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What Is And How To Do Web Design After Sales Service – #EspressoMonday Nr. 11

#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.11

How can a web design after sales service potentially let you increase your monthly revenue?

Welcome to another #EspressoMonday episode and this time, we will do something different – espresso shot in a wineglass. Veering away from the traditional shot glass, it proves that good coffee always tastes good in any way.

The same goes true with web design – a great website will prove itself in any way. The problem, however, is how do you tell this to your client. So with your espresso in any type of container you want, let’s talk all about after sales service that will help boost your income.

Artists and creatives have long since held to the romantic notion that it’s okay to be hungry as long as you are able to express your passion for your art. Since web designers are also artists, there are still a lot who hold on to this notion. However, this belief is as outdated as the latest trend during the Middle Ages because now, artists, web design professionals in particular, can earn a monthly revenue while doing their passion with the right tools and knowledge.

Everything Begins in the Mind

Rene Descartes was never more right when he declared his famous philosophical thought, “I believe; therefore, I am.” The short statement is a simple yet powerful confirmation of the power of the mind and how it can shape your future, much more your career as a web design professional. That is because everything that manifests physically begins with a single thought in your mind.

But what does it have to do with after sales service?

A lot!

Because if you want to boost your after sales service or utilize it to its fullest potential, you need to pick your clients’ minds first. This is how marketers and advertisers condition us to rush and buy the latest product or use the newest service in the market.

Everything is calculated – from the fonts to the colors to the words. All of these elements are used to condition the mind to act in favor of the product or service. It sounds like a plot to a scary science fiction film where we are brought into submission without a hint. There’s some truth to it because how many times have you bought something because you were greatly affected or influenced by the ad. The good news, however, is you can utilize the same method when you do your after sales service.

All you have to do is focus on these four psychological elements:

  • Buyer’s Instinct
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Sense of Danger, and
  • Survival Instinct

How Does It Play in Your After Sales Service Pitch?

One of the best and most lucrative areas to focus on is security.

Let’s say you are building a website for your client and trying to upsell on a monthly service. So you offer your client to look after the website’s security and make sure that it is not hacked – that it is always safe and secure. While the threat of security is true, none of this will mean to your client if you just go out to him and give him a quote of your monthly fee for such service.

You have to always remember that clients think differently unless they have background knowledge about what you are talking about. What your client basically wants is for you to get the job done and do it well – end of story. If you want to convince them, you need to present to them a social proof from a credible source showing the dangers of breached security.

WordPress is a good example to start with since it it both popular and credible. WordPress has experienced how hackers wanted to penetrate the site’s security but WordPress is fighting back defending its security by releasing different kinds of patches.

Or you can also use an article about a famous website which has been hacked. Take the article and present it to your client. You can point out to them what happened and the same thing can also happen to them. You can paint them a picture about what happens to a website and how it will cost them more if they overlook such things. Tug their emotions by painting a clear picture of what could happen.

Once you are able to clearly present it to them, they will have a sense of danger as well as a sense of urgency. It is a given that when a person feels threatened, it will do everything in its power to build up is defenses in order to fortify himself. That’s where your sales pitch come in. You present them with a solution that would make them feel safe. Yes, the threat is real but there are also counter measures against it and that you are ready to help them build it. 

After you’ve done a good job and you have satisfied your client, you have already tapped into their buyer’s instinct. So next time they need a similar service, you become their go-to person. Chances are, they will even recommend you to their colleagues.

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