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¡Vamos! Break Out Of The Box With SmashingConf Barcelona 2016

¡Vamos! Break Out Of The Box With SmashingConf Barcelona 2016

You can’t be extraordinary in every project, but knowing how and when to break out of the box can go a long way. The upcoming SmashingConf Barcelona, taking place on October 25–26, will be packed with smart solutions ranging from front-end to visual design to UX — and a few delightful surprises along the way. To the early-bird-tickets.1

SmashingConf Barcelona 20162

$349 (€314 incl. VAT)

To the tickets →3

Only 50 early-birds available.

About The Conference

How do we avoid common traps in UX and front-end development? How do we break out of the predictable, generic, boxy layout? How do we solve complex problems more efficiently? With the second conference in magnificent Barcelona, we’ll explore practical techniques and design patterns from real projects.

Palau de la Musica4
Just like last year, the SmashingConf flags will be blowing in the breeze from the Palau de la Música Catalana — an architectural jewel of Catalan Modernism. (Large view5. Image credit: Jan Kraus6).

Nothing obvious, nothing superficial: just actionable insights that you can apply to your projects right away. From visual design to front-end to performance to UX to eCommerce and, well, to one-of-a-kind-out-of-the-box-layouts. Think of it as a little playbook with handy rules of thumb: it doesn’t get more practical than this.

We also want to hear your stories and your experiences. That’s why we also invite you to speak at the meet-up before the event. Taking place on October 25–26, right at the sunny Mediterranean seaside in the one-of-a-kind Palau de la Música Catalana, it’s an event that might keep you on your toes for quite some time. Seriously.

First Speakers Link

For this year’s line-up, we invited experts who have worked in small as well as large companies, ranging from Pentagram to Shopify, Medium, Google, Skyscanner and Apple. Get ready, set, go:

First confirmed speakers: Jonathan Snook and Sara Soueidan7
The first confirmed speakers: Jonathan Snook and Sara Soueidan.

Tuesday, Oct. 25th Link

Wednesday, Oct. 26th Link

  • 9:10 Mystery Speaker End of the World
    (Someone you definitely know, and respect)
  • 10:00 Laura Elizabeth17
    From Pages To Patterns: Pattern Libraries For Mid-Size Projects
  • 11:20 Jonathan Snook18
    Responsive Web Apps With Container Queries
  • 12:10 Jen Simmons19 Mozilla
    Revolutionize Your Page: Real Art Direction On The Web
  • 14:20 Adrian Zumbrunnen20
    Designing Choice
  • 15:10 Christian Holst21 Baymard Institute
    Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques In Ecommerce
  • 16:10 Ulrika Malmgren22
    Better Testing/QA For Developers
  • 17:00 Maciej Cegłowski23 Pinboard
    The Website Obesity Crisis
SmashingConf Barcelona 201624

Get your ticket25

Only 50 Early Birds available.

Hands-On Workshops Link

We’ll also host hands-on full-day workshops26 with practical techniques and strategies taught by practitioners in the industry. So if you are going to attend the conference, why not attend a workshop as well? In fact, if you book a workshop too, you’ll save $100 off the conference + workshop ticket price.

  • Sara Soueidan27
  • Stephen Hay30
  • Smashing Conference Freiburg Workshop33
  • Jonathan Snook36
  • Christian Holst39

    eCommerce Checkout Patterns by Christian Holst40 Oct. 27th bullet; In this full day checkout optimization workshop Christian Holst, research director at the Baymard Institute, will share their newest checkout usability test findings, uncovered during the past 7 years of large-scale testing of e-commerce sites and from working with clients like Etsy, Office Depot, Sears, Kohl’s, Nike, John Lewis, Carnival, T-mobile,, The North Face, etc. Read more…41

  • Smashing Conference Freiburg Workshop42

    New Adventures in RWD by Vitaly Friedman43 Oct. 27th bullet; In this full-day workshop, Vitaly Friedman, editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, will present clever front-end tricks and strategies for building responsive websites with pattern libraries, SVG, Flexbox, CSS Grids, Accessibility, responsive images, performance tricks, service workers and HTTP/2. Yes, all of it. Read more…44

Why This Conference Could Be For You Link

The conference could be for you just because it’s very practical. You’ll learn many valuable techniques for your workflow, and you’ll meet fantastic, like-minded people from the industry. You’ll learn:

  1. Strategies for building fast responsive websites,
  2. Clever psychological techniques for smarter interfaces,
  3. Techniques and guidelines for better mobile UX,
  4. Guidelines for scalable CSS and JavaScript,
  5. Gotchas and rules of thumb when using SVG and Flexbox,
  6. How to optimize for performance and content delivery,
  7. Techniques for better lettering and interaction design,
  8. Mistakes and lessons learned from real-life projects,
  9. Responsive design patterns for future-ready websites,
  10. Avoid generic solutions with designs that exhibit soul and personality.

Download “Convince Your Boss” PDF Link

We also prepared a neat Convince Your Boss (PDF)45 (0.15 Mb) that you can use to convince your boss, colleagues, friends, neighbors and total strangers to join you or send you to the event. We know that you will not be disappointed. Still not good enough? Well, tweet us @smashingconf — we can be quite convincing, too!

SmashingConf Barcelona: Convince Your Boss PDF46
“Eight reasons why you should send your incredibly hard-working, deserving employee to the SmashingConf” (PDF47). Quite self-explanatory, really.

We also welcome sponsors to help us create a truly unique, unforgettable conference experience. And you can be a major part of it. We have quite a number of attractive and creative sponsorship options (PDF)48 for you, and we’d love to adjust them to your needs. So if you’re interested, please contact us via hello@smashingconf.com49 — we’d love for you to be involved!

See You In Barcelona! Link

We are looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona, and who knows, perhaps months after the conference is over, you’ll look back at your workflow, at your projects and at this very article realizing that it wasn’t far off after all. After all, it’s a conference where anything can happen, right? See you there!

Get your ticket →50

Hurry up! Only 50 Early-birds available.

Footnotes Link

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SmashingConf New York

Hold on, Tiger! Thank you for reading the article. Did you know that we also publish printed books and run friendly conferences – crafted for pros like you? Like SmashingConf New York, on June 14–15, with smart design patterns and front-end techniques.

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