! is the leading independent conference for Microsoft technologies in Germany. Due to its unique expert density, topicality and practical relevance, it is one of the annual must-attend events for Windows and .NET developers, architects and project managers. The conference program deals with the growing technology platform of the Microsoft universe — and beyond.”

  • When: 19–23 September 2016
  • Where: Mainz, Germany
BASTA! 2016216

SmartWeb Conference 2016217Link

SmartWeb is “a community event organized for web designers and developers, UX designers, and web professionals in general. Already in its fourth edition, SmartWeb strives to help you keep up with latest trends in web and mobile design and development, get inspired and have fun!”

  • When: 20 September 2016
  • Where: Bucharest, Romania
SmartWeb Conference 2016218

Generate London 2016219Link

“The fourth annual Generate London will take place at a brand new venue: the Royal Institution, home of the Christmas Lectures, which have promoted scientific learning and research since 1799 — a perfect place to talk about the future of the web! As well as two days of highly practical and inspiring presentations covering design and UX systems, layouts with flexbox, user testing, web animations, progressive web apps, pricing your work and much more, we’ll also have a day of in-depth workshops to help you hone your practical skills this year.”

  • When: 21–23 September 2016
  • Where: London, UK
Generate London 2016220

Together We’re Better Conference221Link

“Together We’re Better is a growing community of over 1,200 leading professionals and practitioners who have been regularly meeting over the past three years to explore the possibilities of user-centred design and digital for social good. With this inaugural Together We’re Better Conference, we’re expanding the conversation. We’re bringing together not-for-profits, startups, the public sector and commercial bodies to collaborate, learn and fuel ideas around disruption, the change agenda and what this means across sectors.”

  • When: 22 September 2016
  • Where: London, UK
Together We’re Better Conference222

EuroIA 2016223Link

“The EuroIA summit is Europe’s leading information architecture and user experience conference. It is a three-day conference, with workshops in the mornings and talks in the afternoon. At the EuroIA 2016 conference, we will bring together IA and UX practitioners and people from other fields of practice who are all structuring and shaping environments of connected things.”

  • When: 22–24 September 2016
  • Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
EuroIA 2016224

Forge Conference 2016225Link

“Whether they’re speaking from the stage or sitting side by side, our speakers and attendees are the designers, developers and innovators driving some of the most creative and impactful work on the web. Forge Conference is a unique opportunity to connect with these talented folks to celebrate both challenges and successes, and expand our community.”

  • When: 26 September 2016
  • Where: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Forge Conference 2016226

AngularConnect 2016227Link

“AngularConnect is a two-day, multi-track conference featuring talks from the world’s leading Angular experts, including the core Angular team from Google! As well as practical, thought-provoking content, we’ll be bringing you high-quality workshops, games and chill-out spaces, delicious food and drink, and entertainment. AngularConnect is more than just two days of talks — it’s an opportunity to connect with the core team and the Angular community during our QA sessions and in our breakout spaces and to party.”

  • When: 27–28 September 2016
  • Where: London, UK
AngularConnect 2016228

Design Matters 16229Link

“Design Matters brings together design practitioners from the best and most happening companies around the world for two days of talks, discussions, workshops and socializing. Currently, there is a new tone of voice appearing in apps and websites — a relaxed, friendly and joyful attitude towards users, which is changing the way we engage with apps and websites. The new attitude is breaking down borders between users and the interface — and making the experience much more personal, engaging and fun!”

  • When: 28–29 September 2016
  • Where: Copenhagen, Denmark
Design Matters 16230


“TechBash focuses on being a world-class event where you’ll walk away feeling inspired to build amazing things. TechBash will have over 90 sessions covering the freshest and most relevant topics.”

  • When: 28–30 September 2016
  • Where: Pocono Manor, PA, USA

Voxxed Days Belgrade 2016233Link

“Voxxed Days Belgrade 2015 turned out to be the biggest Voxxed conference organized by far! Our mission is to offer passionate developers, startup lovers, geeks and those who find the tech to be truly thrilling, the best place to network, hack, get inspired and learn.”

  • When: 28–30 September 2016
  • Where: Belgrade, Serbia
Voxxed Days Belgrade 2016234

Code.Talks 2016235Link

Code.Talks was “founded in 2010 as a community event and counterpart to boring conferences of for-profit and non-industry operators. A few points were important to us from the beginning: varied topics related to web development; interesting speakers; fun and respect; and promotion of education, startups, diversity and the community.”

  • When: 29–39 September 2016
  • Where: Hamburg, Germany
Code.Talks 2016236

Paris Web 2016237Link

“The Paris Web conferences and workshops are organized by the nonprofit organization Paris-Web. In this program, simmered with onions, are 22 lectures and 15 mini-conferences.”

  • When: 29 September – 1 October 2016
  • Where: Paris, France
Paris Web 2016238

October 2016

An Event Apart Orlando: Special Edition 2016239Link

“An Event Apart Orlando features 18 great speakers and sessions. Just what kind of people are our attendees? A little under half call themselves ‘designers.’ An equal number prefer ‘developers.’ IAs, UX pros, project managers, writer/editors, marketers and, yes, clients attend as well.”

  • When: 3–5 October 2016
  • Where: Orlando, FL, USA
An Event Apart Orlando: Special Edition 2016240

iOS Master241Link

“iOS Master is designed for iOS Journeyman graduates and experienced iOS developers wanting to hone their skills further. Students will dive deep into core iOS technologies and design patterns and will work closely with their peers to solve difficult problems. At the end of the week, you should feel ready and confident to explore job opportunities as an iOS developer.”

  • When: 3–7 October 2016
  • Where: Dallas, TX, USA
iOS Master242


“Content strategy is a critical component for improving customer experience in the digital age. Whether you’re a commercial organization, government, council, professional association or non-profit, content matters to your customers. So, it should matter to you. Over three days, we’ll hear from some of the best in the world in their field. We’ll learn what content strategy really is, how it can improve the customer experience and how collaborating is pivotal to success.”

  • When: 5–7 October 2016
  • Where: Melbourne, Australia


“We love developers who love WordPress. That’s why we’re organizing an event that helps WordPress developers level up, connect and talk about the fun things they’re working on. If you’re a developer or engineer who works with (or would like to work with) WordPress, LoopConf is the event for you.”

  • When: 5–7 October 2016
  • Where: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

QCon Rio de Janeiro 2016247Link

“The QCon aims to disseminate knowledge and innovation on the development of professional software. It is a conference reaching technical leaders, software architects, engineering directors and project managers that influence innovation in their teams. The Rio 2016 QCon includes a three-day conference, 15 tracks and more than 100 technical sessions. This edition will also feature a number of international speakers.”

  • When: 5–7 October 2016
  • Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
QCon Rio de Janeiro 2016248


“Hosted by ScotlandIS, the trade body championing Scotland’s vital digital technologies industry, ScotSoft is a concentrated hub of world-renowned speakers and unrivalled networking.”

  • When: 6 October 2016
  • Where: Edinburgh, UK

Fronteers Conference 2016251Link

“Fronteers Conference is one of Europe’s largest conferences on front-end web development, organized in Amsterdam yearly since 2008. The ninth edition of our single-track community conference will take place in the beautiful Pathé Tuschinski theatre. Its goals include the professionalization of our trade, (improved) recognition of the front-end discipline, and improvement of the position of Dutch front-end developers in their company and in the web design and development world in general.”

  • When: 6–7 October 2016
  • Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Fronteers Conference 2016252

Mobiconf 2016253Link

“Mobiconf connects people from all over the world. It is a place where mobile developers, project managers, UI and UX designers, and speakers can learn about mobile technology and spend time together.”

  • When: 6–7 October 2016
  • Where: Krakow, Poland
Mobiconf 2016254


“NUX5 is an all-day event in Manchester focused on how an understanding of people can help you define, design and build better experiences on the web and beyond. With international speakers from some of the biggest digital brands, the day will provide a wealth of practical experience you can apply right away. The event is organized by the volunteers at Northern User Experience (NUX) in conjunction with Manchester Digital.”

  • When: 7 October 2016
  • Where: Manchester, UK

JSConf Colombia 2016257Link

“We’re pleased to announce our conference. JSConf Colombia’s should be one of the best JavaScript conferences, where community members from around the world come together to learn and share information about the latest trends and technologies in professional JavaScript development.”

  • When: 7–8 October 2016
  • Where: Medellin, Colombia
JSConf Colombia 2016258


“Affect is a new two-day conference at the intersection of design and social good. It opens with talks about the work, culture and design behind trying to create change and closes with an afternoon of volunteering with local nonprofits.”

  • When: 7–8 October 2016
  • Where: Portland, OR, USA

HTML5 Days261Link

“The HTML5 Days provide developers and software architects with in-depth know-how about the main HTML5 topics in a compact and intense form. If you register for HTML5 Days, you can also attend JavaScript Days and Angular Days, for a total of 30 power workshops with the best-known HTML5 experts that Germany has to offer.”

  • When: 10–12 October 2016
  • Where: Berlin, Germany
HTML5 Days262

JavaScript Days 2016263Link

“JavaScript Days is the biggest training event for developers and software architects. A selection of JavaScript and HTML5 experts will teach you how to optimize your JavaScript-based applications, how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the various technologies, and how to proceed with the selection of a suitable architecture. If you register fot JavaScript Days, you can also attend HTML5 Days and Angular Days, for a total of 30 power workshops.”

  • When: 10–12 October 2016
  • Where: Berlin, Germany
JavaScript Days 2016264


“What are the new strategies and design methods to translate customer insight into next-generation digital experiences? The question transcends product categories, from smartphones to wearables, and industry verticals, from device manufacturers to design agencies. For more than 10 years, MEX has been the gathering place for the diverse network of participants required to drive real change across the digital industry. It is a two-day, curated experience that involves everyone in defining new ideas, building a lifelong network of contacts and sharing best practices.”

  • When: 12–13 October 2016
  • Where: London, UK

Agilia Budapest Conference 2016267Link

“Adoption of agile techniques changes the way organizations approach their operations. Sometimes the changes are just minor cosmetics, in other situations rather disruptive change are being implemented. At Agilia Budapest conference, we want to present what these changes mean for the narrow area of product management. We want to discuss the impact of being agile, ways to increase performance, the ability to innovate, and sustaining quality of delivery — be it a product, service or solution.”

  • When: 12–14 October 2016
  • Where: Budapest, Hungary
Agilia Budapest Conference 2016268

HighEdWeb 2016 Annual Conference269Link

“HighEdWeb is the annual conference of the Higher Education Web Professionals Association, created by and for all higher-education web professionals — from programmers to marketers to designers to all team members in between — who want to explore the unique web issues facing colleges and universities.”

  • When: 16–19 October 2016
  • Where: Memphis, TN, USA
HighEdWeb 2016 Annual Conference270

Full Stack Toronto Conference 2016271Link

“Full Stack Toronto Conference 2016 is growing on the success of the past two years to make a commitment to making conferences better. This year they are paying their speakers, covering their expenses, providing attendees lunch and lots of swag, while still maintaining their commitment to world-class, non-commercial content. Full Stack Toronto Conference is the conference for web professionals and the only one in Canada with an exhibit hall!”

  • When: 17–18 October 2016
  • Where: Toronto, Canada
Full Stack Toronto Conference 2016272

Polymer Summit273Link

“The Polymer Project helps you deliver amazing user experiences by unlocking the full potential of the web platform. The summit will feature two days of talks and code labs presented by the Polymer team.”

  • When: 17–18 October 2016
  • Where: London, UK
Polymer Summit274

CSS Dev Conf 2016 The Alamo275Link

“From Estelle Weyle to Trent Walton, CSS Dev Conf features some of the most well-known people in CSS, making sure you get practical, actionable content. The CSS community — people just like you — submitted session ideas and voted on their favorites.”

  • When: 17–19 October 2016
  • Where: San Antonio, TX, USA
CSS Dev Conf 2016 The Alamo276

World Usability Congress 2016277Link

“Its application-oriented, economic and holistic approach is what makes the World Usability Congress one of a kind on a global scale. We talk about usability, user experience and customer experience management.”

  • When: 17–19 October 2016
  • Where: Graz, Austria
World Usability Congress 2016278

Apps World 2016279Link

“Apps World is the only event to focus on apps from conception, investment and startup through to design and development and marketing. With this focus, it is the only event to bring together the whole apps development chain, including startups, investors, developers and brands.”

  • When: 19–20 October 2016
  • Where: London, UK
Apps World 2016280

Little Rock Tech Fest 2016281Link

“Little Rock Tech Fest is a massive two-day technology conference featuring popular development topics from industry leaders.”

  • When: 20–21 October 2016
  • Where: Little Rock, AR, USA
Little Rock Tech Fest 2016282

Productized Lisbon 2016283Link

“Over two days of training on product management and design, meet thought leaders in all things product, from product thinking and design to product management.”

  • When: 20–21 October 2016
  • Where: Lisbon, Portugal
Productized Lisbon 2016284

Push.Conference 2016285Link

“Push.conference unites professionals who aim to create compelling interactive experiences in the shape of products, apps, websites and installations, inspired by user needs and enabled by creative use of technology and critical thinking. Over two amazing days in Munich, the established UX and UI scene merges with the potential and skill set of a new generation of creative coders and technologists.”

  • When: 20–21 October 2016
  • Where: Munich, Germany
Push.Conference 2016286

Webdagene 2016287Link

“Webdagene offers international speakers and is a conference for those who work with web and digital channels. Among the approximately 1,000 participants are designers, editors, communications consultants, digital managers, developers, marketers, content heads and many more.”

  • When: 20–21 October 2016
  • Where: Oslo, Norway
Webdagene 2016288


“Connect.Tech is the Southeast’s premier annual conference dedicated to JavaScript, web and mobile technologies, tools and frameworks. Connect.Tech will feature presentations and workshops from global technology and thought leaders, as well as local community speakers.”

  • When: 20–22 October 2016
  • Where: Atlanta, GA, USA

Midwest UX 2016291Link

This is “a three-day UX conference set in the Midwest for everyone who cares about creating experiences and building our community. The MWUX16 team is getting ready to greet you with an amazing program of speakers and workshops by designers, developers and strategists who are passionate about UX. Enjoy an exciting weekend filled not just with great talks and learning opportunities but a slew of events that will immerse you in all the great food and fun of the Louisville area.”

  • When: 20–22 October 2016
  • Where: Louisville, KY, USA
Midwest UX 2016292

Voxxed Days Thessaloniki293Link

“This developer conference will bring together popular speakers, core developers of popular open-source technologies and professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences. With two tracks on different topics, attendees can satisfy their curiosity and learn new skills while enjoying themselves and having fun!”

  • When: 21 October 2016
  • Where: Thessaloniki, Greece
Voxxed Days Thessaloniki294

Form Function Class 7295Link

“This not-for-profit, volunteer-run conference is for designers and developers who craft interfaces for web and mobile. Rachel Nabors, Brad Frost, Jina Bolton, Sacha Greif and John Allsopp are just some of the industry leaders who have spoken at FFC.”

  • When: 22 October 2016
  • Where: Manilla, Philipines
Form Function  Class 7296

Frontendia 2016: Slovenija297Link

This is “an event about everything a modern front-end person should know. Frontendia is a conference about the modern web. Learn practical lessons that you can immediately apply in your work, and, thus, gain time and money.”

  • When: 22 October 2016
  • Where: Ljublijana, Slovenia
Frontendia 2016: Slovenija298

Node.JS 2016299Link

“This year we would like to make an amazing conference, and we will give precedence to advanced topics. We would like to hear about the internals of Node.js, how to reach ludicrous speed in our applications, how to develop really big application that scale and all other crazy in-depth stuff.”

  • When: 22 October 2016
  • Where: Desenzano, Italy
Node.JS 2016300

WebTech Conference 2016301Link

“WebTech illuminates a wealth of technical and methodological concepts that are important to the success of the web today. The conference covers modern architecture and methodology themes, such as agile procedures, continuous delivery and DevOps, as well as competence in responsive web design (HTML5) and JavaScript.”

  • When: 23–27 October 2016
  • Where: Munich, Germany
WebTech Conference 2016302

Front Porch Conference Dallas303Link

“Front Porch Conferences feature the leading experts in web design and development. We’ve brought together the best in the field to share their knowledge with everyone in attendance. The web is constantly changing. Staying up to date is essential for you and your team. Our conference feature high-impact sessions and workshops that focus on strengthening current skills and building new ones.”

  • When: 24 October 2016
  • Where: Dallas, TX, USA
Front Porch Conference Dallas304

Codemotion Berlin 2016305Link

“Codemotion is one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe, with an international network of 30,000 developers and 350 speakers and further partner conferences in Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Dublin, Dubai, Tel Aviv and Madrid (check out Codemotion World). Codemotion Berlin provides a platform for international developers, engineers and coders to exchange ideas, raise awareness about new projects and topics, and share enthusiasm about all facets of coding.”

  • When: 24–25 October 2016
  • Where: Berlin, Germany
Codemotion Berlin 2016306

SmashingConf Barcelona 2016307Link

“Our mission is to explore real-life web design problems and techniques that are relevant and applicable to your work straight away, with a line-up of 17 knowledgeable speakers and the best scenarios, offering you a valuable and unforgettable 1 track, 2 full conference days and 4 workshops.”

  • When: 25–26 October 2016
  • Where: Barcelona, Spain
SmashingConf Barcelona 2016308

Ng-europe 2016309Link

“Ng-europe is a two-day conference dedicated to all things AngularJS, but also to the advancement of the latest web and mobile app technologies. On top of great content, Ng-europe also aims to be a safe and inclusive space for people to socialize, make new friends and meet old ones, learn through great workshops, share ideas and, of course, hack on AngularJS in the heart of the beautiful city of Paris.”

  • When: 25–26 October 2016
  • Where: Paris, France
Ng-europe 2016310

Revolve Conference311Link

“The low country’s premier gathering for designers, marketers and entrepreneurs who are influencing what’s next, right now. The conference represents a convergence of extraordinary speakers and practitioners from around the country who share road-tested insights on how to effectively realize ideas. If you’re involved in any way in creating, building or promoting a brand, product or service, this conference is for you!”

  • When: 26–28 October 2016
  • Where: Charleston, SC, USA
REVOLVE Conference312

Made by Few 2016313Link

“Made by Few was conceived five years ago to inspire designers, developers, creatives and entrepreneurs in the startup space. Today, MxF continues to carry that torch and has expanded by adding activities while highlighting the amazing food, people, culture and talent across the region. We focus not only on the technical aspects of design and development, but also the more nuanced aspects, like taste and approach. Our goal is to shake our attendees’ predisposed opinions of what makes a good product.”

  • When: 26–29 October 2016
  • Where: Bentonville, AR, USA
Made by Few 2016314

Droidcon London 2016315Link

“Want to meet the international Android community, listen to expert speakers, find out about all the latest Android advances and see fantastic new technologies? Then come and join Droidcon London, the largest Android developer conference in Europe!”

  • When: 27–28 October 2016
  • Where: London, UK
droidcon London 2016316

DrupalSouth 2016317Link

“Join the Drupal community of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific for three days of open-source inspiration, learning and teamwork on Queenland’s vibrant Gold Coast. Developers, themers, site builders, web teams, business owners: Find out how Drupal is transforming organizations, the web and the world.”

  • When: 27–28 October 2016
  • Where: Surfers Paradise, Australia
DrupalSouth 2016318

An Event Apart San Francisco 2016319Link

“An Event Apart San Francisco is an intensely educational learning session for passionate practitioners of standards-based web design. If you care about code, content, usability and design, An Event Apart is the conference you’ve been waiting for.”

  • When: 31 October – 2 November 2016
  • Where: San Francisco, CA, USA
An Event Apart San Francisco 2016320

November 2016


“MobCon is mobile disruption analyzed, tech trends revealed and business strategies explained. MobCon brings the innovators of today and the leaders of tomorrow together to share, learn and network. Serious insight from keynote presenters, networking with top brands, a chance to preview the latest tech — find the inspiration and community you need to think bigger and work smarter at MobCon.”

  • When: 1 November 2016
  • Where: Minneapolis, MN, USA

Global Innovation Forum 2016323Link

“The sixth edition of the forum will bring together innovators, entrepreneurs and inventors to discuss the latest trends in innovation, design, creativity, RD and new product development. You can expect a tremendous agenda, experienced speakers, key messages, global players and intense networking.”

  • When: 2–3 November 2016
  • Where: London, UK
Global Innovation Forum 2016324

Mobile Era 2016325Link

“The conference will host Norwegian and international experts on Android, iOS, mobile web and design. The conference will cover mobile development topics, with main tracks for iOS and Android development and more general development topics.”

  • When: 3–4 November 2016
  • Where: Oslo, Norway
Mobile Era 2016326

Belfast Design Week 2016327Link

This is “a week-long series of events and activities to promote and celebrate contemporary design in Belfast.” More information will be announced at a later time.

  • When: 5–11 November 2016
  • Where: Belfast, Ireland
Belfast Design Week 2016328

DevFest Vienna 2016329Link

“GDG Vienna, JSUG and AndroidHeads Vienna bring to you this amazing conference. Awesome speakers and lots of fun!” More information will become available later.

  • When: 5–6 November 2016
  • Where: Vienna, Austria
DevFest Vienna 2016330

DareConf London 2016331Link

“If you’d like to: make feedback a gift that you’re eager to give and receive, help people work through difficulty without trying to fix or deflect, and work more effectively with colleagues by building trust, then this one-day conference is for you. Through a combination of presentations and interactive workshop sessions, you’ll learn to build trust at work using active listening and conflict-resolution techniques.”

  • When: 7 November 2016
  • Where: London, UK
DareConf London 2016332

W-JAX 2016333Link

“More than 160 internationally renowned speakers pass on their experience and knowledge to participants in approximately 180 lectures. W-JAX discusses a wide range of current and future-oriented technologies from Java via Scala, Android, micro services and web technologies to agile development models and the modern, efficient operation of IT systems (DevOps).”

  • When: 7–11 November 2016
  • Where: Munich, Germany
W-JAX 2016334

beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2016335Link

“The name beyond tellerrand expresses the aim that everybody involved wants to look a bit further, to look beyond the edge. It also reflects the global perspective of the event. The expression is a mix of the English word ‘beyond’ and the German phrase ‘Über den Tellerrand schauen,’ which means ‘think outside the box.’”

  • When: 7–9 November 2016
  • Where: Berlin, Germany
beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2016336

SenchaCon 2016337Link

“SenchaCon 2016 is an event you won’t want to miss if you’re building cross‑platform web applications. It’s the largest universal application event in the world, where developers, industry leaders and Sencha experts come together to discuss the future of the modern web and how you can harness its power to elevate your career and drive business success. SenchaCon offers a balance of technical skills training, informative keynotes and deep-dive developer sessions that will give you an inside look at groundbreaking technology advancements.”

  • When: 7–9 November 2016
  • Where: Las Vegas, NV, USA
SenchaCon 2016338

QCon San Francisco 2016339Link

“QCon empowers software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in the developer community. A practitioner-driven conference, QCon is designed for technical team leads, architects, engineering directors and project managers who influence innovation in their teams.”

  • When: 7–9 November 2016
  • Where: San Francisco, CA, USA
QCon San Francisco 2016340

ffconf 2016341Link

“ffconf has been leading web development ideas since 2009 — this time, twice. Mark November 10th and 11th in your calendar. The ticket release date will be announced soon.”

  • When: 10–11 November 2016
  • Where: Brighton and Hove City, UK
ffconf 2016342

Gather North343Link

“We’re inviting female web designers, graphic designers, developers, bloggers, project managers, business developers, content strategists, art directors and anyone who works on the web (freelance, independent, startup, agency or in-house) to join us in the country for an unforgettable weekend. Gather North is part mini-conference, part weekend vacay for women who make the web. You’ll escape from the city to a relaxing, upscale country inn to connect with old friends and make new ones. Be inspired and challenged, and return to your work recharged.”

  • When: 11–13 November 2016
  • Where: Alton, Canada
Gather North344

Topconf Tallinn 2016345Link

“Topconf Tallinn is a premier international software conference designed for developers, product owners and managers, architects, project managers, and methods and process experts. Our speakers are authors, experts and practitioners across various areas of software development. Topconf Tallinn offers ideal opportunities for learning, networking and tracking innovation occurring in the Java, mobile, .NET, open source, lean and agile, project management, architecture, new languages and process communities.”

  • When: 15–18 November 2016
  • Where: Tallinn, Estonia
Topconf Tallinn 2016346

Frontier Conference 2016347Link

“Frontier is a design and development conference celebrating the full spectrum of front end. We wanted to curate a conference that delivered expert speakers from across the full spectrum of front end, across what we like to call our ‘tenets of front end’: user psychology and experience, design, style (CSS), development, future tech, typography and, importantly, inspiration.”

  • When: 16 November 2016
  • Where: London, UK
Frontier Conference 2016348

NodeConf Argentina 2016349Link

“This year’s conference will be a two–day event in sunny Buenos Aires, Argentina, held November 18th 19th. Both action-packed days will comprise internationally acclaimed regional and local speakers. We are expecting Noders, JavaScripters, front-enders and other programmers from all over the world.”

  • When: 17–19 November 2016
  • Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina
NodeConf Argentina 2016350

HalfStack 2016351Link

“Talks will include a variety of modern front-end development topics (ES6, TypeScript, React.js, Dojo 2 and much more) from leading speakers based primarily in London.”

  • When: 18 November 2016
  • Where: London, UK
HalfStack 2016352

Generate Bangalore 2016353Link

“Generate conferences will help you boost your skills and become a better web or UX designer or front-end developer. We cover every important discipline in the industry today, from CSS and HTML (via responsive web design) to web performance and content strategy. You’ll return to your desk ready to apply new techniques.”

  • When: 25 November 2016
  • Where: Bangalore, India
Generate Bangalore 2016354

JS Kongress Munich355Link

“JavaScript is booming and used everywhere. JS Kongress Munich brings the community together to experience, learn and discuss the language in its full breadth, with a focus on web, games and hardware. We have made sure that you’ll enjoy yourself, with interesting single-track talks and workshops in a unique venue and lovely city.”

  • When: 28–29 November 2016
  • Where: Munich, Germany
JS Kongress Munich356

IoT World Forum 2016357Link

“IoT World Forum 2016 is the leading Internet of Things Conference 2016 and the world’s leading IoT event focusing on IoT applications, Solutions and companies for all verticals, including automotive, healthcare, asset and fleet management, manufacturing, security, retail point of sales, smart grid, smart metering, smart home and consumer electronics.”

  • When: 29–30 November 2016
  • Where: London, UK

CSSConf Australia 2016359Link

“CSSConf Australia is a one-day conference to bring together the designers and developers creating the future face of the web. From the first edition, the event grew exponentially — from a one-day to a two-day conference with 16 speakers, and featuring industry luminaries we all look up to.”

  • When: 30 November 2016
  • Where: Melbourne, Australia
CSSConf Australia 2016360

App Promotion Summit Berlin361Link

“After six groundbreaking conferences, the leading app marketing event is returning to Berlin. Discover from the top industry practitioners how to take your mobile app and game marketing to the next level.”

  • When: 30 November 2016
  • Where: Berlin, Germany
App Promotion Summit Berlin362

December 2016


“It’s been almost two years since the last JSConf AU, and that’s two events in four years. Despite our rocky start, each event has seen growth. We’ve grown in size, and our community has grown with us. We’ve grown local speakers who have graced world stages and have matched the efforts of the industry luminaries they rubbed shoulders with. We are committed to building and sustainably growing the Australian tech community.”

  • When: 1 December 2016
  • Where: Melbourne, Australia


“Join CSSConf presenters and attendees on Saturday, March 28th, in the stunning Arts House Meat Market for the community-driven conclusion to an epic week of web events. Bring your friends, partners and coworkers. See or give a lightning talk, share what you’ve learned, hack on a project or just enjoy a cool drink and chat at the bar. If you’re already heading to CSSConf, entry is free!”

  • When: 2 December 2016
  • Where: Melbourne, Australia

DotJS 2016367Link

“Our mission is to bring the best hackers in the world in Paris to let them share their unique insights with you all. Creators of the most popular open-source libraries, JavaScript experts, TC39 members — you can trust us to invite the best of them. You can expect deeply technical talks (even more than previous Dot conferences) and surprising new ideas!”

  • When: 5 December 2016
  • Where: Paris, France
DotJS 2016368

ConFoo Vancouver 2016369Link

“ConFoo Vancouver is a multi-technology conference for web developers. We’re planning for 6 parallel talks and about 65 speakers for this first edition. Our idea is to start somewhat conservatively and then quickly grow to the same size as the Montreal event. You should expect the same great quality of content and experience.”

  • When: 5–7 December 2016
  • Where: Vancouver, Canada
ConFoo Vancouver 2016370

Destination Code371Link

“This will be an unconf — with only three speakers who will give talks and workshops in between activities and events provided at Summit Powder Mountain. It is Destination Code’s mission to inspire the next group of community leaders, contributors, creators and entrepreneurs through an intense and infectiously energizing week-long event.”

  • When: 5–9 December 2016
  • Where: Eden, UT, USA
Destination Code372

Here are a few links to help you keep up with newly scheduled design and development conferences. The events are shared through Lanyrd and have been sorted by category.

Where Are You Going? Link

If you’re planning to attend any of these events, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below! What are you most excited about? What are you looking forward to learning and experiencing?

Our next events list will be published in the middle of next year, so keep your eyes (and ears) open! By the way, the Smashing team is constantly organizing series of workshops381, as well as the Smashing Conferences382 — it would be wonderful and a great honor to meet you personally someday!

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