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Vibrant and Energizing Websites from Brazilian Creatives

Brazil is the country that seems to be bursting with energy that is hidden in its numerous football teams, dance schools and picturesque nature scenes. Such an enthusiastic and encouraging atmosphere allows getting a tremendous boost for inspiration. It is where your imagination will definitely run riot. And high-end Brazil-based digital agencies put forward convincing arguments of this.

Just take a look at our collection that considers 20 brilliant leading-edge websites made by various skilled teams from Latin America that are able to channel their indomitable spirit and creativity for producing truly exceptional online projects. Every such website boasts of energy produced by an outstanding appearance combined with sophisticated solutions that are bolstered by advanced techniques. It’s quite obvious that the creatives of Brazil manage to keep pace with other professionals and put their two cents in their area of website design.

Energizing Brazilian Website Design

1. Lollapalooza Brazil

The website that is dedicated to a music festival obviously should be tailored to fun. The design is based on a vibrant color scheme that nicely interacts with fantastic hand-drawn bold line-style typography and complex bright backgrounds. The designers’ team leverages a cartoonish theme for vividly displaying data that, by the way, is supported by various animations.

Lollapalooza Brazil

2. Wilson Sideral

Are you ready for the effect of full presence? Then get out your special dichromatic glasses for 3D cinema sit up and relax.

Although the website incorporates only several elements that mimic the 3D effect, it is quite sufficient to make the website stand out from the others. This is a really ingenious idea.

Wilson Sideral

3. InkStarter

This well-crafted website that meets current web trends is an offbeat online portfolio of a web enthusiast and self-tattoo “artist”. The landing page consists of a short video that is skillfully muted with the help of a half-tone effect, the elegant line-style logotype and several graphic elements that all together produce a really favorable impression.

Ink Starter

4. Rock in Rio

This website exudes an image of artistry thanks to mind-blowing hand-drawn monochrome doodles that are scattered throughout the whole design. The music theme runs through all the subpages, leaving its unmistakable imprint.

Rock in Rio

5. TAM

Once you enter the website, it demands your attention straight away. Its comic-style ideally-executed design easily entices you into the project. Every component is brightened by a small animation that adds extra flair.


6. Iguatemi

The website design is characterized by a geometry vibe with numerous wide diagonal lines and small bright triangles. Every functional area and widget has a distinctive bevel edge that helps them to naturally blend into the design.


7. Zimya

The website is marked by a vivid gradient that sets up the warm atmosphere. The bright coloring harmoniously co-works with a sharp light typography and sleek contour-style icons.


8. Zeropixel

This online portfolio gives an impression of a cutting-edge agency that is perfectly aware of modern tendencies. Thus, the website is beautified by an eye-catching polygonal-style background that meets newcomers, flat-style graphics, neat contour-style logotype, and of course, small flat animated icons.


9. Nodo

The team chooses to use rhombus as a core shape in order to match the geometry mood. There are also other shapes such as triangles and rectangles that effectively complement the design and add finishing touches.


10. AMO

Although at first sight, it seems that the website doesn’t have anything special, however if you hover the cursor over the small points placed on a thin line in the header, they will immediately increase in size and showcase image-based menu items. The solution for displaying navigation looks really original.


11. Mantra Password

The front page of the website looks absolutely fantastic; it instantly overwhelms you by its lavish highly illustrative backdrop. The Asian theme here fits like a glove; it naturally completes the whole look.

Mantra Password

12. Imagina nas Ferias

This website skillfully uses a tile-style layout in order to avoid visual overload. The landing page is populated with genial illustrations that come alive when you activate them with the help of the cursor. Each box serves as a link to a small video that vividly demonstrates Beach Park.

Imagina nas Ferias

13. Why Go Wild

The website exudes an image of untouched nature. Here, the cinemagraph-style background helps to keep the website alive while pleasant hand-drawn brisk navigation adds to it an amazing artistic touch. The project hides numerous eye-catching cutting-edge elements that separate it from others.

Why Go Wild

14. Visit Brazil Home

As the tagline implies, you should feel in Brazil like at home. The website is some kind of a visual tour that guides you along a cutting-edge house where the interior of every room serves as an original navigation. Each décor element is aimed at familiarizing you with a famous Brazilian artist.

Visit Brazil Home

15. Glory or sorry?

This website presents a small community, the members of which are not afraid of showing their skills of possession of the ball. It includes a set of small videos where people demonstrate their abilities through uploading videos and spreading the word about it via Instagram.

Glory or Sorry?

16. Face Mother

The website pulls its identity from an enigmatic cosmic theme that has a powerful futuristic vibe. Unfortunately, the project works only in Chrome since it employs advanced techniques, however it is really worth your attention.

Face Mother

17. Brahma

The breweries do not lag behind others and please their customers with matchless promotional websites. So, the website dedicated to a popular Brazilian beer has an enigmatic eye-catching appearance that stirs up interest as well as effectively foists its goods.


18. Os Bambas

This website has a strong grunge feeling. Colorful chalk-style decorations that are applied to portraits of members of the musical band in conjunction with overall dark coloring gives the website a bit of a somber yet powerful mood.

Os Bambas

19. Nacao O Rappa

The website lets you trace the history of Nacao O Rappa starting from distant 1994 and ending up with present day. Every year is bolstered by an imposing and utterly brilliant illustration that looks simply captivating.

Naco o Rappa

20. Silvia Carvalho

Unlike the majority of the above websites, this particular online portfolio is capable of grabbing users’ attention with the help of a neat and accurate appearance that is marked by a businesslike air. The designer employs lots of circles that easily focus users’ attention on selected items.

Silvia Carvalho


Brazil-based web agencies make the most of current trends and leading-edge techniques in order to create awesome websites that radiate boundless energy.

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